Best Home Based Businesses For – The Over 50

Have you ever dreamed about being able to work from your home? If you have, then this is the time to make it real.

Home based business for people over 50 are many and therefore, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that success is only reserved for the young.

Research also shows that success rate of businesses increased as the business owners age increased. “It is never too late to be what you might have been” George Eliot

I don’t mean any business, l mean a real operating business with a substantial income that you can run from your home.

Not having to commute is such an appealing lifestyle, as well as all the favorable tax deductions that you can take advantage of as a home business owner.

Sometimes, people use age as a convenient excuse. Other people, though, go on to achieve their greatest accomplishments in life in later years – Catherine Pulsifer

Just know that “Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind …..” Jackie Joyner-Kersee

There are many examples of entrepreneurs who started wildly successful businesses in their 50’s and beyond.

The reasons they were able to succeed are varied, but there are a few common qualities they held. First, having been through more than 50 years of life gives you an experience and perspective that young entrepreneurs lack.

They are also more confident, more driven and have a make-it or break-it attitude. You would be amazed at how far you can go when quitting simply isn’t an option.

The other quality that the 50 and over crowd share is a lifetime of connections to draw upon.

When you use the knowledge, drive, and connections that life have given you, you have an advantage over everyone else out there.

Here are 5 people who started successful businesses late in life.

People Who Became Successful After 50

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Harland Sanders had a lot of jobs in his 62 years before being successful with his Kentucky Fried Chicken business.

He had been a lawyer but lost his license after getting into a courtroom fight with his client.

He had held and been fired from many jobs along the way, but finally found his niche with a unique and delicious recipe for fried chicken. He began to franchise his famous recipe and it grew like wildfire.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise has been very successful with the international market and today, you can still find his face on boxes of fried chicken around the world.

Ray Kroc

This other fast-food mogul on this list was selling milkshake mixing machines at the age of 51. At age 52, he started working for McDonalds and he later on bought out the owners.

McDonalds is now a franchise business which has now become an icon spread internationally. It is among the most recognized consumer brands in the world.

Bernie Marcus

At age 50, Bernie Marcus had recently been fired from his job at Handy Dan Home Improvement stores and had to face his career prospects.

Instead of finding another job, he teamed with his former co-worker Arthur Blank to found a competing home improvement store called The Home Depot.

The store revolutionized the home improvement industry and introduced the wildly successful warehouse concept. He retired after 19 years at the helm of the company in 2002 as a billionaire.

Bill Porter

At age 54, Bill Porter saw the value of online stock trading before anyone knew what the idea meant.

With a $15,000 investment, he started the company which eventually became E-trade, a $7 billion company for do-it-yourself investors.

While this would be enough for some, he eventually left his company to found the International Stock Exchange.

Charles Flint – At age 61, after a career in shipping, international politics, and business, Charles Flint formed a company then known as The Computing-Tabulating-Recording-Company which produced various devices for record-keeping and measuring.

This company grew under his leadership and was eventually renamed International Business Machines or IBM.

Here are some ideas for easy businesses you can start from your home today.

Rental Property Management Services

If you have built up a nest egg of savings to buy a network of rental homes to collect revenue from, great.

If you haven’t, it isn’t too late to get a piece of that market. Homeowners need help in renting out their homes.

They don’t have the time or energy to communicate with their tenants, make sure they are happy and address any tenant related problems as they come up.

The market for services like these are in high demand, and it’s a business with recurring income as long as you can keep the landlords satisfied with your service.

Product Reviewer

Are you a person who loves to share your opinion? If you have great opinions and are good at sharing them, you can get numerous product discounts, free products, or even get paid for your opinions.

This is very simple to start, and although you may have to sort through a lot of places before you find a site to use that’s legitimate, there are places that if you put your time into reviewing, you can get paid real money for the short time it takes to share your opinion.

Delivery Service

This is the gig economy, where there are millions of small jobs out there for the taking every day, and delivery is one of the most prevalent.

Companies have found that hiring traditional delivery drivers is inefficient compared to quickly hiring drivers per delivery.

This industry is causing a gold-rush in the market for self-employed delivery drivers.

Utilizing the multitude of on-demand delivery apps that are out there, you can set your own schedule and decide for yourself which deliveries are worth your time, and which you should pass to another driver.

It doesn’t matter if you want to deliver packages, food, or people or maybe all the above, you can find a way to make it work.

Removal Services

There is a big demand on the market for quick on-demand labor where you get quick money. For any kind of quick labor, the market is huge. Removal services which are always in high demand are furniture removal services and garbage removal services.

While this may not seem like best home based business,
this is where you begin to put that network to work as you can use a word of mouth to advertise yourself.

House Decorating

You may have been a homeowner for more than 20 years, so is there anything that you’ve found yourself good at, or that you enjoy during that time? The best ideas for a business is to get paid for something you enjoy.

Do you like painting a room? You’d be surprised at the number of people who find that job impossible or drudgery and are willing to shell out big bucks to have it done right.

Or perhaps you have a knack for decorating; there is a gold mine out here for talented interior decorators.

Anything you can do to make a home more beautiful or functional can be turned into a business.

Laundry Services

Is laundry one of your favorite chores? Do you find the work simple and fulfilling? Many people are more than willing to pay great money to have their laundry washed, dried, and folded for them.

A pickup and delivery laundry service can quickly grow and make great revenues with minimal investment or advertising.

If you can prove to be reliable and great at your job, people will continue to pay you as long as you’re willing to keep their clothes clean.

When the work becomes too much for you, it’s time to bring in help and you can just collect the checks every week.

Affiliate Marketing

The money that can be made online dwarfs what is available in your neighborhood or even your city.

If you can find a way to make money from people around the globe with only your computer, then you can build your empire from your bedroom. Affiliate marketing is a great way to tap into the money vein flowing through the internet.

There are a lot of places to shop on the internet, and a lot of people shopping. Some Companies will pay you commission if you can bring someone who buys something from their site.

This is the gold mine called affiliate marketing. Companies pay you a fee to advertise for them; all you need is to find an engaged audience online and recommend products to them.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

You do not need:

  • any Prior experience
  • your own products
  • any qualification

For about $1 dollar per day, you can have your own business up and running and you can potentially earn a full time income

For Affiliate Marketing, there is very little customer services requirements

As an Affiliate, you are very likely to create Passive income. That said, you need to invest a lot of time upfront to get your business off the ground, but once established, your Affiliate Marketing business will run itself without needing a lot of your time.

The other good thing with Affiliate Marketing which separates it from most other businesses is that you can try it out for free to find out whether it’s the right business opportunity for you.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

You need to invest a lot of time Upfront.

Most people are not patient enough. It takes between 4 weeks and six months for you to make any money with affiliate marketing.

It can take longer than that but if you persevere, you will end up making an unbelievable amount which you can never make in an employed job.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get Rich Quick Business this is why it is advisable for you to get training from a company like Wealthy Affiliate Company that will teach you everything you need to know.

Wealthy affiliate have:

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This makes Wealthy Affiliate to be the best platform for those people who wants all learning materials to be in one place; no wonder the success late for those who join Wealthy Affiliate is high as most of the heavy lifting has been done for you.

All the tools provided for you to use come with complete step by step video tutorials on how to make maximum use of them.

Wealthy Affiliate does not promise you that you will get rich Quickly without much effort.

You will learn how to build a legitimate business that can earn you passive income so that you can quit that job (but it is going to take time and effort upfront).

Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate Platform?

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Any Business owner who wants exposure and popularity Online so that they can create more money.


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My Final conclusion on Affiliate Marketing

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