How To Stop Being Poor

Do you want to stop being poor? Are you always broke and poor living paycheck to paycheck and wondering how ordinary people can get wealthy?

Gap between rich and the poor is increasing every day but why poor people stay poor is not because they never went to school or because they are not talented.

It is mainly because the school did not teach them how to be entrepreneurs in the REAL World. Most of the topics taught were in theory format and can never be practically acted upon.

Just pause for a moment and think about the subjects you learnt. How much are you using the knowledge you acquired from school?

The teachers who taught you at every level were just teachers who read the materials and then taught it back to you; syllabus or module per module.

They taught the same subjects again and again until they became good teachers.

Education is good but majority of the teachers are not entrepreneurs; they don’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur and if they do, most of the teaching will be theoretically taught; so, you end up finishing without knowing how to use your education to be an entrepreneur.

The main goal for education is to allow you to find a job. In most cases, the job you find job will most likely pay you money that will allow you to live from month to month without having any money to save.

That was me before I became an entrepreneur (while still in my employed job).

Supposing I tell you that I have a proven method that is being used by both the rich and the poor.

Many Rich people like Tony Robbins are using it and some of the rich were originally poor and the method helped them.

This article will teach you how to go from poor to rich:

✅ Without leaving your job. Ones you become rich, you can then decide whether to quit your job

✅Without any experience or any relevant skills

✅With very little investment

In short, you will learn:

** How to get rich with other people’s products or Services without spending money on them. How good is that?

This is using the Power of Affiliate Marketing that allows you to sell any product without buying them, shipping them or collecting the money from the buyers.

The owner of the products does all the time-consuming part of creating or sourcing for the product, collecting money from the customer and dealing with any customer complaints.

All what you do is to promote the products and when a customer buys, you earn a commission; that is you get paid for connecting the buyer to the product owner.

The more buyers you connect to the product owner, the more you get paid.

The owner of the products can be an individual or a company also called Merchant (For Example, Amazon, Ebay; there are thousands of Merchants and Millions of products you could promote).

Affiliate Marketing is the best way of doing business because:

✅You will always have a Business. The product not being yours means that you will never be liable if the product does not sell or if the economy goes down or if the product owner decides to close their business.

I am sure you have seen many businesses closing down. For you as an Affiliate Marketer, if the person who owned the product closes down, you just move on to the next person who has a similar product.

Furthermore, an Affiliate Marketer can market as many products as they wish and the products do not have to be from the same person/company.

Just know that everybody can do Affiliate Marketing if they put their mind in it.

Everybody has some uniqueness in themselves and there are millions of products which can make you money from the low cost items like tissues to expensive items like Machinery, flights etc; and because you are not shipping them, the choice will depend on you.

“I believe that every person has uniqueness—something that nobody else has.” —Michael Schenker

It is highly likely that you have some hidden talents that you are not using because of the situation you are in;

For example, being stuck in a job because you depend on it 100% or being on benefit because that is the only way you can live.

The bad thing is, if you do not find a way of improving your financial status, things are not going to change. Most likely your financial situation is going to deteriorate;

You are going to retire as a poor pensioner who might need other people to take care of you the way they want but not the way you deserve.

Other people will decide how you live forever the same way they decided when you had time to change your circumstances.

However difficult it is and whatever situation you are in, be yourself and think of the amount of money you would like to have and a solution will come your way.

That was me, stuck in a job that people thought was high paying because I had a nice title but hardly earning enough to feed my family. I had to look for a way.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I had said earlier on this article, Affiliate Marketing is not difficult and anybody can do it. All what you need is training and someone to help you look for companies that have the products of your choice.

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Building your own Online business is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. You are building your own ASSET that nobody can take away from you Unlike a job that can be taken away any time.

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