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Are you looking for a job and training that will transform you into a successful entrepreneur? Would you want to get crystal clear on how to profit faster without spending too much money?

If your answer is ”YES”, then you may want to check out this post.

I would like to introduce you to a company which has trained me, given me all the resources I need as well as giving me an unbelievable chance to earn money as I learn. You could also become part of this company if you want to.

The best thing about this training is that you can do it from anywhere in the World as far as you have internet connection.

I will give you as much information as possible about the company. The information which help you to decide whether this is the right company for you.

This Company is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is a global company;

  • It Trusted by over 1.4 million entrepreneurs
  • Spread in over 193 countries
  • Has 1800+ expert coaches
  • Has been in business for 14 years
  • It is 100% legitimate

This company will train you on how to start and run profit generating online business using your chosen products and leverage it with Affiliate products. They will even point you to millions of niche products you could choose from.

In Affiliate Marketing you Do Not have to do any of the following:

  • Buy the product
  • Create a product
  • Customer service

Sometimes it can be a headache dealing with customers. Luckily enough, for this business you do not have to deal with their queries or their payments

  • Deliver the products

This can be very time-consuming as you have to arrange for postage. It can also be very expensive when it comes to packaging, printing paperwork to go with the delivery, the postage cost etc. If the delivery does not arrive, the customer will follow you up. Luckily you are not going to deal with any of that.

  • Storage.

I used to be involved with a business where I had to do the advertisement, the customer service, packaging and the delivery and l tell you. It was hectic. Dealing with one customer was very time and money consuming, t

Not dealing with customers gives you:

1. ✅Time to concentrate with building your business

2. ✅ Saves you on the cost of running a business. For example, many businesses spend a lot of money on printing bulk marketing material for example, leaflets which can eventually be a waste if there are changes in the business like the change of cost of products.

3. ✅ Saves you on space as you do not need to store the products meaning that your business can expand without having to expand on space

4. ✅ Freedom as you can do your business any time as there are no customers interfering with your daily program.

5. ✅ You can operate your business from anywhere in the World as far as you have an internet connection. This is very good as you are not tied to one location. Your business is your website and you can work at your own schedule.

There are 2 types of membership within Wealthy Affiliate

  • Free Starter membership and
  • Premium membership

Free Starter membership awesome. It allows you to get started so that you can find out whether what is being offered is of value to you. It also allows you to find out whether the company is legitimate as there too many money making scams out there.

These are some of the things you will get as a free member:

1. Two free Websites for you to build on their platform called SiteRubix. You do not need to know how to build a website as you will be shown how to do it in step by step format. You will also be taught what to look for when selecting your 2 free unique domain names.

2. Free hosting of your 2 websites

3. Free themes for you to choose the ones you like.

Build your FREE websites by Clicking HERE.

4. Research tool to help you uncover the keywords customers are using to search for products similar to yours. This tool helps your website to be found in Google easily. A starter member is allowed 30 Searches.

With this tool, you will be able to discover unique keywords that will attract many buyers to your website.

It will also reveal to you very profitable niches which have little or no competition.

You might be having a website with very good products but if the keywords you are using on the description of your products are not the keywords the customers are using, then your website might never be found.

This tool will also reveal to you the number of other websites competing with your keywords and the number of searches per month. This will point you towards the right direction so that instead of thinking that your products are not selling, you will be able to use other keywords which will have fewer websites competing with you. That is one of the reasons why you see some companies doing better than others yet the products are the same.

5. Join fantastic community where everyone is ready to help.

6. Free Training: This is absolutely free for a few modules. The training is step by step which is both video and text format and you can remain as a free member as long as you want. some of the modules which are covered in the training are:

  • 10 online training covering variety of niches
  • 10 lessons on Affiliate Marketing.

Would you want to get the strategies, the tools and the step by step training on how to start and run a profitable business without upfront cost?

This training will help you to close the gap between where you are now and where you want or meant to be

”You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar

Create a Free Starter Account by Clicking HERE. It’s worth it. Nothing to lose. If you do not like it, no questions asked.

Premium Membership

For premium members, the sky is the limit. You will get training on every topic, anything to do with online business. This training is applicable to any business in any industry.

All the knowledge you need is ready for you to use and it is step by step format.

Below are a few of the things you get

  1. Websites: You can build 50 websites (25 free websites with 25 free domains Plus 25 custom domain websites). Being able to host so many websites for the price of your premium membership is wonderful! That’s why the sky is the limit. If you have any technical problems with your sites, Wealthy Affiliate has outstanding support 24/7.
  2. Keyword Research tool – unlimited Searches
  3. More themes than for starter members
  4. Weekly live webinars
  5. SiteFeedback- to let you know how your websites are performing so that you can improve if you need to.
  6. SSL Certificates.
  7. SiteProtect – to protect your websites spamming.
  8. SiteSpeed. Makes sure that your website loads fast on both desktop and on mobile phones.
  9. Content Marketing training. You will learn how to write quality content. This is what will make your website rank in Search engines leading to more visitors to your website and some of your website visitors will become buyers. Google’s best interest is to show the most useful content to those who are searching.
  10. Training on how to use social media.
  11. Access to me as well as.
  12. Mentoring and Coaching

If you sign through the links in this post, I will get notified and I will send you a welcome message. The co – founders of the company Kyle and Carson will also welcome you and even walk you through the company. They will also be mentoring you.

To make sure that you succeed, you will have my mentoring and coaching services absolutely free.

How Much Does the Premium Membership Cost?

If you upgrade to premium membership within the 1st
7 days of your joining as a starter member, you pay $19 per month for the first month. After that the payment is either of the following 3 choices: $49 per month or $234 for 6 months (saving $60) or $359 per year (saving $229).

Whether you are that person who is struggling to be successful in a home based business; or a seasonal successful business builder looking for a way to take your business online, or a business owner who wants to move your business forward, you will find every thing you need within Wealthy Affiliate.

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had tried different businesses but I did not seem to make it until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I think the businesses I was working hard on were not the right businesses for me. The best thing with this company is that they allow you to try it first before you commit.

Try it for Free By CLICKING HERE

“So often people are working hard at the wrong thing. Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.”—Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr


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