Is Multi Level Marketing A Scam

Mistake people make when they join Multi Level Marketing Companies is they join without knowing whether the MLM is a scam. They’re sold into believing that it is easy to make money.

They also join without knowing exactly how they are going to make money.

Although there are some that can be classified as being an MLM scam, most of them are not. That said, even when they are legitimate, you should make sure you know exactly what is involved.

In most MLM Companies, this is what is involved so as to make money:

  • Somebody recruits you into an MLM company
  • You sign to become a distributor or consultant. Different companies might have different titles
  • You buy a starter kit.
  • launch the MLM business by inviting your friends and family to try the products out. Your Upline; that is the person who recruited you would also be present so that he or she can help you in explaining about the products.
  • After your friends and family have tried the products, you would then tell them how good the MLM opportunity is.

You would then give them questionnaires with questions in regard to the products and the MLM business opportunity with a hope that they would:

1) either buy some products from you

2) Become MLM consultants or distributors depending on the title the company uses.

3) Buy the products from you and become a distributor/consultant.

After the launch, you would then follow up on everyone who attended your launch

Other activities involved are:

A) Trying to talk to as many people as you can including your friends’ friends and their families.

B) Going to places where you can promote your products with a hope that people would be interested in them. The places included shopping Malls.

C) Attending training events over the evenings and some weekends

The Cost

In Most MLM companies, you have to

1. Buy the starter kit plus any product a customer need.

2. Buy the packaging materials to use when packing each customer’s products.

3. Pay to attend some of the company’s training event.

4. Pay to travel to any event.

5. Pay when traveling to meet a prospect either at their house (if they can’t come to you). Some times you would meet in a coffee place where you would also spend on the drinks.

The above can add up to a lot over a time not forgetting the time spent on all those activities

The MLM Scams And How You Can Avoid Them

  • In Legitimate Multi Level Marketing companies, the number of customers should be more than the MLM members. There are so many MLM companies where there is more emphasis to recruitment more than selling the products.

In such a case, the products are mainly used by the MLM members. Such companies can easily be shut down by FTC

  • Other companies operate like a Pyramid Scheme where the product does not exist. You should not be involved in MLM operating as pyramid schemes because they are illegal.

Can You Make Money From MLM

It’s very difficult to make a significant amount of money with MLM and the drop-out rate of the people you recruit is also very high.

To make money, you need to recruit a lot of people who should also be always recruiting. This means your earnings are dependent on the activities of people you recruit.

I later realised that MLM was never going to give me the financial freedom I was looking for, freedom for me to quit my full time job.

I do not know about you but I would say that this is not a good way of securing yourself a good future;

if the people you have recruited decides that they are no longer interested, it means your earning will go down not forgetting than if the MLM company happens to stop trading, then you would lose everything, your down lines and your customers.

If you think you will make money in MLM, please do not listen to me.

I was an MLM distributor and l had to look for a better way of making money without relying on anybody else except myself.

I came across Affiliate Marketing and I was blown away; everything is done online, no home meetings, no buying products. You actually do not need to talk to anyone.

How It Works

A) You become an Affiliate Marketer

B) Look for companies with Affiliate Products (almost every product you can think of has affiliate program attached to it)

C) Promote the product(s) using a unique link from the owner of the products

D) When the customer buys, the owner of the product will automatically know that the customer has bought through your efforts and will pay you a commission.

*** Some companies will also pay you if the customer buys any other product.

This all happens Online meaning that you do not need to leave your house to make money.

This is a business that can fit around any other commitments as you could do it from anywhere. All what you need is access to the internet.

I have a training for you that you can start for free (Completely Free to get Started).

The training is offered by a company called wealthy Affiliate

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  • Ability to earn Passive Income

By the end of the 1st month, you will know whether Affiliate Marketing is the right business for you.

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You just have to try it out so that you can find out for yourself.

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