Is Multi Level Marketing – Bad OR Good

To know whether MLM is bad for you or whether it’s good, this article explains how to earn money from MLM as well as how MLM is done.

In Multi level Marketing, the earnings are as follows:

  • From the sales you personally generate
  • For every person you recruit, you earn a certain amount and you also earn from anybody they recruit thus creating a downline of distributors at different levels.

Level one is the people you recruit

Level 2 is the people they recruit and the levels goes on and on.

It might look like an easy business where you recruit and they recruit but from my experience from running an MLM business for several years, it’s easily said than done.

For you to succeed in MLM:

  • You have to put in a lot of time, money and mental strength
  • You have to become like a professional recruiter; the more you recruit the more you earn.
  • You have to become like a professional motivator. If you are not good at motivating your downline, many of them will drop out.

You are told that if you can recruit one person, you can recruit 5 and if the 5 recruit 5 each and so on, you end up earning a lot but in real life, this does not work.

Statistics show that the turnover is very high; about 50% of distributors drop out in the first year; so, don’t think that if you recruit 5 they will all stay forever.

  • You have to become sort of a professional trainer. It is your duty to train the ones you have recruited.

The company offers training but to attend the trainings, you need to travel using your time and money and this puts off many distributors as they cannot afford the payment.

MLM products are more expensive and although specific brands can exclusively be found in certain MLM brands, similar products can be found in other retail outlets.

For example, you can find skin care, health supplements, essential oils etc in other non MLM outlets where they will be far cheaper and most probably even better.

Think about all the products in Amazon. You can buy all those products there and you even have a chance to read the products’ reviews (unbiased reviews) from people who have previously purchased.

Is Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Scheme?

Although there are some Multi Level Marketing companies that operate like a pyramid scheme, there are many more that are genuine and legal.

If you are looking to join MLM opportunity, just take care as it can be confusing whether it is legitimate or a pyramid scheme.

The problem with many Multi Level Companies and why there are so many lawsuits is because:

  • Some of them emphasise more on the recruitment of others over sales of products
  • Encouraging the participants to use the company’s products. While there is nothing wrong with this, the products are very expensive particularly when you have not even made any profit.

You are buying the products, paying the subscription and you are still charged extra for attending conventions/training events as well as for marketing materials including the materials for packaging the products.

All these expenses makes it very difficult to make any profit.

I was there and l persisted for several years but l realised that it was not for me.

Is Multi Level Marketing For You?

If after reading the above, you still want be an MLM distributor, feel free to go ahead and look for an MLM company to be part of.

The only thing I would advise you is to book mark this article or copy the link above and keep it safely incase you want to revisit.

Alternative To Multi Level Marketing

When l realised that MLM was not taking me anywhere, l started researching more whether it was my fault or whether it is the company I was part of.

Then l came across the statistics from Federal Trading Commission that said that about 99% of all people that join MLM lose money.

I was determined to continue my search for a suitable and legitimate home business.

I came across Affiliate Marketing where you do not need to spend anything on the products or do any customer fulfillment including delivery or packaging and I was blown away.

✅No more face to face with prospects, no home meetings or spending on company events and yet, in Affiliate Marketing, you can sell any product you want without spending any of your money.

All what is required of you is to promote other companies’ products (without buying them or storing them) like from Amazon, Walmart, travel companies etc and when people buy, you earn a commission; and that’s it.

The merchant organizes all the rest; the delivery and anything associated with the customers.

In MLM, you are told that the MLM business opportunity can fit around other commitments including a full time job but l found it very difficult.

A customer would order for a product anytime even in the middle of the day and I had to order for the product and organise a delivery.

A customer could buy directly from the company with my identification, but the problem is that they would have to pay a delivery charge on top of the already expensive products.

I started Affiliate Marketing while in Full time Employment and to my experience, I can confirm that it can fit around any other commitments.

Because everything is done Online, you can literally do Affiliate Marketing from anywhere as far as you have access to the Internet.

The only thing you should do to succeed in Affiliate Marketing is to learn how to do it. Ones you know how to do it, you can promote any product you like and from as many companies as you like as far as they have Affiliate Programs.

Where Do You Learn How To Do Affiliate Marketing

I am Affiliated to an Affiliate Marketing Company called Wealthy Affiliate ( where:

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  • You will also get all the help in finding free products for you to promote
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How Much Does It Cost?

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I am confident that you will succeed as far as you put in effort.

The best thing with Affiliate Marketing is that you will have your OWN Website that is COMPLETELY Yours unlike the MLM one where even though you are told that it’s yours, in reality it’s not yours.

In MLM, if the company closes down, you lose everything, your website and your downline.

If Affiliate Marketing is for you

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Trust me, Affiliate Marketing is a Real Business.

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