Is Usana A Scam?

Are you eager to learn What Usana is About and Whether Usana is a scam? Founded in 1992 in Utah, USA, Usana Health Sciences or Usana, is an MLM company spread globally.

They are currently spread in 24 countries. The number might be different depending on when you read this article. Examples of countries where Usana is in are:

  • USA
  • Usana Canada
  • Usana Australia
  • Usana UK
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore, etc

The company’s revenue has grown very fast and in 2015 it was in the 24th position (in terms of revenue) in the World.

Usana Products

The Usana products includes:

  • Usana Nutritional supplements. They have a wide range of vitamins and supplements; For example, the Usana Cellsentials which has a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other nutrients that the body needs.
  • Usana skin care products includes: different types of creams, make up removers, cleansers, exfoliators, toners and hydrating eye essence.
  • Usana personal care products like tooth pastes, hair products
  • Usana Diet and food replacement products (protein shakes, energy drinks, nutritional bars)

The products are sold by independent distributors called Usana Associates.

How to Earn with Usana

Usana compensation plan gives you the ability to earn through:

  1. Selling to retail customers
  2. Weekly commissions
  3. Lifetime matching bonus
  4. Pacesetter program
  5. Elite Bonus
  6. Incentives

Is Usana A Scam?

When it comes to any business, what matters is whether the products have buyers that are not part of the company.

In this case I would say that Usana is not a scam as it has quality products that customers buy.

The only thing is that it is not easy to earn money. It involves team building and the more active your team is, the more you can earn.

If you are good at team building and lucky enough to have a team that is active, you can make money.

Is Usana Business Opportunity For You?

Usana business is for you if you are good at team building, recommending products to people and have plenty of time to socializing. It’s a business that involves communicating verbally with people.

Some people would really enjoy doing MLM and if that’s you, just do it but if you are like me and you are looking for something different, then I would like to recommend to you a different type of business which does not involve team building.

I used to be an MLM distributor but later realised that it was not for me. When I joined MLM, my aim was to work hard, make money so that I could quit my full-time job.

After several years, I realised that I would never replace my full-time job income, I had to stop.

I continued my journey in search for a business that was more promising. What I was looking for was a business that I could do almost everything Online without commuting and ideally without talking to people verbally.

When I found a business that success is dependent on me alone and a business where everything is done online, I was ALL IN and I have never looked back.

The business is in affiliate Marketing where you can sell any product you can think of without spending any penny on the products.

  • You can sell as many products from as many companies as you wish.

If that sounds good for you, then I would recommend you to take the course that I took offered by a company that is a World leader in Affiliate marketing called Wealthy Affiliate

✅ Having a business is the only way you can achieve financial freedom.

Let’s be honest; if you are working in a job, how long has it taken you to earn what you are currently earning?

Let’s say it has taken you 10 years to earn what you are earning; ask yourself how many more years it will take you to earn an extra 50% and how old you will be at that time.

Remember that time moves very fast but the pay rise goes up at a very small Percentage.

That’s why you should take full control of how much you can make and you can only do that by having a business where you have full control as to what you can sell.

✅Such a business can only be in affiliate marketing as it is the only business that involves all niches and can fit anyone. No experience or any skill needed.

In this training, all what you need is to learn 4 steps of making money. If you learn and master these 4 steps, you can make money with any niche.

What you are going to get are lessons that are step-by-step with videos tutorials, webinars, written text as well as live chat.

✅You are going to get mentored by me plus the two co-founders of the company.

✅This is not just about learning; it’s also about implementing what you learn in a real business of your choice and getting 24/7 full support in building your business.

And because we want you to start as soon as you sign up, you will have the ability to build one free website.

It does not even stop there; you can start by learning the first 10 lessons for free without paying any penny.

The Free lessons will enable you to decide for yourself whether online business is for you.

If you find out that it’s for you, then we have a Special Offer for you to become a premium member for Only $19 for the first month. This gives you

✅access to everything you need from websites (build 10 websites),

✅Unlimited training on every niche. The training is better than any other training in every way. The focus is to teach you how to create a successful and long term business within the Online Space.

The World has evolved, people have become busy and most success is happening Online. The people who are being left behind are the ones who are not changing as the World changes.

You no longer need an office to make money. All what you need is access to the internet

✅You will also get Unlimited Support to your businesses 24/7

✅Access to Internet experts. You do not need any online experience as these experts are there to help you.

✅Direct Access to the two owners of the company. They have wealth of experience

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Ones you sign up, start learning and implementing what you learn. Please do not hesitate to ask questions as you go along. There is plenty of help.

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