Is Arbonne Pyramid Scheme?

Are you thinking of being an Arbonne Independent Consultant and want to know whether Arbonne is a pyramid scheme? Keep reading to learn more about the company.

What Is Arbonne About?

Arbonne international is an MLM company that was Founded in 1980 in California USA. Arbonne products include vegan skincare, nutrition supplements and cosmetics (Eg they have moisturizers, sunscreens, cleansers, exfoliate, haircare products and many more products).

The company serves:

1. USA with Headquarters in Irvine, California

2. Australia (Arbonne Australia)

3. Canada (Arbonne Canada)

4. New Zealand

5. Poland

6. UK (Arbonne UK)

  • They have strict rules for shipping their products; for example, in Europe, currently, they can only ship to UK and Poland.

Please note that the number of countries it serves can change from time to time.

  • Distributors make money by selling the products to retail customers as well as from their downlines.
  • The company describes its products as safe, pure and beneficial with some products certified as vegan, gluten free, cruelty-free and kosher.
  • The company has a weight loss program they call “Arbonne 30 days to healthy living”. This is a good income generating program to the Arbonne distributors.

The Arbonne 30 days healthy living teaches you how to live a healthy life with a hope that you will be able to maintain the healthy living even after the 30 days.

The retail price is currently $444 but if you become a preferred customer by paying a onetime fee, you can buy it at $266.40.

The price can go even down if you become an independent consultant where you buy the program at 222 after paying a fee of $49.

Is Arbonne Pyramid Scheme?

  • The way some MLM companies operate have made many people to think that MLM companies are either a pyramid scheme or a scam.
  • This bad reputation can harm even the legitimate multi level marketing companies.
  • To make money from MLM, you need to recruit and recommend the products. If the company you are associated with has a bad reputation, it will be very difficult to sell or recruit for the company.
  • You therefore have to be careful when it comes to joining Multi Level Marketing Companies.

After a long Research on what Arbonne is about and how their products are distributed and used, I can say that the company does not fall into the pyramid scheme category, neither is Arbonne a scam.

Arbonne is a Legitimate company: The drawback of Arbonne, just like many other MLM companies is that it is very difficult to make enough money to replace a full-time income.

You need to sell a lot of products as well as recruit a lot of people. This can take a lot of your time and money particularly if you are already in a full-time employment, not forgetting that as you recruit, others will be quitting.

Some people get into MLM thinking that they will have financial freedom within months and after finding out how much time it takes, they give up.

We all have 24 hours in a day. I am not discouraging you from joining but it’s good to know that the legitimate businesses including MLMs are not get quick companies.

Arbonne,just like many other MLM companies have had some issues:

Arbonne Lawsuits

November 2009: The company was sued for not employing a disabled person. They paid the settlement.

In 2017, some people raised a lawsuit saying that the company was illegal pyramid scheme. The good thing is that the lawsuit was dismissed.

My Conclusion About Arbonne

Personally, I would not join Arbonne or any other MLM.

I used to be an MLM distributor but after several years of learning and trying it, I realised that l could never replace my full-time income;

a) A lot of my time was needed

b) There was a lot of expenses involved. You buy the products at wholesale price but the profit gets reduced such that by the time the product reaches the customer, you hardly have any profit.

This is how the profit goes down:

  • The company charges you for delivering the products to you
  • You spend on the packaging materials for the customer’s products
  • You spend time and money while delivering to the customer unless the customer is a walking distance from you.
  • Before you acquire any customer or prospect, you need to meet up so that you can demonstrate how the products work. While this can also work Online, it is more effective when it is face to face.

It might work for you but for me, I had to look for a different way of Earning Money.

I came across affiliate marketing and l have never looked back.

1. You spend less money and time to make a full-time income

2. Anybody can do it even if you have a busy life as everything is done Online

3. No face to face contact

4. No phone calls to make

5. No buying of any Product

6. No delivery.

7. No dealing with customer complaints

All what you need is a good training and access to internet.

I would recommend a training offered by Wealthy Affiliate

This is the company that has transformed me to the person I am now and I can clearly see a bright future.

  • The training is Free to Get started. This allows you to find out for yourself whether the training is of value to you. Its Unlike other free trainings because you actually get valuable training where you can see the results.
  • The company is very transparent and can even build one free website and be able to see it on Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

They have very powerful website building platform, website hosting platform and the best affiliate training platform.

This means that you do everything within the same company: Build, Learn and Make Money as you learn

As a Free Starter member, you have Access to 10 absolutely free lessons. The lessons are step by step.

You will not be asked for any payment.

However, you will be asked for your email details so that the training can be sent to you. The training is 100% Online through video tutorials with step by step demonstrations accompanied by written text.

If you find the free training valuable, you can upgrade to premium where you pay only $19 for the first month.

Trust me, you are going to like the training.

Before I joined, I didn’t think such valuable trainings existed where:

  • You get support 24/7 regardless of the time.
  • The trainings are step by step and you can ask questions and get almost immediate answers.
  • You have the ability to interact with over 1800 coaches who are there 24/7 (the coaches are there to make sure that you do not get stuck at anything).

I can say all the good things but unless you try, you cannot know.

CLICK HERE to try the training.

It’s Free to try and there is nothing to lose.

See you inside the training platform.

What to expect immediately you sign up

You will be asked to complete your profile that includes:

A) An image of yourself or any other image. If you do not want to use your personal image, you can select one of the images provided.

B) A few words to describe yourself or what you would like to achieve with this valuable Training. I want to inform you that the training covers almost all the niches you can think of.

C) Your goals and the amount of time available for both learning and doing your online business (Remember you are learning and getting help in starting and running an online business of any Niche).

On top of the above, you will recieve welcome email from one of the co – founders of the training platfom.

Please interact with other members as doing that creates a good learning environment.

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