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Every day thousands of people search “How To make Money at home Online” and see thousands of websites guiding them on How they can earn money online from the comfort of their home.

Yes, you can earn money online. You must have tried in one way or another but you didn’t succeed due to some reasons. It is obvious that Almost everyone have tried at least once in their life to earn money online

There are so many ways to earn good amount of money online which can be far more than what you make in your employed full-time job.

You should not stay in a job which makes you miserable every day, a job that is not going to improve your life neither should you allow yourself to be broke the rest of your life.

Have the confidence that with proper guidance, you can have your own successful business that can allow you to have full control of your life.  This can only happen if you put in effort and time.

Some people prefer to earn money by online surveys, some people join ‘paid to click’ (PTC) sites and Some people look for online freelance opportunities.

But still, the best way to earn money online is through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is becoming the biggest business in this World and there are so many entrepreneurs, bloggers, webmasters and other marketers who earn Unlimited income through Affiliate Marketing.

So, if you are thinking about being An Affiliate marketer, then you are in the right place as l am an Affiliate. Here, I will teach you how to become an Affiliate Marketer and how you can make your living out of it.

But before that, we will need to understand Affiliate Marketing; So, let me tell you about what affiliate marketing is and how you can make an unlimited amount of money by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing in which merchants sell their products by advertising them on other people’s Websites and pay them commission on every sale.

The best thing is that it is less of a hassle as you do not need to buy or own the product, you do not need to store the products, neither do you have to deal with the customers’ payments or enquiries as all these are dealt by the merchant.

This makes it easier for you as an Affiliate as you could work your business from anywhere in the World without needing an office and to make it even better, you can also promote anything from any corner of the World.

No wonder it is a business with no Borders. Every product has a different commission depending on its price and the percentage the merchant is willing to pay.

Some Terms Related to Affiliate Marketing

AffiliatesThey are the advertisers who advertise the product on their website on behalf of a merchant.

Affiliate link- It is the link which you are given by the merchant and ones a customer clicks on it, they are taken to the page from where they can buy the product you advertised for. Every affiliate is given a link which is unique to them.

Affiliate Marketing Commission- It is the money paid to you on every sale. Merchants will pay you for every sale they make through your link.

All your sales are tracked and you can promote as many products as you wish and you can also be an affiliate of as many merchants as you wish, even from different fields; for example;

you can be an affiliate of Amazon, EBay as well as Apple phone and accessories.

Now, After knowing about Affiliate marketing, let us learn about how it works.

How it Works.

It is a simple process. It starts by choosing a product to promote. Then writing a captivating description about the product explaining how someone would benefit from purchasing it.

When a reader clicks on it, they are redirected to the merchant’s web page from where they can buy that product you advertised/promoted and if they buy the product, the merchant pays you a commission.

Another way of earning money is through Google Adsense which is a service owned by Google. It behaves as a mediator between Retailer and Blogger. It is a reputation platform from where you can make good amount of money.

Earning money with affiliate marketing is so easy if you know how to work it.

Today, I will answer all your questions and I assure you that after reading the whole article you will have answers to all your questions.

The main reason why people fail to make money online is that they are impatient. Instead of being realistic on how much time and effort it takes to be successful, they assume that success will come quickly.

This is because they see so many advertisements on the internet telling them how easy and quickly they can make money. These advertisers do not tell the whole story behind their success, how long it took them to make profit and the guidance and mentorship they recieved.

They give you surface information leaving you to work it out which can be very difficult and confusing. You end up having pieces of information which are of no meaningful use where money generating is concerned.

Now you must be thinking how to go about your online business;

Do not worry,

I have come up with the best company for you which will teach you step by step on how to build your business. This company has everything you need to be a successful entrepreneur. You will not need to go looking for information all over the internet as every thing is simplified for you.

Yes, they will help you with your Business and will teach you all the necessary techniques.

So, Let Me Introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate and how they will help you to get the most out of your Business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a company which will help you succeed in your dream by helping you with your business by leveraging affiliate marketing techniques.

They have already helped over 1.5 million entrepreneurs setting up their businesses.

What services do Wealthy Affiliate offer?

Wealthy Affiliate offers many services which help beginners as well as existing business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Some of the services are:

  1. They can help you to create a business in the field of your choice. You can also get help on creating a business out of your hobby, business idea or your passion. It only takes one idea to create a successful business online.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, and you do not have any business idea, they can help you choose your business from more than 1 million different products/services which you can promote.

Isn’t that Amazing?

You can have your own business with your favourite niche under the guidance of internet experts of Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Create Your Own Websites.
You will be shown how to create your own website for your business; a mobile friendly website with powerful and secure hosting. No website building skills needed.

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3. How to get traffic on your website. Without people visiting your website, it is almost impossible to sell.

Amazing products go undiscovered and companies go broke every single year because they have a website and no customer knows about it. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to attract people to your website so that you can sell products or services. You will have access to over 3.5 Billion potential customers who are searching on the internet daily.

Remember, some of your website visitors will become customers who when they buy through your affiliate link you get paid.

4. Online Income Source.

You will be taught how to generate Unlimited revenue from different sources.

For example; whatever product you are working on, you will be shown how to continue marketing your product and at the same time leverage your income using other companies products.

What does this mean. ….

You will learn how look for other companies who are also dealing with a similar product who have affiliate programs and by placing their affiliate link on your website, you get paid. This means you will be multiplying your earnings and leveraging your time while still dealing with your own niche product.

….Another way of earning as an affiliate is doing product reviews. This way, you are helping customers in making a decision as to why they should buy a certain product.

5. Business Marketing tools.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with many tools which help you increase your website traffic and help you reach more and more people. The more visitors to your website, the more sales you will generate.

You will have the access to a keyword tool which will help you in finding what customers are looking for, the number of people looking for the product and the competition for that particular phrase you are using in your product description.

By using the best phrase for your product, you will be able to rank in page one of Search engines like Google without any advertisement.

This will make it possible for more people to buy from you rather than from your competitors who are also selling similar products; no wonder you see some businesses closing while others are thriving even though they are dealing with the same exact product costing the same.

Think about yourself; when you are searching for a product information, you normally concentrate more on page one of Google and you only go to other pages only if you miss what you want and very rarely do you go beyond page 3.

This is the same with most people. People are always on a hurry.

6. Wealthy Affiliate have internet experts from every field you can think of who are always there to help you out with every problem making your affiliate marketing journey smoother. The help is there 24 hours a day 365 days

Succeeding in a business is not that Easy but Wealthy Affiliate will make sure that you are taking the right steps which extends to Search engine Optimisation (SEO), to Social media; whatever knowledge you need, you will get it.

7. Step by Step training. Wealthy Affiliate provides step by step training for beginners as well as experienced marketers.

The training is applicable to ANY Online business and you can Earn As You Learn. They also have weekly training Webinars. This makes it easier for you to succeed.

8. Trusted by millions. Wealthy Affiliate has been helping people from the last 13 years and more than 1.5 million people have achieved their dreams by joining the wealthy affiliate.

There are so many active users who have shown trust in them and Wealthy Affiliate has always served them with more loyalty.

Now, you must have understood why I recommended you to Wealthy Affiliate. You will surely be provided with The Best opportunity to Earn Money Online.

It is not a get-rich-quick process. It takes some time and hard work first, but once you create some audience for your website, your earnings will be unlimited.

We will teach you skills which are transferable to any business and this might be the one “Secret Weapon” you have been missing. Most people who join this company earn as they learn.

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