Best Self-Employment Ideas For The – Over 50

Are you almost 50 or nearer to that age and looking for self employment ideas? With the way the global economy is going, many people are looking for how to become self-employed.

The World has changed and there is no longer a job for life. Technology is taking over most of the jobs .

**  A job that used to be done by 10 People can now be done by One person.

**  The supermarkets used to have many check-out attendants; now they have been replaced by Self-Service Tills.

**  Most shopping is now done online so it makes sense to start an Online Business.

!!  I would advise people to have a Main Hustle And A Side Hustle. I have a full -time job as my main Hustle and an Online Business as a side Hustle.

The main Hustle acts as a safety net that pays my outgoings while I develop the side hustle with a plan to eventually replace my main hustle with my side Hustle.

To be able to do both, you have to sacrifice something. I rarely watch TV and this has given me time to pursue both.

If your job cannot give you enough money to retire comfortably, why not start a side hustle that can give you Passive income like I did?

If your side hustle starts giving you far more than you are earning, you can even decide to quit your job and concentrate on what is truly yours.

There are many types of Online businesses you could do but its difficult to make money in them and the ones that have better return need a lot of money upfront.

The best Online Business to start would ideally be with products that you like; for example, products related to your hobby, passion or anything you like. This would be easier for you as you are already familiar with them. 

If you like sports, you could start with anything related to sports;

for parents, you could sell baby products

and if you a beautician, you could sell beauty products

Pet lovers could sell pet products.

As you can see, self employment opportunities for the – over 50 as well as for anybody else are many.

With that said, I would not want you to go buying products that you do not even know whether they will be bought.

I want to introduce you to a modern way of doing Business that has helped me to grow my business with less stress. It’s a business where you do not spend anything on products and yet you treat the products as though they are yours.

The method is called Affiliate Marketing where you look for companies that are looking for people like you. In this case you will be an affiliate Marketer.

There are many Online retail outlets like Amazon, eBay looking for people like you.

Now, your next question might be:

“How Do I Become Affiliate Marketer?”

Although it is not difficult to do Affiliate Marketing, you would still need some form of training so that you can do it the Right way that will give you reasonable amount of money and preferably Passive income.

I would therefore advise you to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing through a company like Wealthy Affiliate ( where:

✅You will learn everything you need in Affiliate Marketing.

✅You will get help in Building your own Business as you Learn and this gives you the ability to Earn as you Learn. This is the best way of learning as it gives you the ability to find out what is involved in your Journey to Success.

✅The Learning Caters for Everyone: it’s through videos, webinars and written text. The lessons are prepared in such a way that you can go through the written text as many times as you wish.

✅The webinars and Videos are also recorded so that you can watch them at a time convenient to you.

And to Make Your Learning Even Better

!! You can also access all the Webinars and video tutorials that had been taught before you joined.

✅Apart from the Official trainings, there are also hundreds of supplementary videos and Tutorials created by Wealthy Affiliate members.

At the end of every training section, there is a comment section where you can ask questions and you can also see questions and answers other members had previously asked.

There is also a LIVE chat area where you can ask questions.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 membership options

Free Starter Member

  • With this, you can get help to build one free website with one free domain. With your free Website. you can also get help in getting started on your Entrepreneur Journey

CLICK HERE to build your completely Free Website

You will also:

  • Have Access to Live Chart for 7 days
  • Have access to 20 free lessons. Ten lessons are from Online Entrepreneur Certification and the other 10 are from Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

Premium Membership

This is a paying membership where you get unlimited learning and Unlimited help and guidance in Building your own business 24/7.

With Premium Membership, your Earning power is UNLIMITED.

How Much Does Premium Membership Cost?

Everybody can Join as a free member.

Once inside of Wealthy Affiliate, start on the free training and if you find Wealthy Affiliate to be of value to you, then you can Upgrade to Premium Member.

Wealthy Affiliate has you in mind and their Price is Supper Affordable and a Great Investment.

You only pay $19 for the 1st month (59% Discount also called Fast Action Bonus). That works to be less than $0.64 per day.

Let me ask you; Which other training can you Start with $0.64;

From the value I have recieved from the Step by Step Training and 24/7 Support in building my Online Business, I would highly recommend you trying it out for yourself.

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As a premium member, a part from learning and help in building your Business, you also get the following:

1.  Website Building Platform where you can Build 10 websites

2.  Website Hosting for all your websites

3.  Content Writing Platform complete with Grammar Check

4.  Keyword Research Tool to make sure that your products are ranked high by Search Engines

5.  Anything you need; you will find it on Wealthy Affiliate’s ONE STOP PLATFORM so that you can concentrate with Building your profit generating business without worry.

CLICK HERE and Start your journey towards:

Becoming A Self Employed Entrepreneur

How would you feel like working at your own Terms?

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