How To Work From Home And Make Money.

Looking for How To Work From Home And Make Money that is passive so that you don’t have to worry if you lost your job.

I am writing this article at a time when Coronavirus COVID-19 has been declared pandemic.

COVID-19 is new to almost all of us, so I think we are all walking into this with a different approach and it is impacting all of our lives in one way or another. Some countries are on Lock Down.

People are trying to navigate their “new” and isolated” world where social distancing has to be practiced to minimise the spread.

The World is economically unstable; Many Businesses have closed down, many people have lost their jobs and those who have been asked by their employers to work from home are also uncertain of their future.

It is a testing time for most people as it came unexpected. We don’t know how long it will last and we cannot predict whatever else is around the corner.

The only thing we can do is get prepared for anything else that might affect our future earning power.

This article will show you a proven way of how to generate passive income by using the power of the Internet and using ONLY your laptop or a smart phone (you can do it without leaving your house)

If you google, you will find that there are very few Businesses operating. Most of the Businesses that are operating are those that have Online Presence.

The business I am going to explain to you about is online home based business and it is a proven business Modal that will work any time and from anywhere as long as you can access the internet.

It is a business that caters for almost Any product you can think of and in Any field; For example:

1. Health products (health and fitness exercise equipments and accessories, supplements, beauty, antibacterial, etc)

2. Household Kitchen equipments and accessories

3. Garden equipments and accessories

4. Sports equipments and accessories

5. Entertainment equipments and accessories, eg mobile phones, Music instruments, Televisions, Pianos etc

** For this business, the only thing l would ask you to know is that:

  • You need persistence and perseverance. You have to give yourself enough time to see significant results.
  • The method in this article is not a get-rich-quick method. You need to give it at least 3 months before you can decide whether it’s right for you.

During the 3 months period, make sure you ask as many questions as possible.

When l started on this method, l was not sure it would work but with time it did.

The money starts coming in small amounts (snowball effect) and as you gain more experience, it starts becoming more and more.

So, what’s the method?

It’s Affiliate Marketing where you don’t have to buy or own a product; nor do you have to deal with deliveries or meet up with the customer. This means you can be indoors and still make money.

This is a performance-based business opportunity where other companies give you a link that you use to promote their products.

The link is unique to you and it’s in such a way that if someone clicks on it, they will be directed without their knowledge to the owner’s website.

The best thing is that the buyer will not even know that you are not an employee of the owner of the products you are promoting.

It’s a business that is unlikely to go wrong as most of the product information you are using to promote are on the product owner’s website.

There are thousands if not millions of companies who sell their products through Affiliate Marketers.

Example of companies that have such an arrangement are:

1. Amazon. Amazon have a lot of products and you could literally promote any product on their website

2. eBay

3. GoDaddy.

4. Vetshop that deals with animal supplements

5. Corner Stork Baby Gifts Affiliate Program. Deals with baby gifts.

6. Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online.

7. Affiliate Programs for Music. If you are Passionate about Music, you will find a wide variety of Affiliate Programs; eg

  • Guitar Center affiliate program. Deals with guitars plus other music related accessories like DJ gears
  • Rocket Piano Teaches on how to play Piano
  • Singorama. Program that help people who wants to be better singers
  • American Musical Supply. They have a wide selection of musical instruments you could promote eg recording equipments, DJ gear
  • JamPlay. Gives online guitar and Bass lessons
  • Virtual Sheet Music. This is a music download site

8. Travel Affiliate Programs. The travel Industry is very wide and has a lot of Affiliate Programs like flights, accommodation, Insurance, currency eg TripAdvisor Affiliate Program, Skyscanner Affiliate Program, Kayak, Agoda Affiliate Program, Hilton Affiliate Program.

As you can see, there are many products to promote as an Affiliate Marketer, the next question you might be asking yourself is how to start affiliate marketing business.

All what you need is to look for an affiliate marketing training course that will arm you with the knowledge on how to promote the products as well as showing you how and where to find Affiliate Programs of any Product of any Niche.

I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate (www.wealthy; a company where they teach you in such a Unique way that you can Earn as you Learn, a company that I am familiar with, and a company that will teach you Actionable Steps; for example:

1. How to find legitimate Affiliate Marketing companies with products of your choice

2. How to promote Affiliate Products (step by step on how to do it)

3. Where to find free products to promote

4. How to find out the commission pay out.

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Learn A to Z of Affiliate marketing: all

  • The how’s; (eg how do I insert product links onto my website,),
  • the where (eg where do I get affiliate products for my Niche, where do l get free images for my website),
  • the what, (eg what is the best way to resize images),
  • the which; etc

In Addition to learning everything you need for any Online Business of any Niche

  • you will be building a real Business as you Learn and you are highly likely to make Money as you Learn.

You will also

  • get 24-hour support
  • Access to 8000+ internet coaches to help you.
  • Become a Valued Wealthy Affiliate Global Member. Wealthy Affiliate is Global currently with over 1.4 million members distributed in 194 countries and as a member, you can interact and share tips and business ideas with any of these members.

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What are you waiting for?

Start any Online Business and Leverage the power of the Internet. No Experience needed.

This is an Opportunity that can Change Your Life.

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