Is PGI Global A Scam?

There are very many scammers who present themselves as legitimate but is PGI Global a scam? I have thoroughly researched on them and as you continue reading, you will discover that they are not a scam.

Instead, PGI Global also called Praetorian Group International is a company where you can earn money everyday trading with cryptocurrency (currently Bitcoin) and if you wish, you can also be part of their MLM where you get very good commission through referring people.

The best thing is, even without recruiting, you can still earn between 0.5 to 3% return on your investment every day without doing anything; you just need to buy your trading kit and forget about it and check your return on investment every day.

That’s awesome; invest, do nothing after that and watch your money grow every day.

At day 200 or less from when you bought the kit, you will have 200% return on your investment.

I can tell you that this is true as l am already seeing my ROI every day. You can also withdraw part of your ROI once a week.

Where else can your money grow at that rate and where you are allowed to withdraw part of it? In most investment companies your interest is calculated annually while in PGI, the calculation is every day.

For example, if you invest $600, you will earn approximately $6 per day and within 200 days you have $1200, invest $1000 and within 200 days, you will have ROI of $2000 (approximately $10 per day).

After you have made 200% of return on investment, you have to withdraw all your money and if you wish, you can invest again or decide not to. The choice is yours. Furthermore, it’s your money.

The table below will give you an idea of how much you can earn without recruiting.

Trade with as little as $100 or as much as your budget can allow.

If you decide to join their referral program, you earn an extra 6% to 14% on the direct referral and from 8% to 12% on Binary and this is on top of your Return of your investment.

As l had mentioned earlier, it is not mandatory to join the referral program. You can remain a trader without recruiting or buying any product.

Most people would like to be able to buy and sell Bitcoin but the problem is finding the right platform where you will not be scammed.

I used to be one of those people who was all over the internet looking of a way to trade with Bitcoin. It was not easy for me to find any platform I could use until I found PGI Global.

PGI Global is an Amazing company where every member is valued.

The best thing is that you join free to actually find out whether the platform is genuine.

CLICK HERE TO GET REGISTERED. Its free to get registered.

There is a form to fill in and as soon as you click submit, PGI Global will send you a confirmation email. Make sure you Click the link in the email you receive so that your registration can be confirmed.

After getting registered, please email me on I will then invite you on a Zoom Business presentation where you will learn more about the company.

This is the bitcoins investment opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss; transparency is the main key and this is the reason the company has become so successful.

You are going to enjoy the benefits of the PGI Global Trade: Make money with cryptocurrency and leverage the power of Bitcoin through a company where almost everyone can be able to trade.

Start now and watch your money grow. Cryptocurrency might be where the World is leading to; having a universal currency that you can use all over the World.

No experience in cryptocurrency needed as PGI Global will do all the trading for you and you will be able to see how much you are making every day.

Every week, PGI has a training on Blockchain Education that covers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and as a PGI Global member, you can attend at no extra cost.

As a member of praetorian group international (PGI Global), you will be accessing the most sought for information about cryptocurrency.

On top of that, they have trainings almost everyday on topics relating to making money in a legitimate way.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” –Richard Branson

CLICK HERE TO GET REGISTERED. Its free to get registered. {There is a form from PGI Global (Praetorian Group International) for you to fill in}.

See the Screenshot below to see the Praetorian Group International Products and Services that you will have access to.

  • Make money on Bitcoin trading; The company will do it for you
  • Blockchain Education: Learn how cryptocurrency works and how it will be of benefit to you.
  • Health and Wellness products and Health Gadgets: Choose from a variety of well selected Health Products
  • Debit cards where you can store your Bitcoins as well as use them either to change them to your currency or use them to pay for Products and Services.

Frequently asked questions about PGI global

What is PGI Global Trade?

PGI Global trade also called Praetorian Group International Trade manages your Bitcoin, trading them for you in a transparent way where you can view their growth on a daily basis.

What Is PGI Investment?

When you invest using PGI platform, your daily Return on your Investment is between 0.5% to 3% every day. It has been 1% and above for quite a long time now.

Benefits of trading with bitcoin

  • No Border Regulations: Anyone can trade with Bitcoin: PGI is opening the world market for everyone whether you are In a developed or poor country. It being digital means anyone in the world can trade with Bitcoin. All what you need is access to the Internet. You can also use bitcoin
  • It is Decentralized: Bitcoin is a legal digital currency and is not controlled by any government or institution.
    With bitcoin, you don’t need permission from your bank to buy products or services from other countries.

The transfer fee is minimal compared to a bank.

  • It is safer: When paying for products or services with cryptocurrency, your financial information is safe as you do not give the merchant all your personal information:

You don’t give the details of your bank, your card details or your physical address.

  • You have Control over your money: Without the use of a middleman like a bank, you have control of your money.
  • Buy what you can afford: The best thing is you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. You can buy just a fraction of what you can afford.

For example; on 15th of March 2021, I spent $1000 to buy 0.0213 Bitcoin, and as you can see on the Screenshot below, through the PGI Bitcoin Trading Platform, I am getting a return of Investment of about $10 every day.

The Screen shot shows the package I bought in dollars, the daily percentage return on my investment, the amount I am getting every day and the status (processed or not)

This means that in 200 days or less, I will have doubled my Money.

Where else can you get such a high return (legally) on a daily basis and where you are allowed to withdraw your return on investment on a weekly basis?

How Do l Withdraw My Money From PGI Global?

You can withdraw money once a week with a minimum of $88 and not more than 50% of your highest investment package.

However, once you double your money which takes place in 200 days or less, it is the company’s rule that you have to withdraw all your money and if you wish to continue being a member, then you should buy a renewal package.

I find this rule to be very helpful knowing that you can exit if you want. The fact that you can also withdraw part of your money every week is also Awesome.

How Many Countries Is PGI In?

PGI Global is currently in 199 countries. The reason for its popularity is because of its uniqueness; almost every one is included and whether you invest with as little as $100, your money will still be double in 200 days or less.

The other uniqueness is that they believe in giving back to the people particularly the disadvantaged: They give away 5% of their profits to the disadvantaged.

So from what you have read on this article: Is PGI Global a scam? To me Praetorian Group International also called PGI Global is not a scam as I am benefiting from it and I would be happy if others also benefit.

What I would advise you is to start by investing with what you feel comfortable with and find out whether it is for you or not.

CLICK HERE TO GET REGISTERED. It is free to get registered.

Fill in the registration form and click submit, PGI Global will then send you a confirmation email. Make sure you Click the link in the email you receive so that your registration can be confirmed.

Then email me on and I will invite you to a virtual Zoom business presentation where you will learn more about the company.

After watching the presentation, you can decide to start investing using their trading platform or not.

Just remember, registration is free and there is no payment.

You only invest if you decide to but you are advised to watch the Zoom Business presentation first.

There is no catch as your bank details or card details will not have been taken.

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