How To Become Rich With No Money.

Looking for a way on how to become rich in the Right way that’s sustainable, long term, and without spending upfront? Then, keep reading so you don’t miss out.  

Achieving Financial independence can open other opportunities like time; time to do whatever you want and at a time of your choice; time to travel the World etc.

This is how Naval Ravikant defines wealth in his podcast episodes:

“wealth is oriented toward businesses and assets that can earn while you sleep. Wealth buys your freedom

You want wealth because it buys you freedom—so you don’t have to wear a tie like a collar around your neck; so you don’t have to wake up at 7:00 a.m. to rush to work and sit in commute traffic; so you don’t have to waste your life grinding productive hours away into a soulless job that doesn’t fulfill you.

The purpose of wealth is freedom; it’s nothing more than that” – Naval Ravikant; the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList.

Anyone can become rich and wealthy but; the problem is; we get caught up in the social norm where we want to look better than others.

When most people get extra money, they buy more and more luxurious things that make them happy at that moment; happiness that is not long term.

That is exactly what l used to do. I was brought up in a family where money was a problem such that immediately l got a job, instead of investing in my future, l was buying fashionable clothes and cars mostly so that other people can think that l am rich.

I later realised that the show off was not taking me anywhere and the job could never give me financial freedom. That’s when l started searching for a business l could do while still holding a job.

I tried many types of businesses but they did not fit along someone like me who have a job. I later found a business that was suitable for people who have limited spare time like me.

It’s a business that you can operate it any time, and for me, it fits very well in the evenings and weekends.

The business is in Affiliate Marketing.

Since I did not know how to do Affiliate Marketing, l started searching for an Affiliate Marketing Training company that could teach me how to do it 100% without going looking for more information all over the Internet.

Other Characteristics I was Looking for are:

  • An Affiliate Training platform where I could Start learning Free at least for a few days so that I can be satisfied that their teaching is of benefit to me.
  • Low cost training but still valuable
  • Virtual coaching
  • Availability of ALL the tools and Resources
  • Availability of help 24/7 whether technical or nontechnical.
  • A platform where I have Access to the Owners. I had been previously involved in a business where it was almost impossible to access the owners.
  • A Training Platform where you learn and build a real business simultaneously and be shown how to do both giving me the possibility of Earning as l learn.
  • A Training where the learning is virtual and accessible anytime as Physical classroom teaching could not fit along my job.

After a lengthy Search, l found Wealthy Affiliate;, an Affiliate Marketing Company that offers far more than what l was looking for.

It is a company l would recommend to anyone particularly to those people who are ready to start their Entrepreneur Journey towards creating passive income.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you and provide you with all the resources and tools you need.

However good Wealthy Affiliate is, l would like you to know upfront that Wealthy Affiliate WILL NOT TEACH YOU how to become rich overnight.

But, YOU WILL LEARN how to become rich by using strategies that create wealth in the form of passive income.

How Much Does the UnLINITED TRAINING and SUPPORT Cost?

The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate are very Transparent, genuine and approachable Entrepreneurs; they have put themselves into your position.

They can understand your struggles particularly when you are just getting started.

They have priced the Unlimited Training and Unlimited Support 24/7 in your Real Business so that it can be SUPPER AFFORDABLE to you.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is Free and you will have access to a few lessons that will kick start your journey to the entrepreneur path.

The Free Starter Membership will also allow you to get inside of Wealthy Affiliate platform and see for yourself what is on offer, try it out for free so that you can make your own decision whether it can lead you to your financial freedom.

If you find it suitable for you, then we have a FAST ACTION Payment (Discounted at 59%) where you Only pay $19 for the first month (that works to be less than $0.64 per day).

After that, it’s either $49 per month or $495 Yearly which is still REAL VALUE.

Apart from UNLIMITED Access to all the trainings and support, here are other membership benefits that to me are unbelievable:

• You can Build up to 10 websites and host them here at Wealthy Affiliate with no extra charge, that is: You pay the same amount of premium membership whether you have one website or 10. That’s Great Saving!

Imagine if all the 10 Websites start giving you Passive income.

• Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting leads in terms of speed, security, reliability and power in the WordPress industry.

Just for some insight, here are the price points of the hosting companies that we view as “similar” in terms of quality in the industry.

Pagely (5 Websites) = $199 per month

WPEngine (10 Websites) = $115 per month

Kinsta (10 Websites) = $200 per month

Wealthy Affiliate (10 Websites) = $49 per month (from the 2nd month of your premium membership) or $$495 yearly. This is A great Saving.

The hosting network is included with your Premium membership. It’s all-inclusive, no up sells, not extra up sells, no costs for additional caching plugins, email, SSL, or any “add on” that other hosting companies are charging

CLICK HERE to get Started.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn and build your Real Business that will become YOUR OWN ASSET that No One can take away from you Unlike a job that can be taken away from you anytime.

CLICK HERE to get Started.

This is an Opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Building a Business Online means that you will be tapping into the Globally connected planet.

If you are on the fence whether to join or not, don’t overthink it. It’s FREE to get started and it will be your choice whether to continue or not.

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