Is Mary Kay A Scam

Learn What Mary Kay Is About and whether Mary Kay Is A Scam as well as whether it is worth joining. The company is global and one of the oldest MLM companies.

What is Mary Kay About?

it is a privately owned multi level marketing company with headquarters based in Texas, USA. It’s products are divided into two categories

a) Mary Kay Skin Care and

b) Mary Kay Cosmetics

Both Products are distributed exclusively by Mary Kay distributors who are called beauty consultants.

How To Make Money With Mary Kay?

Distributors earn money:

  • by selling the products directly to people in their community
  • Through commission that they earn through the wholesale purchases by people they recruit.

Selling Mary Kay Products can be fun to those people who are passionate about beauty but the problem is:

1. Just like most MLM companies, it is very difficult to make much money.

2. It involves face to face contact; just think about it, how many people can you see in a day and how many of those customers will continue buying from you.

You might have customers who might accept to buy from your website but eventually, they are put off by the fact that they have to pay a delivery charge that makes the products even more expensive.

The other downsides are:

  • To qualify as a beauty consultant, you have to buy a starter kit which is about $100.
  • To maintain an active status, a Mary Kay Consultant has to place an order of a predetermined amount every 3 months so as to maintain the privilege of 50% discount.

In 2017, the minimum amount every 3 months was about $225 (the amount might be different depending on the year you join).

This can make some distributors buy products that they might not sell and this might be one of the contributing factors to the high rate of distributor dropout.

According to information provided to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Mary Kay independent beauty consultant dropout rate is about 68.6%.

This means that if you want to continue earning, you not only have to continue spending the predetermined amount, you also should be recruiting all the time to cover the ones who drop out.

Is Mary Kay A Scam

On the positive side, Mary Kay is not a scam; neither is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme as it has both the products and the customers. The only thing is that the products are very expensive and not many people can afford them.

Is Mary Kay For You.

It is for you if you are good at recruiting and have enough time and patience to follow up with both your customers and your prospects

Can l personally be a Mary Kay Consultant

The answer is no; I used to be an MLM distributor and there is no much difference between one MLM company and the other. The strategies are very similar.

I was not able to continue doing MLM because:

a) The business could not fit into my other commitments. You are told that it’s a home Business but more than 50% of the MLM business happens out of your home.

  • You have to go and meet up with prospects, deliver the products, do marketing as well as attend training events; weekends the same. You end up being hardly at home.
  • Most people doing MLM do it on a part-time bases. If you have another job, all what you want to do after work is to go home; not to go delivering or meeting up with prospects.

b) Also having the condition of a minimum spend for a predetermined period is something l tried but l realised that it was stressing me out.

**It might be different for you, so you might want to try it out.

For me, l truly wanted a 2nd income that was more promising. I knew that my job was not taking me anywhere so l continued looking for a better business where l could do almost all of it from home.

To my success, l found Affiliate Marketing and l was blown away; Affiliate Marketing is Awesome.

  • No home meetings or any face to face contact
  • No dealing directly with customers as everything is done Online
  • You don’t even need to buy any product or deliver them

I could not believe it and l wished l had found it earlier.

It is very Unfortunate that there are so many distributors in MLM who are not making money but they don’t know that they could do Affiliate Marketing.

I want to ask you a few questions:

1. Have you ever bought a Flight ticket Online?

2. Have you ever booked an Accommodation Online?

3. Have you ever booked a holiday package online?

4. Have you ever bought products from Amazon (you can find almost any product in Amazon)?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, most likely you bought through an affiliate marketer but you didn’t know.

You can sell literally any product as an Affiliate Marketer without spending any penny on the products. Look around in your house. All those things you can see might have affiliate programs associated to them.

All what you need to do so as to earn from the products is to learn how to do it. The best thing with Affiliate Marketing is that ones you know how to promote a certain niche, you could promote any other niche (as the principle is the same).

✅ You are not even limited to the number of companies you are affiliated with.

If you want to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing, I have a step by step training for you.

You will learn not only how to do it but you will also:

  • Get help on every step in finding the free products, promoting them with more emphasis on the use of free marketing.
  • Getting Started is free. As a free starter member, you will be able to build one free website and get free hosting.

If after a few days, you find that you are being led towards the right direction where you can make unlimited amount of money, then you will be asked for a small fee of $19 for the 1st month thus becoming a premium member.

Premium Membership will open doors to Unlimited Learning and Unlimited Support that can give you the ability to earn real Passive Income.

Premium membership also comes to you being able to build 10 websites and host them within their platform. Imagine what you can do with 10 websites.

The best thing with Affiliate Marketing is that the Business is 100% yours, your own Asset that no one can take away from you unlike MLM where if the MLM shuts down, you lose everything including your customers.

Although, Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the support you need, you are the one in Control. You can promote any product you like and from as many companies as you wish.

The company I am associated with is called Wealthy Affiliate

It is a Global company helping people globally to start and run their affiliate marketing businesses.

CLICK HERE to start learning and getting help in starting your own business. We will even be guided on how to choose a niche.

It’s Totally Worth Trying it. If I never tried, I could never have known that there was a better way of making money.

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Once inside, you will be welcomed by the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate who will walk you through the platform.

Everything is step by step so there should be nothing to worry about.

Looking forward to seeing you inside of wealthy Affiliate.

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