Is Senegence A Pyramid Scheme?

This article will Reveal to you whether Senegence is a pyramid scheme, a scam or legitimate company that you can rely on to make some income.

What Is Senegence International?

Senegence is an international private MLM company founded by Joni Rogers-Kante in 1999 in California, USA.

They sell cosmetics and personal care products that are distributed by company’s distributors who are mainly women referred to as “SeneSisters” (in line with their mission which is to empower women to be independent).

The distributors make money through:

  • The retail sales of the products (they buy the products on wholesale price and then sell at retail price)
  • By earning commission from the products purchased from the company by the people they have recruited.

There is a minimum amount that a distributor has to spend in order to qualify for a commission.

Although it is not compulsory for you to reach the minimum spend, it is almost impossible for you to go up the rank without meeting that requirement.

The senegence products includes;

  • Face (BlushSense, corrective concealers, powders, anti-aging creams)
  • Body (body scrub, body lotion, hand cream, SunScreens)
  • Lips (lipSense gloss, lip color remover, lipVolumizers)
  • Eyes (ShadowSense, LashSense, lash extender and SeneGence eye cream that is said to be an anti aging eye cream)
  • SeneGence for men
  •  Perfumes, Spas.

Those are just a few of the products.

The company expanded very fast and by 2018 they had about 500,000 distributors. To me, I think that is a very high distributor growth rate every business would like to have.

By the end of this article, you will be able to find out whether the distributors make money.

What might have played a big role in the fast rate of growth is the way the company markets itself.

Apart from marketing through the distributors, they also used celebrities and of course celebrities are naturally influencers and most people will believe in them.

For example, the company sponsored a country musician from West Virginia and launched two new shades of LipSense — ‘Luv It’ and ‘Heartbreaker’.

Currently, the company is in about 14 countries (depending on when you read this article) and here are a few of the countries:

  • Canada (Senegence Canada
  • Australia (Senegence Australia),
  • UK (where the products are called SheerSense),
  • Switzerland
  • Italy and many more.

Is Senegence A Pyramid Scheme?

From my Research findings, Senegence is not a pyramid scheme, neither is senegence a scam.

They have good products and customers who are happy to buy them. The only things you should note are that:

a) Some Senegence products contain parabens. While there is not much research findings on the effect of parabens to humans, parabens have highly been criticized and they are thought not to be good to use and in particular by pregnant women or while breast feeding.

b) Many people have raised concern on how Multi level Marketing business model is done.

Sometimes distributors have to buy more products than they need in preparation for customer orders particularly if they think those products will be out of stock when the customers place the orders.

While the companies says that distributors should not keep any inventory, it can be difficult not to do it.

Can You Make Money With Senegence?

You can make money if you are good at selling the products and good at recruiting. Selling alone will unlikely give you full time income.

If you are able to recruit a lot of distributors and to keep up that momentum, then you will be able to make money keeping in mind that the drop out rate of MLM distributors is very high.

Some people join thinking that they will make money almost immediately or within a few months just to discover that it needs effort, time and money.

Alternative way of Making Money

If you would like to try another way of making money apart from MLM, I would suggest you do Affiliate Marketing.

I can say that you are Highly Likely to make money using affiliate marketing as it gives you the ability to promote more products of different niches as well as from different companies.

You are not tied to one or 2 companies. You can promote from as many companies as you wish; for example, you can sell products from large retail outlets like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and many more without even spending any money on the products.

The income potential is unlimited, no recruiting, no upline and no hard selling.

All what you need is to learn how to do it the right way right from the beginning.

Everything is Online; so no more face to face or doing those deliveries you have to do with MLM customers.

I used to be an MLM distributor and I can understand the struggles.

A customer would place an order in the middle of the week and I had to order and then organise the delivery. Sometimes you do not make any profit as you have to pay the delivery cost for the products to be delivered to you.

You then have to spend time and sometimes money when commuting to deliver the products to the customer. Customers could also order online but most would prefer ordering through a distributor. If they order Online, they will be charged for delivery on top of the cost of the products.

To make profit in MLM, you need to order for many products which you might not be able to sell.

✅In Affiliate Marketing, you do not deal directly with the customer. When a customer clicks on the “BUY” button, the owner of the products whether it’s Amazon or any other retail outlet takes over the process.

✅They do the delivery and any issues related to the customer.

How good is that? Getting paid without completing the whole process is something that has changed how business is done.

No wonder there are so many business owners who are succeeding even though they had failed in other businesses.

MLM way of making money was not suitable for me and today, I can confidently say that I made the right choice of doing Affiliate Marketing.

It has changed me tremendously; it’s unbelievable how things can change for the better even when you don’t have any previous experience or skill.

To learn Affiliate Marketing, I would recommend a company that has helped me develop my entrepreneur skills to a very High Standard.

✅You will learn everything you need so as to build a thriving business online.

✅They will also show you where to find the products of your choice whether its physical products or digital products. They will then help you build your business the right way from scratch with 24/7 support.

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