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Would you like to find out about AdvoCare including whether AdvoCare is a pyramid Scheme, a Scam, a legitimate company or if it actually exists

What’s AdvoCare?

It was founded by Charles Raus in 1993 as a Multi Level Marketing Company. it’s headquarters is based in Plano, Texas.

After July 2019, it changed to a single level direct selling company as a result of being determined by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to be operating like a pyramid scheme.

  • It was found that most of the people selling its products earned nothing or lost money;
  • Most distributors earned less than $250 per year
  • Distributors of the products were pressured to recruit and also to purchase large amounts products
  • New recruits were charged to become AdvoCare Products Distributors
  • The company also promoted their company as an opportunity that could save their lives by earning unlimited amount of money

** They were fined $150 million as a settlement

As a result

1. The company was permanently banned from Multi-Level Marketing Industry

2. Was also to refund some money to distributors

This was also very bad to those distributors who had many downline as they lost all of them.

For those distributors who decided that they no longer wanted to continue with the changes, they ended up not having any business plus the website as their website was only related to AdvoCare products.

AdvoCare Products

They include Dietary Supplements, body building supplements, personal care

Featured Products Includes:

  • AdvoCare Spark Energy (vitamins and amino acids supplements). You can buy The AdvoCare spark energy drink in different flavors
  • 24 Day jumpstart
  • The AdvoCare Omegaplex supplements

Is AdvoCare Pyramid Scheme?

If you asked this question before July 2019, the answer would be that AdvoCare is a pyramid Scheme but as a result of changing from an MLM to a single level Marketing Business, it is no longer a Pyramid Scheme

Is AdvoCare A Scam

As stated above AdvoCare International was operating as a pyramid scheme and a Scam but not anymore unless they change back to their old way of operation.

Can You Make Money From AdvoCare?

It is very difficult to make money as an AdvoCare Distributor.

You need to pay $59 to become AdvoCare distributor and $50 per year to maintain your distributorship.

I understand the feelings of most health and wellness distributors. I used to be one of them in a company that is still operating as a Multi Level Marketing company.

It is very difficult make money in MLM and it is even harder to make money as a single level Marketing business dealing with limited number of company’s products.

AdvoCare might mean a lot to you but if you are not making money, I would advise you to look for an alternative way of generating money. Your Future matters and this is the best time to do something about it when you still have the energy.

This does not stop you from being a consumer of the products.

The business I would recommend is Affiliate Marketing where you can promote as many products as you wish and from as many companies as you wish.

With Affiliate Marketing you can promote as many niches as you want.

And the beauty is that you do not have to spend on any product; neither do you need to meet with customers face to face.

Everything is done Online

You could promote

1. Health and wellness products. If you want to promote affiliate products related to Health and Wellness, just know that there are very many of them that have nothing to do with MLM

2. Travel Niches like flights, accommodation, travel bags, gadgets for travelers (power banks for charging your phone, cameras, padlocks document holders, multi colored luggage tags)

3. Gardening Niches: Products includes gardening tools, decking lights, pots

4. Camping niches: back pack coolers, easy to compress travel pillows, camp stoves, insect repellents, portable grills

5. Pets niches: you could sell dog, cat or any pets related products eg pet food, pet toys, pet health treats, pet cleaning products.

6. House hold niches: you could promote anything like Electronics, furniture, food processors

Those are just a few of the niches. You can sell literally any product you can think of without buying them, doing any customer fulfillment like delivering or dealing with customer queries.

However, you need to know how to do it the Right way.

I would therefore recommend you to take the same training I took from a company that transformed me from an MLM distributor to An Online Marketer.

I have the ability to sell thousands of products and from as many companies as l can without spending on any of the products.

The company is a World leader in Affiliate Marketing and it’s called Wealthy Affiliate

You will be taught everything you need to operate any online business of any niche (es).

Signing up is free and the free membership gives you 10 free lessons and the ability to build one free website

✅The learning is step by step with video tutorials meaning that you don’t need any experience or skill to master the steps.

✅Everything is online and accessible at any time when it suits you.

If you like the training, you can upgrade from free membership to Premium Membership where the first month will be discounted for you. You only pay $19. This gives you:

✅Unlimited training which also includes help in choosing the products and where to find them.

✅Unlimited support in building your business

✅ability to build 10 websites of any niche you like giving you a very high possibility of earning multiple streams of Passive income.

✅Ability to network with more than 1.5 million global internet marketers

✅Get access to over 1800 expert coaches who are happy to coach you

With the Step by Step Training anyone can succeed. I started as a complete beginner, followed the step by step training and I would highly recommend you being part of Wealthy Affiliate.

The World is changing at a very high pace and Affiliate Marketing is the way forward as you do not need any inventory and yet, you can sell products that you do not own globally.

You can be in the remotest part of the World and still be able to sell products not only the products in your country but products from most countries in the World.

CLICK HERE to get Started.

Learn and get help in building your Online business Simultaneously.

I look forward to helping you in getting settled within the training.

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