Is doTERRA Essential Oils A Scam?

doTERRA essential oils is among the top essential oil brands in the world but before you join as a distributor, here are questions and answers that might help.

What Is doTERRA Essential Oils About?

DoTERRA is an MLM company based in Utah USA. It was founded in 2008. One of the founders was a former executive of Young Living company (which is among the top essential oil companies).

doTERRA has gone from people not knowing about it to being a very famous essential oil company. By 2017, it had spread to 100 countries; for example doTERRA USA, doTERRA UK, doTERRA Europe just to name a few.

Essential Oils are the main products that gives them revenue.

Other products include personal care products, diffusers, supplements and accessories.

What Is doTERRA Essential Oils For?

Essential oils have been used for many years for aromatherapy purposes where it is thought that the healing effect is due to the aromatic compounds that are in the oils.

However, if the oils are not properly used, they can cause allergic reactions.

The name of the oil depends on the plant it originated from. The oils can be used either as pure or as a combination of different fragrances.

The price also varies depending on the type of oil as well as the combination of the different oils.

The essential oils can also be used when combined with other components in production of soaps, perfumes, cosmetics as well as in household cleaning products.

The doTERRA oils includes: Lavender, Peppermint, lemon, tea tree

A doTERRA distributor is referred to as doTERRA Wellness Advocate. They make money by:

1) Selling the products at retail price

2) Recruiting

3) Through their downlines

The best thing with doTERRA products is that unlike most other MLM products, they are easier to understand BUT can you make money with doTERRA?

Unless you want to make a small amount of money, you might find that it’s difficult for you to make enough money to allow you quit your full-time job.

Yes; I agree their products smell good and the smell can make you feel good; I have also bought some of their products in the past.

  • To make money, you have to be good at promoting and recruiting.
  • Most of the selling and recruiting happens offline meaning that you personally need to meet up with your prospects to show them the samples as well as to explain how the products work.
  • Unless your customers are buying online, you will have to buy the products and then deliver to them.

This reduces your profit when you put into account that you have to pay for them to be delivered to you. You then have to spend time and most probably money when delivering to your customers.

Is doTERRA A Scam

Many Multi-level Marketing companies have had some issues and doTERRA is not an exception.

  • In 2020, they were warned by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after distributors were reported as saying that some of the doTERRA products have the ability to boost immunity against coronavirus.
  • In 2014, they were issued a warning by The Food and Drug Administration after their distributors were reported as marketing the products as possible cure for cancer, autism, Ebola and other conditions.

Although I can say that doTERRA is not a scam, there are other ways of making money where you can promote a wide range of products and sometimes without spending on the products.

I being an EX MLM distributor understands that it is difficult to make money using MLM model and according to statistics, about 99% of MLM distributors lose money.

If you are good at MLM, I would suggest you continue but if you are like me who knows that I can never be among the top 1% who make money with MLM, then I would suggest you look for something else.

You might be in an MLM company where you really like their products like l did, but what’s the point of sticking to it if you are not fulfilling your money goals?

For me, I found another business where l could promote as many products as l wish and from as many companies as l can manage.

The business is in Affiliate Marketing. The best thing with this method is that:

a) you do not buy any products, recruit or meet anybody face to face.

b) You have access to thousands of products you could promote and get paid for every sale.

We are living in a busy World and most of the money is being made Online.

The only thing that will prevent you from making Unlimited amount of money online is the fact that you might not know how to do Affiliate Marketing.

If you would like to learn Affiliate Marketing and Market any products you like and from as many companies as you wish, then I have a training for you.

This is the same training that helped me and it’s still continuing to help me.

You will not only learn how to do it successfully but you will also get help in building your own Online business of any niche as well as how to find free products.

The best thing is that you can Start Learning even now completely Free.

As a free member, you will have access of 10 lessons and the ability to build a free website with a step by step video tutorial.

The company has made it easy for anyone to build a website without hiring anyone to do it for them.

To attend the training which is 100% Online through videos, webinars and written text, all what you need is a smart phone or a laptop and of course internet connection.

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If you like the training, you will be asked for a small affordable fee of $19 for the first month thus becoming a premium member.

There is no pressure to upgrade. You can remain as a free member for as long as you want but if you decide to be a premium member, your benefits have no limit.

The benefits I like more are:

✅ Ability to build 10 websites and host them within their hosting platform

Hours and Hours of Training Courses that covers everything step by step.

✅ All the tools and Resources are provided.

24/7 Unlimited support. This is very important as it makes sure that if you are stuck at anything whether it relates to the lessons or your business, support will be readily available.

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This might be what will pave a better future for you; it’s worth trying it out.

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