Is Nature’s Sunshine A Scam

Looking to starting a Multi-level Marketing Business? This article will Reveal what Nature’s Sunshine is about and whether you can make legit income from it.

What Is Nature’s Sunshine?

It is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company based in Lehi, Utah, USA and was founded in 1972 by Gene and Kristine Hughes.

It’s also one of the oldest Health and Wellness MLM companies in the World. In 2015, it had a net income of about $13.87 million and total assets of $200.52.

In April 2017, the company had grown from a small company into an international company (in 40 countries).

It is unbelievable how such a company that started around the founders’ kitchen table had grown to that magnitude. Here are a few of the countries:

The Nature’s Sunshine Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China

The Products.

The products are in two major categories:

  • Nature’s Sunshine Health products and
  • Personal Care Products

1. The health products includes: dietary supplements (herbs, vitamins, minerals) and they cater for a wide range health and wellness. Below are a few examples:

  • Weight Management (Fat grabbers, Nature’s harvest, Garcinia combination, Carbo Grabbers W/chromium etc
  • Children’s Health (whole food papaya zyme also called Sunshine Heroes, Probiotic Power also called Sunshine Heroes,
  • Women’s Health (Nature’s Prenatal, Flash ease time release, Cranberry & Buchu concentrate, Wild Yam and Chaste tree etc
  • Men’s health (Equolibrium, saw palmetto, men’s DHEA-M, men’s formula W/Lycopene etc)
  • Heart health (Turmeric, Chromium GTF, Super Emaga-3 EPA, L-Lysine, Psyllium Hulls combination)

2. Personal care products includes Jojoba oil, peppermint oil, silver shield gel, sunshine concentrate cleaner and many more.

Legal Issues

With all the good products, you would think that the company has no issues.

In 2009, the company was fined for bribing Brazilian officials so that they could import unregistered products.

Is Nature’s Sunshine a Scam

As you can see from the above, the company has a lot of products you could sell as well as recruit other people to do the same.

Based on the availability of the products and customers, I can say that the company is not a Scam, neither is it a pyramid Scheme.

It’s relieving to know that the company is doing business in a legitimate way But we have not finished on the Research, so the next question is:

Can You Really Make Money with nature’s sunshine?

To make money, you need to sell the products as well as recruiting other people to do the same.

It’s not as easy as it sounds; For you to succeed in any MLM, you need to dedicate a lot of your time and money to make enough money that can replace your job.

The Nature’s Sunshine Products are worth buying but before you commit yourself to do it as a business, I would suggest that you give yourself enough time to think whether it is the right business for you.

If you think it’s for you, l would say go ahead and register.

If you would want to try something else that is different from MLM, I would recommend you do Affiliate Marketing.

I used to be an MLM distributor but I hardly made money; the products were good for me to use but the business was not right.

It needed a lot of my time and with a job and a family to look after, I realised that I was wasting my precious time and money.

The success rate in MLM is very low and the distributor dropout rate is also very high.

The best thing with Affiliate Marketing is that success is dependent on you 100%. No recruiting is involved therefore no downlines, no Experience or any particular skill needed.

You don’t even buy or ship the products. All what you do is promote other companies’ products without buying them and when a customer buys, you get paid.

To do it, all what you need is access to the internet and a training on how to do it.

I would recommend you take the training I took from Wealthy Affiliate and their website link is

They allow anybody who is interested to try it out Free and only pay if they like it and even when it comes to paying, the amount will still be discounted where you only pay $19 for the first month.

You cannot get a valuable training program like this one where you can EARN as you LEARN and also allowing you to start training for free. As a free member, you will also be able to build one website with step by step video tutorial.

On top of the free website, you are also going to have access to 10 free lessons.

How good is that?

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I used to wonder how people made money online until I came across Affiliate Marketing.

Most people do not know about it because those who are doing it rarely talk about it and yet there are thousands and thousands of products you could promote; both physical products and digital products.

Both the rich and the poor are doing it and some of the wealthy people got their wealth from affiliate products.

Anyway why not try it out if you are not going to spend money on the products, neither are you going to commute as everything is done Online.

Building a business online used to be a complex thing but not anymore.

Advantages of taking this training

✅It is Step by Step

✅Includes all the resources you need to build any online business of any niche

✅Hours and hours of training and help in building your own business that can result in you earning as you learn.

It is not like other trainings where you finish learning before you implement where you might later realise that what you learnt is not applicable in the real World.

I did that in real life, went to school and all the way to higher education just to realise that most of what I learnt was not applicable and on top of that, the salary I got was not that much in comparison to the number of years l was in education.

I was always broke and in search of better income. I changed jobs but I was still broke, just having enough to pay my bills.

Things started changing when I found this training where you can earn as you learn and still be able to continue with your employment until you start making more than in your job.

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