Is Isagenix A Scam Or – Pyramid Scheme

There seem to be too many Multi-level marketing companies dealing with almost similar products but how do you know which one is legitimate?

You can only know by digging into their history and finding out how they progressed to where they are.

So, let’s find out What Isagenix is about and whether it is a scam, a pyramid Scheme or legitimate company.

What Is Isagenix About

Isagenix is a multi – Level Marketing company founded in 2002 and it is based in Arizona, USA.

It grew very fast and by 2013, it had 200,000 active distributors. In 2017, the company reported a revenue of $958 million generating $1.6 Billion GDP impact on USA economy.

The company is distributed internationally, for example: there is Isagenix Australia, Isagenix Canada, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand, Netherlands etc no wonder it is also called Isagenix International.

It is likely to expand even more as a result of acquiring Zija International, an MLM company that sells almost similar products to Isagenix.

The Isagenix Products are mainly dietary supplements; examples are weight loss supplements, diet snacks and protein shakes. It also sells personal care products like moisturizers, hand and body creams, eye creams and many more.

Distributors earn by actively recruiting and selling products.

Is Isagenix a Scam or A Pyramid Scheme

Isagenix Products are available and people who like them can buy them from the distributors either face to face or through the company’s website.

l can happily say that according to me, the company is not a scam, neither is Isagenix a pyramid scheme. It is legitimate MLM company.

The problem with MLM is the Uncertainty and that is the same with Isagenix MLM.

Multi level Marketing businesses are always under scrutiny by people who still have the mentality that MLMs are a pyramid scheme as well as by Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the body protecting consumers.

For example, in 2020, there was a lawsuit where Isagenix was sued for selling products on Amazon.

I do not know much about this case but what I can say is that although the company owners do not sell on amazon, some Isagenix distributors might be tempted to do so, as to make money quicker.

It is very difficult for MLM distributors to make money; Finding people to continuously sell to is not easy and recruiting is even more difficult.

This can lead to some distributors trying everything they can to make money.

As an EX MLM distributor, I can understand the struggles, I tried but the business was not for me.

The products were good for me to use but what’s the point of doing it as a business if it’s just making me busy without giving me income that I was looking for when I joined?

Having done MLM, I would not recommend you to do it as a business unless you are happy to continuously be selling and recruiting putting in mind that the rate at which distributors leave is very high.

Being disappointed by MLM did not stop me from looking for other ways of making legitimate money. I continued looking for a business that is not related to MLM.

Eventually, I found a business that I can do from anywhere without recruiting or any face to face contact.

I was skeptical at the beginning but when l was told that I could start for free so that l can discover for myself whether it’s a real business, I gave it a try and I have never looked back.

The business is in Affiliate Marketing and the Training, help in business setting and all the resources are offered by Wealthy Affiliate

The company will teach you everything you need to know from where to find free products to how to market them without advertising. You don’t even need any Experience or any particular skills.

When I joined, I had no clue on how to do it but within a week, I could see the progress I was making and within a few months, I was positive that I was heading towards the right direction with no turning back.

The best thing with Affiliate Marketing is that the business you create is 100% yours; your asset that nobody can ever take away from you unlike MLM where if the company closes, you lose it all; you lose your customers and all your downlines.

The other good thing is that there is an abundance of products you could promote without spending money on them; you don’t even have to deliver the products; how good is that?

You have access to any product you want, promote as many products as you want and get paid for every sale.

To make it even better, as a free starter member, you can build one free website with step by step tutorial on how to do it.

You even get 10 free lessons all geared towards you making money online.

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I believe you are going to like it. Of course, everything good requires work and effort, but when you have over 1800 coaches to help you succeed, anything is possible.

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I can’t predict the future but by seeing how fast the World is changing, we are all forced to think on how we can create a better future for ourselves.

The Job market is shrinking every day and if you have a job, you do not know how long it will last.

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