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Do you want to find what Herbalife is about, whether Herbalife is a Pyramid Scheme, a Scam or whether it’s a legitimate company worth joining as a distributor?

What Is Herbalife About

It is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The company re branded itself to Herbalife International in 1986 and it is currently operating in more than 90 countries.

These are a few of the countries:

Herbalife UK, USA, Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain Argentina,

Herbalife Canada, Herbalife India and many more countries.

The Herbalife products are exclusively available through Herbalife members and distributors

They include

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Herbalife weight loss and overall Weight Management products:
  • Sports nutrition
  • Personal care
  • Herbal tea

Their core products include:

a).  Herbalife formula 1 nutritional shake mix

(Formula 1 protein shake is a meal replacement shake which is soy based).

b).  Herbalife formula 2 multivitamin complex

c).  Herbalife cell activator as the third formula

To make money from Herbalife, you can retail the products as well as recruit other people to do the same thereby creating a downline.

Is Herbalife A Pyramid Scheme

The company is not currently a pyramid Scheme but has in the past been accused of operating as a pyramid scheme

One of the Accusations came from Bill Ackman, a Hedge Fund Manager of Pershing Square Capital. He claimed that Herbalife was operating as a pyramid Scheme.

As a result, Herbalife agreed to pay $200 billion fine as part of a settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

  • In 1982 there was a complaint from Food and Drug Administration
    that they had included poke root and mandrake in some of their products.

Both Poke root and Mandrake are poisonous. They reformulated the affected products.

  • In 1984, Criminal charges were filed against Herbalife by the Department of Justice of Canada for misleading claims while advertising
  • In 1985, the California Attorney General sued
    Herbalife for making claims on how good their products are.

The paid $850,000 as a settlement

  • In 1997, two former distributors sued Herbalife for withholding earned income

Is Herbalife A Scam

Although Herbalife is not a pyramid Scheme or a Scam, just like any other MLM, it is very difficult to make money.

The problem with MLM are:

  • the products are almost similar.
  • There are too many Multi Level Marketing distributors in the World and USA has the majority with about 15 million distributors.

All these distributors are competing in recruiting by claiming that their products are the best.

  • Ones you get used to the MLM that you join, you sort of get bought into it. You end up believing so much in it such that you end up not seeing the negative sides.

I used to be an MLM distributor and it took me years to realise that you can hardly make money.

Statistics show that 99% of MLM distributors do not make money. Only 1% of the distributors make money.

  • Another problem is that it can be difficult to identify who makes money mostly because, if you want to recruit a downline, there is no way you are going to tell them that you have not made any profit.

What is the Alternative to Herbalife

As I have mentioned above, I used to be an MLM distributor but after several years, I realised that it was not leading me to a financial and time freedom I was looking for.

I was determined to keep looking until I came across Affiliate Marketing where:

1.  You don’t have to rely on other people to succeed

2.  There is no downline,

3.  No recruiting,

4.  No meeting with customers

5.  No spending on products and yet you can promote as many products as you wish even from unrelated niches

6.  No Limitation of the number of companies you can be associated with: You can promote products from as many companies as you wish.

Affiliate Marketing made me realise how narrow my mind was promoting ONLY health, wellness and personal care products.

I can now promote any product I like including any product in Amazon, Walmart or any retail out let and be paid to do so.

The best thing with this model of doing business is that your work is less as the retail outlets will do the hard work of delivering and dealing with any customer related issues.

How good is that? No more meetings or claiming that l have a work from home business and yet l am hardly at home as in the case with MLM.

Most probably your next question is how you can do Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest business as a one person business and yet you can even make a 6 figure income doing it all alone.

The only thing is that you need a training so that you can do it the right way. I would advise you to take the training l took from a company called Wealthy Affiliate www.wealthyaffiliate.com.

The best thing with this company is that:

A). You learn and you also get help in building your own online business simultaneously giving you the ability to Earn from your business as you Learn.

B).  They allow you to get started without paying anything. As a free member:

1).  You have access to 10 completely free lessons and ability to build one free website

2).  Get help in choosing your Niche (s)

3).  Get help in finding free products

The free membership gives you the chance to be inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform so that you can have a full picture of everything that is on offer.

If you like it, then you can upgrade to a premium member by paying Only $19 for the first month which is a discounted amount.

Premium Membership gives you:

1.  Access to every Online training you can think of

2).  Ability to build 10 websites of any niche

3).  Access to over 18000 Expert Coaches

4).  24/7 Support with the training, your business(es) as well as your websites

With all the support, it is almost impossible to fail. No wonder Wealthy Affiliate have more than 1.5 Million members who have benefited from the training and support that is offered.

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Looking Forward to helping you succeed.

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