Is Nu Skin A Pyramid Scheme

Looking for information on what Nu Skin is and whether Nu Skin is a Pyramid Scheme? This article answers some questions people might be asking before they join.

What Is Nu Skin About?

Nu Skin is an MLM company with the headquarters based in Utah USA. It is currently spread to about 54 countries. Or example; there is Nu Skin USA, Nu Skin UK, Nu Skin Australia, Nu Skin Canada etc.

It has spread at a reasonable pace when you put into account that it was only founded in 1984.

What Is Nu Skin Products?

Nu Skin Products are marketed under Nu Skin and Pharmanex brands. They are distributed by independent distributors. The products include:

  • Wide range of personal care products and
  • A variety of dietary supplements that comes in the form of pills, tablets, capsules as well as powders

How a Nu Skin Distributor Makes Money

  • Selling the products at a retail price to their customers
  • Recruiting other people to join
  • Performance based on the people you have recruited also called your downline

Is Nu Skin A Pyramid Scheme?

Although Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has investigated it in the past as a result of being reported on its MLM practices, l would say that Nu Skin is not a pyramid scheme; neither is Nu Skin a scam

They have a product, the customers and a distribution channel that includes employees and about 1.2 million independent distributors.

The problem with Nu skin is not different from many other Multilevel Marketing companies. It’s very difficult for a distributor to make money.

  • Although the profit you get after selling the Nu Skin products is not that bad, if you subtract the expenses that comes with the customer acquisition, delivering and packaging, it’s likely you have no net profit and if you have any, it will be very small.
  • To acquire a customer or to recruit someone, most likely you will have a face by face contact and a demonstration of how the products work.

**This takes a lot of time as well as money depending on where the meet up is located. Think about it, how many people can you see in a day putting into account that most of the people will not turn up or will say that they are not interested.

  • Although you are told that you can start free, ideally you need to buy a start up kit so that you can try it out as well as use it to demonstrate to your target customers and prospects.

Nu Skin is good for you if you are that kind of person who is able to recruit a lot of people who will also be active in both the selling and recruiting. The more your downline makes, the more you make.

I used to be an MLM distributor and I thought that I would make a lot of money but to my disappointment I did not.

Some of the things that I didn’t know is that the drop out rate of distributors in MLM is very high. You are told that if you recruit 5 and they each recruit 5 that the team will grow very quickly but in reality, it does not work that way; You might recruit 5 and 3 drop out.

According to data published in Federal Trade Commission’s website that studied 350 MLMs, about 99% of people who join MLM lose money; so if you think that you can be among the 1%, then good for you.

I was there, persevered; I personally thought l would make a lot of money; worked very hard but after several years of trying, a time came when l had to make up my mind to quit.

I was on a full-time job and MLM was stressing me out. I had no time for it.

✅I needed a business that I could do after work and weekends without leaving my house.

It was difficult to find such a business but one day, I came across a business that has existed for many years but people hardly talk about it and yet, it’s a flourishing business anybody can do even without any experience.

✅The business is done Online and the Beauty is:

  • You don’t need to leave your house
  • No recruiting
  • No buying any product, delivering or dealing with customers, yet you have access to millions of products you could promote.

The Business is Affiliate Marketing with the training being offered by a global company called wealthy Affiliate

Most likely you have been a participant in affiliate Marketing as a customer but you didn’t know.

It involves selling other companies’ products Online and when anybody buys, you earn a commission. Most big companies have such arrangements.

Examples of such companies are Amazon (you could promote almost any product in Amazon and get paid for every sale), eBay, companies dealing with flights, holidays, mobile phones, outdoor and indoor equipments, entertainment online retail shops, online music retail shops etc

The only thing is that you need to know how to do it. Ones you know how to do it, you can promote any product from any company with such an arrangement and you can be affiliated to as many companies as you wish.

With this training:

  • You will learn everything you need in Affiliate Marketing from A to Z.
  • You will also be taught how to start your own Online business at the same time giving you the ability to earn as you Learn.

This is the best way of Learning unlike those courses where you learn first only to realise that what you learnt is not actionable in real life.

With the step by step training that Wealthy Affiliate offers, nothing can go wrong. The teaching is through:

  • Video tutorials that you can pause and restart or continue; whatever you want
  • Webinars that are also recorded and you can watch them at your own convenient time
  • Written text for those who would prefer to read.

** You will have 24/7 support and you can ask any question at any time; and with over 1800 coaches, you will not have to wait for long before you get an answer. The response time can be as short as one minute.

Trust me; this training is Awesome. I wish I had known about Affiliate Marketing earlier than I did.

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Ones you are inside, you will be welcomed by one of the co-founders who will walk you through the platform. He will also give you a link so that you can start to learn as well as get step by step tutorials on where to find the free products.

You will get as much support as possible.

Please remember to ask questions along the way.

The Payment

You can join as a free starter member. This allows you to see in real life what is on offer.

If you like it, you will be asked of a small payment of Only $19 for the 1st Month. This qualifies you to be a premium member where the learning is Unlimited and the earning potential is also UNLIMITED.

Trust me, this could be what will unlock your potential. It will allow you to think Global as you will be tapping into the whole World.

With this business, you could be anywhere in the world (even in the remotest part of the World) and make Money. All what you need is a mobile phone or a lap top and internet connection.

Currently the company is teaching about 1.4 million people distributed in about 195 countries.

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Looking Forward to helping you together with the two co founders plus the over 1800 coaches

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