How to Be Your Own Boss Working From Home – Set your schedule

Would you want to experience the World in a different way from the majority of the World’s population?

Are you afraid of getting started?

Most people would like to be their own bosses. The following are some of the reasons why they never take the steps to start.


a. do not know how to start

b. are scared they might not succeed.

c. are not sure which business to start

d. do not have a product or services to sell. 

e. have no one to guide them

There are so many jobs out there but the problems are

  • How do you know which one is best for you?
  • How do you know which one is legitimate?
  • How do you know whether the advertiser just want your details?

I was in that situation before I started the business l am in now. That business advertises itself that you work at your own Schedule but in reality you do not.

That business required me to fulfil customer demands like:

  • Meeting them face to face
  • Ordering the products, repackaging and then Delivering to the customers
  • Taking payments from the customers
  • Answering their Queries

There is no way you can set your own schedule if you are dealing directly with customers.

It’s also very difficult to be doing the above and get the freedom we would all like to have. How many customers can you serve or get in a day?

We should accept that there are only so many hours in a day making time to be very precious. Apart from your, business you should also have time for other things

It was tiring, stressful, time and money consuming.

I came to know that, that was not the right job for me, it was not fitting in with my other daily commitments and it was difficult for me to plan my days.

I then came across a modal of business where I did not have to deal any of that.

This is Affiliate Marketing modal of business.

In this modal, everything is done online; and you work the business from anywhere in the World as far as you have an internet connection and of course a mobile phone or a laptop.

How good is that? This is the modern way of doing business as most of the World’s population are leading a busy life but still want to better their lives.

I even liked it even more because the company I joined allows you to join as a free member, start learning and implementing what you learn, thus giving you time for you to find out whether the business would be of value to you.

There are very few companies like this one. Most of them are so much money minded such that you have to pay upfront without knowing where the business will lead you to.

The company is called Wealthy Affiliate and their website link is

They will offer you training on Affiliate Marketing and you might be able to earn money as you learn.

The company has divided the training into 4 Steps: Every step is given in Step by Step format with both video and text format and you can access it anytime 24/7.

STEP 1: Choose an interest

Choose an interest in any niche product, this could be a passion, a hobby or anything you like. 

Have you ever thought that you could turn your passion or hobby into a profitable business?

Most of us have hobbies or passion which we devote our free time to because they make us feel good. These hobbies and passion can make us money.

We will show you how can enjoy your hobby or passion and at the same time turn them into a recurring passive income.

If at this time you do not have a niche, you will be shown thousands of niche products and you will definitely find some which you can use freely use for your business.

It’s not a must to choose a passion or hobby as a niche; nor do you have to choose something you have knowledge on. You will be taught how you can become an expert in any niche.

These niches covers everything you can think of. They even cover professional niches. To help you choose a profitable niche, there will be a video and text walk through to guide you.


You might be saying to yourself that you do not have experience on building a website but I assure you that Wealthy Affiliate has made it very easy.

No technical knowledge is required and you will have your website ready and running within minutes.

You don’t want to pay someone to build it for you as you will be shown step by step how to do it; neither do you want to spend money even before you actually start the business.

By depending on other people to do it for you, you will end up being dependent on them and if later on you don’t like the theme, the layout or if you want to change the niche later on as you learn, you will end up paying more.

As a Starter, you will be able to build 2 free websites with 2 free domains. You will even get a website backup.

If I did it, you can do it. I used to be scared every time I thought of building a website until l knew that anybody can do it if they have the right support from somebody who cares for their success and not after their money.

Build Your Free Website By Clicking HERE. It’s Absolutely Free

Imagine your business being found on search engines like Google! Taking advantage of your business being online is the best thing you can do for the profitability of your business. This gives you access to very many customers from all over the World.


You have now done step 1 and 2.

The next step is to learn how to get buyers for your products. Your main goal for starting any business is to make money.

You will be taught how to get Unlimited Free Traffic to your website without spending a penny; not any traffic but traffic from people who are searching for your products.

This is the point where what you learnt in Step 1 and 2 takes over as you will have learnt how to describe your products in such a way that you out compete other businesses who are dealing with products similar to yours.

This is how some companies flourish in business while others even go to the point of closing down.


Within some time, you will start to earn Money which will keep on increasing.

At this time of writing this post, I am not only a member of Wealthy Affiliate but I am also doing Business with the company as an Affiliate. You can also do the same if you want to. I will be there to give you a 1 to 1 support.

As you go through the training, you will also be taught how to be an Affiliate and the different companies out there which are Legitimate which you can be part of.

This does not necessarily mean you abandon your niche business but it means doing both thus Leveraging the power of Affiliate Marketing.

You could also decide to do Affiliate Marketing on its own. The earnings are unlimited and you can be part of as many affiliate programs as you wish.

You could also decide to incorporate digital products within your business. The best thing with digital products is that you create them once and there will be no additional costs.

This could be a digital Course or an E – book which you could sell as many times as you wish and because there is no physical delivery involved, you will not have any expenses apart from the initial cost of creating them.

You will find a training on digital Marketing within Wealthy Affiliate

Apart from the Starter membership, you can decide to be a Premium member where you Learn the entire World of Online Business.

This is what I suggest you do in order to have financial and time freedom. The best thing with Affiliate Marketing is that you can have passive income

1. Below are some of the things you will get as a premium member:

All the training on any topic you can think of in the online World (content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation {SEO}, Pay per Click, Google AdSense,  AdWords) 

Also included in the training is Social media, Video Marketing, YouTube and the list goes on and on.

Just to make you aware that we recommend you not to spend money on advertising during the early stages of your business.

The training you get within Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to get organic traffic to your website without spending.

2.  50 websites

3.  Website back up

4.  Very secure website Hosting

5.  Website Anti virus protection

6.  Website analysis to find out how your website is performing

7.  24/7/365 website support

8.  Live chat for Instant support

9.  Live Video virtue classes

10.  Weekly Webinars

11.  Direct Access to the 2 owners of the company

12.  Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching

13.  Keyword Research tool which will help you do unlimited Searches

14.  Free images for you to use in your website

What’s the Cost of a Premium Member?

My recommendation is for you to Start as a Free member, then Upgrade to Premium. The payments are as follows:

$19 for the first month if you Upgrade within 7 days of your joining as a Free member, after which it will be $49 per month or $234 (saving of $60) or $359 (saving $229).

As you can see, the longer the membership term you purchase at once, the greater the saving.

You can change your membership type any time. For example, if your 2nd Month was $49, you could decide to go 6 Monthly or Yearly and the amount you had paid will be taken into account so that you do not lose any of it. The same applys to 6 monthly upgrading it to yearly.

Ready to Sta.rt as a Free Member

CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED STRAIGHT AWAY. It’s Free. No credit Card needed.

Ones you are inside, I will give you free unlimited mentoring and support

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

  • It is global (in 193 countries)
  • Trusted by over 1.4 million Entrepreneurs
  • Has over 1800+ Expert Coaches
  • Has been operating for 14 Years
  • You can start as a Free member

Another thing which I have not mentioned above is that after 3 months of you being a Premium member, you can Create a training and Wealthy Affiliate will reward you for it.

The gains within this company are unbelievable and I believe that with the right mentoring and support, you will succeed.



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