Being Your Own Boss Jobs – You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Working for yourself is most peoples’ dream, particularly these days when the job market is very unstable.

But the problem is; most people are stuck at their jobs because they feel like they have no way out.

They are worried of:

  • Not having that steady Pay cheque which pays their bills.
  • Losing part of their retirement benefits from their employers if they left
  • Not succeeding in their Self Employed jobs.

What if I showed you a business where you could make money without quitting your job? A business that you can start as a side hustle and which will eventually give you more than your salary as well as passive income so that you can quit your job comfortably without any money worries.

This business is also suitable:

  • as an addition to a second business
  • for anybody from any background

The business is in Affiliate Marketing where you do not have to own the products or come into contact with customers. This is the Modern way of doing business.

We are living in a very busy World and finding time to improve our financial situation is a big problem; the solution is to find side jobs which can fit the spare time we have.

Affiliate Marketing is easier, profitable, and anybody can do it (you don’t even need a college degree).

However, you need to work hard and smart at the beginning but ones you master the strategies, you will start to generate passive income.

We are told that we need to go to school for several years to get a degree after which you look for a job but the World has changed.

You might have all the qualifications and you might not find a job; and if you find one, it has very little to do with your qualification, is low paying such that it might not even be enough to pay the rent and other bills.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

― Jim Rohn

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

I will give you a rough idea of how it works:

  • If you want to be an affiliate, the first thing is to find out the product or services you would want as a business. Do not Worry about how you are going to do this as I have a training covering the whole topic of Affiliate Marketing in Step By Step format
  • Build a Website.
  • Search for Merchants offering Affiliate programs in your chosen product or services. Examples of Companies offering Affiliate Programs are: Amazon, Reebok, Dell. There are many companies Worldwide with Affiliate Programs in a wide variety of products.
  • Sign up to be their Affiliate. They will give you a link which you will place on your website. When people Click, They will be directed to the Merchant’s website where they buy from.
  • You get Paid a commission.

In short, your work is to connect the Merchant to the customer online.

Here is a Real World Example:

Let’s say;

Alex (l just picked a name) is searching on Google for the best toaster. Your website shows up in Google search for “the best toaster”.

Alex clicks on the link which takes him to the merchant’s website.

Alex buys the toaster. The Merchant takes care of the entire ordering process, payment and delivery.

The merchant pays you a commission.

Some companies will also pay you for any other product the customer buys; so you might end up earning more money.

Affiliate Marketing has made merchants millions of profits and ordinary people have also gained by making more money than they could in any other industry; it is a win – win situation.

Merchants are looking for Affiliates; Why?

1.  The merchants are able to save money as they only pay ones a customer buys

2.   Affiliates brings in high volume of traffic to their websites

3.  Affiliates help the merchants reach new customers

4.  At end, both the merchant and the affiliate marketer gains.

Advantages of being an Affiliate Marketer

1.  Very low risk. Its very unlikely you lose any money (remember you are not buying the product). All what you need is a website

2.  Best opportunity for you to earn revenue globally from home. You can promote Merchants from all over the World and you will also be promoting to a global audience. This means your website is generating income 24 hours.

3.  You do not need a lot of preparation as you do not need to have specialised product knowledge.

4.  Joining Affiliate Program is usually free.

However, to make that big money, you need to know how to start and run an online Business, but do not Worry as I have done all the Research for you as to the best legitimate Company which can teach you step by Step how to go about it.

The Company is called Wealthy Affiliate. It Specialises in teaching people how to build an online business. The teaching is step by step.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate Unique?

  • It is global (distributed in 193 countries)
  • Trusted by more than 1.4 million Members
  • 10000+ New online Businesses are built Monthly. Will your business be among them?
  • Has 1800+ Expert Coaches. This means coaching is available all the time.
  • Their Online Training is Excellent. Lessons are Step by Step, Easy to follow and are in Videos as well as Text format. It is also task Oriented so that you can implement onto your business making it possible for you to Earn as you Learn. You will be amazed on how capable you are.

The Online business is changing rapidly and Wealthy Affiliate keeps you ahead in terms of what works today and what will work tomorrow.

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 types of memberships:

Free Starter membership and Premium Membership.

Below is what you will get as free starter (completely free. No Payment at all)

1.  How to Choose Your Niche

2. 2 websites and Step by Step tutorial on How to Build them. Tutorial on how to get Traffic to your websites

3.  Virus and Malware Protection

4.  2 Domains

5.  12 themes for your websites (choose any and change any time)

6.  10 Lessons on Online Entrepreneur Certification

7.  10 Lessons on Affiliate Bootcamp

8.  2 Classrooms (virtual where you can learn and Ask Questions

9.  Keyword Research tool. You can use it for 30 Searches

10.  Live chat and Community Help for the 1st 7 days only

Click HERE to get Started for Free

The following is what you get as a Premium Member

1. Ten (10) Websites. Step by Step tutorial on How to Build them as well as how to get Traffic to your websites. For Premium Members, this will also include other ways like Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social media etc

2.  Virus and Malware Protection

3.  3,000+themes for your websites

4.  50 Lessons on Online Entrepreneur Certification

5.  70 Lessons on Affiliate Bootcamp

6.  12 Classrooms (virtual where you can learn and Ask Questions

7.  Keyword Research tool. Unlimited Searches

8.  Live chat and Community Help. Unlimited access. Very active and friendly community who are always ready to help

In addition to the above, you also get the following as a Premium Member:

9.   Live weekly classes

10.  Video Training Archives

11.  Video Marketing Training

12.  Email Marketing Training

13.  Create your own training where Wealthy Affiliate can Reward you.

14.  Very Powerful Server

15.  Website Support 24 hours, 365 days

16.  Website Monitoring

17.  Competitor Research

18.  Affiliate Program Research

19.  Plugins

20.  SiteHealth Check

21.  SiteComments

22.  SiteFeedback

23.  SiteSpeed

24.  Weekly Webinars which are also recorded for you to watch as many times as you wish

The list goes on and on: Everything you need for your business is all included. You don’t have to go Searching; meaning that you can concentrate with your business.

If at any stage you are stuck on anything, just ask, you will be surprised how quickly you will get answers.

The cost of Premium Membership.

I normally recommend my Readers to Start as a Free member and Upgrade to Premium Member. This way, you get to have a feel as to what to Expect.

Premium membership cost ONLY $19 for the 1st Month

To Get Started For Free CLICK HERE

See you Inside and I will give you Free 1 to 1 Support.

As you can see, you have everything you need and you will be connected to the World 24 Hours.

There are about 3 billion people searching the internet every day, so all what you need is a small fraction of that for you to be financially independent. With all the Training and Support you will get at Wealthy Affiliate, I believe you can make it.

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  1. If your website has a high quality and popularity, affiliate marketing is one of the best choice for some money gaining

    1. admin

      Thank you for visiting my website. What you have said is true. The best thing is; l am part of Wealthy Affiliate which gives all the training you need and content creation is one the main topics on offer. With proper guidance, anybody with determination can succeed; you included. Most people fail in business because they lack someone to guide them in an honest manner. The training offered by Wealthy Affiliate is step by step; you can ask questions as you go along and you can also do it at your own pace

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