How to Make Money By Using Affiliate Marketing – Exposed!

Want to make passive income by using the power of Affiliate Marketing? Learn how thousands of successful business owners are doing it.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way of making passive income online but some people do not know how to utilise it.

The industry is quite lucrative as well as an easier way of making multiple streams of income large amount being passive. You only need to work hard at the beginning and with time, you will be able to seat back and reap the benefits.

The Industry is growing very fast. For example, in 2017, the expenditures for internet marketing in the UK was pegged at 554 million pounds and even more in the USA. In the US, the industry records a 10.1% rise in growth every year.

Most people associate the popularity of affiliate marketing with Amazon. Although not the first to use it, Amazon made an affiliate program that was available to the public.

There are multiple grounds why you should consider affiliate marketing as a viable way of earning passive income.

1. Easy to start. The only thing you need to start as an affiliate Marketer is internet access and a computer or mobile phone.

2. Zero product cost. The most attractive reason is that you do not even need to own any product or deal with customer service

3. Multiple streams of income. Affiliate marketers earn a lot of money by promoting products from different companies.

4. No Prior experience. You do not even need to have expert knowledge on the items you are selling.


Affiliate marketing is a model of marketing where an individual collaborates with a company to generate commission by directing potential customers to the company’s products or services.

The income of a marketer depends on their efforts, and in this way, affiliate marketing is one of the best performance-based kind of marketing.

The other good thing is that the customer buys the product at the same price from an affiliate as they would from a merchant.

A vendor will, however, part with a percentage of the sale as the affiliate commission but they would be selling to customers that they would not have otherwise reached.

The revenue that affiliate marketers generate is entirely based on their performance and they can promote as many products and services as they wish.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

An affiliate marketing system has a number of players with different roles.

The creator of the program is often the retailer of the product/service who needs internet marketing to generate sales. It can be a large company with a recognizable brand or even an individual who sells online courses.

Affiliates are the individuals or companies that implement affiliate programs. An affiliate can promote one or multiple products, and they give valuable information about the products to the customers who in turn end up into purchasing the merchant’s goods.

Some affiliates dedicate an entire site to affiliate marketing, promoting products and services from different Merchants.

The affiliate system revolves around the customers since what you are after is to make sales. The affiliate will reach out to customers in different ways, whether It’s through social media, websites or blogs.

One of the firms that appear to have perfected the art of social media affiliate marketing is Skyscanner. They utilise search engines like google, to compare the prices of plane tickets and gives its audience cheap options.

Skyscanner also has a vibrant social media presence, and they have especially capitalized on Instagram. Their attractive travel pictures are enough to make their viewers go to their website and click on cheap travel tickets.

This is just one of the travel companies who uses Affiliates. Many more airlines are doing it and if you have bought a flight ticket, most likely you bought through an Affiliate Marketer but the best thing is, you did not pay more than you would have paid if you went straight to the airline.

In some cases, you might even pay less if you bought through an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate networks connect the creators and the affiliates. These avenues aggregate offers from various vendors and make it easy for affiliate marketers to find offers. The networks also handle the administrative roles of running affiliate platforms.

Amazon is another large company that has a successful affiliate marketing program.

Let us assume you are a beauty blogger who has signed up for Amazon affiliate program. The platform will assign you a unique URL Identification (ID) number.

When you review a beauty product, you use your link ID to direct your readers to the product’s description on Amazon.

Amazon will record every purchase done using your link. You will subsequently receive a percentage of the sales when a visitor purchases the exact product you linked them to.

You will additionally receive a commission if the visitor browses the site and buys other products.

Some Merchants websites also earn money through affiliate programs. For example, take the movie database IMDB which has a vast database of films as well as producers and actors.

The site’s pages include links to Amazon, where readers can view the results and make purchases. The links can also refer visitors to merchants selling the films.

Bloggers have become significant players in the affiliate marketing industry. Blogs generate organic rankings on search engines, and they can be utilized to increase merchants’ conversions.

Bloggers will typically write a compelling review of a product or service with an aim to drive traffic to the pages of the seller and encourage sales and ones the customer buys, they get paid a percentage of the sale of the product or service.

Social media Influencers also target their large social media following as potential customers and interestingly promote different products. Some social media influencers are earning a lot money through Affiliate Commissions just by tapping onto their followers .

How to Make Passive Income From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers earn money without having to sell their own products. There are different ways to measure the contribution of an affiliate to a vendor’s sales.

In the pay per sale model, the merchant compensates an affiliate with a percentage of a transaction. The purchase must be a result of the marketing strategies of the affiliate.

The pay per lead is a more complex system where the compensation of an affiliate depends on the conversion of leads.

An affiliate must convince a visitor to check out a website and complete a task. The task can include subscribing to a newsletter, filling a contact form, or downloading files.

Another model is the pay per click where the affiliate is tasked with redirecting their audience from their site to the vendor’s site. The compensation will rely on the increase in visitor traffic.

As an affiliate marketer, you can opt for the one-time or the recurring commission models. The one-time model allows for a fixed commission on a sale based on referrals.

The more successful referrals you make, the higher your income. The recurring commission model is a perfect way of earning passive income through affiliate programs.

The program pays every month as long as the user who used your referral links continues to use their subscription. This model is commonly used with web hosting and online courses.

Recurring programs are an excellent way of benefiting from a steady form of revenue, and they are used by most successful entrepreneurs.

One of the platforms that run successful recurring affiliate programs as well as teaching on how to run any type of online business is Wealthy Affiliate

I have personally used their platforms and I can confirm with confidence that it is the best platform on which you can build any business as well as leveraging the power of Affiliate Marketing.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate prides in being a leading online marketing training avenue. The platform has been operating since 2005 and it is the brainchild of the 2 Co founders Kyle and Carson who have overseen the site’s growth to accommodate millions of marketers and entrepreneurs.

The website itself has been able to grow because of referrals as well as the training they offer. Members can refer other people to join the training program and earn commissions. Wealthy Affiliate was formed to guide people on running successful online businesses.

Advantages of Using Wealthy Affiliate.

You may be wondering why the training at Wealthy Affiliate is better than any other out there. Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, and some experts have built thriving businesses around the practice.

To succeed, however, you need knowledge, winning strategies, methods, and tools. Wealthy Affiliate provides these ingredients in a user-friendly platform. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider Wealth Affiliate:


Wealthy Affiliate runs on a community-driven model of learning. The lessons in the program are substantially detailed and in step by step easy to follow format.

At the bottom of the lessons are questions by different members which are answered by more experienced members and sometimes even by the founders of the program.

These discussions often cover numerous hurdles that you will come across and they offer useful solutions for them.

The members’ area typically has numerous stories from people that can help your online marketing pursuits. You can learn from people who have created their websites or made their commissions.

The platform’s community involves over 800,000 coaches who are willing to share tactics and ideas to grow your business faster.

Instant Support

Learning how to be an affiliate marketer can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are a beginner. Wealthy Affiliate runs on an interactive communication system which lets you communicate with the other members simultaneously.

You can also communicate with the owners of the company as well as the support team meaning that you can concentrate on building your business knowing that support is always available whenever you need it 24/7.

Training Materials

The educational feature of the platform includes over 12 courses and 120 lessons. These lessons cover everything you need to build a profitable long term business. Areas covered include branding, creating websites, Marketing, use of socia media, proven strategies and tactics to use to accelerate the success of your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is regularly updating these courses to keep up with the dynamics of the internet marketing sector. These training tools emphasize on running content-based websites so that your affiliate marketing venture is sustainable and evergreen where you can earn forever even without advertising.

One of the platform’s course is the Affiliate Bootcamp. The first few lessons are free, and it will guide you through building a website and running an online business. Wealthy Affiliate will also assist you to choose a niche from more than a million niche ideas.

In addition to the course, the platform utilizes videos, live webinars, and real-time chats to offer more instruction.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Wealthy Affiliate provides several tools like keyword research tool, hosting, and link tracking.

The keyword research tool lets you assess the competitiveness of a keyword.

Another vital tool is the Site Rank tool which displays your site’s ranking across top search engines for particular keywords.

When you are starting out, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to launch two free websites including hosting and free domains.

This deal gets better as a premium member as you can host a maximum of 50 websites.

It will take minutes to set up your site on SiteRubix, and you do not need to be concerned with the technical aspect of running your website. Since Wealthy Affiliate is an authority website, your content will get ranked highly in search engines.

Additionally, you will earn when a visitor lands on Wealthy Affiliate through your content.

Earning Opportunities

You can earn revenue as you learn on Wealthy Affiliate. The platform has an affiliate program which is particularly attractive because they offer a recurring commission feature where you are compensated as long as your referral remains a member.

As an educational avenue, Wealthy Affiliates helps you build an online business around a profitable niche. You will learn strategies for attracting thousands of engaged visitors to your site and how to identify profitable affiliate products.

Wealthy Affiliate is a very inclusive company which makes you feel welcome and this makes the learning and running your business enjoyable. You can even create training on their website as long as you have been a premium member for three months and you will get paid by Wealthy Affiliate for creating the training.

Wealthy Affiliate offers relevant training for affiliate marketers and even more exciting is that this training is continuously tweaked to reflect the industry as it is.

Majority of profitable business are moving online and offering endless earning opportunities through Affiliate Marketing.

To become an Affiliate Marketer is the way forward in this fast – changing World where most people are busy. Having not to own a product, deal with deliveries or customer queries makes it to be the best business.

Without having product responsibilities, you will have more time to promote the products as a result of which you will earn more money

The only hurdle between you and the lucrative life of an internet marketer is the click of a button.

CLICK HERE: to get registered as a free Member. Free membership will allow you to find out whether Wealthy Affiliate is what you have been looking for. You can remain as a free member for as long as you want.

Learn the inside secrets of how to create multiple streams of income. The first few lessons will be a game changer for you.

With All the tools, step by step tutorial, webinars, written text, proven to work Strategies and 24 hours support we cannot let you down.

I will also give you my free 1 to 1 support.

If you decide to upgrade to premium membership, the cost is as follows:

$19 for the 1st month (if you upgrade within 7 days as a free member, after that it is either

$49 per month or $234 six monthly (Saving $60) or 359 yearly which is less than $1 per day (saving $229).

You cannot find anywhere else where you can get everything you need to build an online business with that amount.

CLICK HERE to get Registered as a FREE member. Take advantage of their free training and use of the resources by becoming a free member. There is nothing to lose. If you like it, you can upgrade to premium. You can also decide to remain as a free member. 


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