How to Start a Business If One is in Debt- Proven

Would you like to start a business but your poor credit history is preventing you from doing it? Now You Can Start without being asked anything about your financial situation

You will be surprised at the number of businesses you could start without capital. Here is How to Start a Business If One is in Debt- (Proven).

All you need is your passion or a hobby or any skill, determination to succeed, time and in some business very little money most likely about $1 per day

Most likely you have one of those qualities or any talent you can use in starting a business.

That is all what you need and you will be on your way to making some good money that will pay your debts and get your financial life blooming.

“The man who never has money enough to pay his debts has too much of something else” – James Lendall Basford

Businesses to start When You are in Debt- You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

1. Proofreading Services

Becoming a Proofreader is one of the easiest businesses to set up. If you love writing and are detail oriented, then this business will be perfect for you.

You don’t need any special skills apart from paying attention to detail, love for reading, and knowledge for structured content. As a proofreader, you work on already written content to detect and correct errors, including:

· Spelling errors

· Grammatical errors

· Typographical errors

· Capitalization and hyphenation

· Styling of structured content

In case you are wondering what structured content means, it is any written content that follows a particular style, for instance, journals, resumes, academic writing, and others.

If you have no idea, you don’t have to worry. You can always learn it within a short time online, and the rest will be learned as you work.

How to get Started

So how do you get started in the proofreading business? Of all the possible methods of starting this business, the proven path is as follows:

a) Sign up with an online proofreading company and start working on projects so that you not only learn on the job but also earn from day one

b) Contact your potential clients and pitch your skills

c) Start working on the projects you get


Here is what you can do to jump start your business:

· Research: read widely about the field you are venturing into; for instance, learning about referencing styles in academic writing

· Utilize automatic grammar checkers available online after manual proofreading to ensure the work you submit is of the highest quality

· Focus on doing your very best on every project to build a solid reputation and retain clients


· No capital is needed to start

· Work from anywhere

· Formal certification and experience are not required

· Lucrative as the services are on high demand currently


· Steep learning curve if you haven’t been doing professional writing before

· Takes time to build your client base

2. Virtual Assistant

Another excellent option is to start your business is offering virtual assistant services. This is a business which have been rapidly growing since its advent in the 1990s, and you too can share in it’s vast potential.

Imagine assisting someone in running a business but this time not in an office next to their office but anywhere in the world.

That’s what a virtual assistant does, working away from wherever they are on the tasks.

All you need is a computer and a reliable internet, and you will be ready to go. You will be utilizing your administrative support skills as a virtual assistant.

An excellent telephone service and video chatting skills may also come in handy depending you’re your client’s requirements, which varies from client to client.


a) Write down all the services you can offer, for instance, emailing, customer support, writing, bookkeeping, project management, website management, and others

b) Google search and list all the potential clients or the industries you can work in i.e., real estate

c) Contact clients and start working. When your client base grows above what you can manage, you might have to hire different skilled people to help you


It may be a bit challenging to set the business up to get to the point where you get a stable client base. You can do the following things to quicken your journey to success:

· Start working through freelancer companies that offer virtual assistant jobs so that you gain experience while earning straight away

· Always check on the time zone difference with your client so that you don’t end up struggling to keep up


· Easy to start as you only need your computer and stable internet

· No need for technical experience

· You can personalize your working schedules

· Choice of industry to work in

· As a virtual assistant you can operate from anywhere, even in your bedroom. You do not need to hire an office


· Competitive due to offshore clients offering lower rates

· A constant need to stay current in terms of technology and industry trends

3. Tutoring

Perhaps one of the most lucrative businesses you can start without spending a penny is online tutoring. You have the option of working part-time or full time.

The intellectual and monetary rewards from this business make it one of the most sought jobs. It has been rapidly growing due to technological advancements and widespread internet usage.

Your job will be to assist students in maximizing their potential. The personalized learning you offer can significantly improve the learner’s performance, and it is for this reason that both parents and students now fully trust it.

Some companies will need you to be qualified to offer these services. Professional qualification, for instance, a teaching certificate, bachelors degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D., will be handy in securing some tutoring opportunities.

That said, there are private individuals and companies who will just want you to have teaching experience.


a) Search for an online tutoring company and register as an online tutor with your credentials, bio, and proof of education

b) You can start tutoring after being oriented on how the platform works


· Update profile and include a video message if possible

· As you teach, ask your students to rate and review you as better ratings mean more students seeking your services

· Ensure you are available and respond to session requests soon


· Highly profitable

· Little to no startup cost

· High demand for the service

· As it is online, you can work from the comfort of your home


· Stiff competition

· Low seasons mean low income for you

4. Cleaning Services

A cleaning business is an inexpensive way to get started on your path to financial freedom if you use the right planning and strategy.

The services are on demand because homes always need cleaning, and most people don’t fancy cleaning or they are too busy; These people are more than willing to pay someone to do it for them.

You don’t need anything to start. You can utilize the cleaning materials provided by your client as you start.


· Get a simple uniform, preferably plain in color for consistency every time you visit a client

· Marketing- start with word of mouth marketing where you tell a friend to tell a friend, ask clients too to refer other people to you

· Tailor your services to your clients, addressing their needs individually to retain them

· Build your brand by working on things that make your cleaning services stand out

· Make sure you clean beyond your client’s expectation


· Almost no startup cost

· Minimal overhead expenses

· You are your own boss

· You need no experience to set it up


· It is tough as it is mainly physical

· Income is low as you start off

5. Beauty Services

Do you enjoy applying makeup on your face and have some knowledge about it? If your answer is yes, then becoming a makeup artist or hairdresser is the way to go.

This business is for those people who love beauty. Having some experience in the cosmetic industry or some skills in hairdressing or makeup is a big plus for you.

It is a highly rewarding business both in terms of money and the impact you have on people’s lives. By working on their image, you get to boost their confidence, pride, and spirit.

All you need to accomplish is bring the best out of their looks, and they will be feeling better and ready to face the world.


a) Come up with a business plan: services to offer and target clients

b) Market by word of mouth through your friends and start working on clients in your own home or in their homes if that is what they prefer

c) Once you start earning, reinvest in makeup kits and any other things your business might need

d) Ones your business is established, you might need a website for the business. Creating social media accounts to build a community where you share your work can be very rewarding


· Research extensively about the services you are going to offer

· Learn through video tutorials on YouTube

· A vigorous online presence can help you establish yourself as an authority in beauty


· Low startup cost

· It’s a fun business to run as you will be doing what you love

· It is highly lucrative

· Huge potential to grow as the beauty industry is booming

· Being your own boss is incredible


· It is a sensitive business as dealing with beauty has no room for mistakes

· Competitive

6. Become Affiliate Marketer

The ultimate way to start a business while in debt is to be an affiliate marketer. You will make money without ever having to deal with clients, struggle with legal paperwork, or leave your home.

All you need is your computer and the internet, and you are all set.

In affiliate marketing, you recommend products or services people are already looking for and get paid when they buy the products or services through your link.

For instance, let’s say you are an Affiliate Marketer of Amazon and a customer looking for a cooking pan arrives on your site where you have reviewed cooking pans.

If through your review, they like the pan and click on the link, the link will take them to Amazon.

After they buy the cooking pan, you get paid for your work. Since all this is happening online, you might end up selling a lot of products or services.

Amazon will even pay you if customers buys anything else unrelated to what you reviewed.

Your earnings are termed as a commission, and they are either a percentage of the purchase price or a flat fee. Some companies will pay you commissions as high as 75%.


a) Research on the company you would want to be affiliated with (ideally Being an affiliate marketer of a company which has products you are passionate about can help you in succeeding more quickly)

b) Enrol yourself as an Affiliate Marketer with your chosen Merchants

c) Create engaging content and link the products you mention to the merchant site


· Consistency even when things are not looking good will set you in the perfect position when traffic starts flowing to your site

· Marketing through social media, a YouTube channel and other avenues will get visitors to your site

· Extensive research to establish yourself as an authority figure in that field


· Zero-dollar budget

· Ability to create Passive income

· You do what you love as you would normally do but this time with impressive earnings.

· Ability to work from anywhere

· You can sign up with multiple affiliate programs

· There is a vast growth potential

· You get to cultivate a community online that will fuel your growth


· It takes effort, commitment, and resilience before it picks up and starts earning


Now you have the answer to how to start a business if one is in debt. There are countless opportunities out there, and the above six represents the best and proven ways of starting a successful business.

You don’t need money to get started; all you need is passion, time and in some cases, your skills.

Among the examples I have given above, the most outstanding is the Affiliate marketing business

For you to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, you need training.

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