Is wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

Want to find out More info about Wealthy Affiliate? This article REVEALS whether Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam or a company that can facilitate your success.

There are many scammers out there and it’s good you are doing your Research on Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been a member of the company for several years and I can say that the company is not a scam; neither is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme.

I have learnt a lot from them and have had a lot of support in building my Business. I have also made money and the more you learn and implement what you learn the more money you can make.

Keep reading to found out how the Wealthy affiliate platform can be of benefit to you as it has to me.

Let’s begin by finding out what Wealthy Affiliate is about

It is an Online training Platform that teaches how to start and run internet business of any niche. They emphasis more on leveraging Affiliate products that allows you to reduce expenses that comes with operating a business.

This is because most Affiliate products are free; you do not have to store them yourself meaning that you cut costs even more because you do not need to rent an office or storage place.

You can do everything from home and without any face to face with customers. Without having the responsibilities that comes with buying the products, the likelihood of succeeding is very high as all what you need is to concentrate on promoting the products.

The Uniqueness of the company is that it is not only a training platform but also, a platform that helps you run your business giving you guidance in every step. It is a Two Win Platform.

There are training programs out there that only gives you training only to realise that what you have spent money and time on is not actionable.

You can gain a lot from Wealthy Affiliates’ training and 24/7 business support. You are taught everything you need to operate a thriving business and all the tools you need are provided.

Before we go further, I would like to highlight 3 points that has helped a lot of people including myself.

#1. Anything NEW Can be Overwhelming

There is also the fear of unknown outcome, the fear that you are going to lose money and the fear of being cheated.

I can’t blame you; I was one of those people.

Luckily Enough, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to start as a free member where you pay absolutely nothing. The only thing you are asked for are your name and email address (the training link is sent to you via email).

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your email address, you can create a new one just for that but make sure you can receive emails otherwise you won’t be able to access the training and support in building your business.

#2. Anyone Can Accomplish Success on any Niche Online.

Many people start as complete beginners and they succeed; I also started as a complete beginner and Wealthy Affiliate gave me the confidence, the confidence to succeed and make money.

The best thing is that their teaching is step by step and each step is actionable unlike those courses that are too theoretical and not actionable in real life.

#3. Success is like a Journey.

It is the accumulation of the steps you take that leads you to success. Every step that you take leads you nearer and nearer to success until you succeed. As you train and implement what you learn, you will be able to see improvement almost immediately.

This is What to expect from their Platform:

Immediately you join, you will create your own Wealthy Affiliate login user name and password that you can use to log in anytime and from anywhere

They have two types of training programs; Online Entrepreneur Certification and Bootcamp Training. I will give you a few details of each.

In both trainings you do not Require any Technical or Online Business Experience.

By the time you finish level one, you will have accomplished a lot and it will be Free. You will be able to see whether you are being led towards the success Path.

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification

This is the training where everyone starts.

This training is structured according to levels. There are 5 levels and each level has 10 lessons.

Level one (10 lessons) is completely free. For any business to succeed, you have to start with laying a foundation and Level One helps you lay a strong foundation right from the beginning.

You might have come across many ways of making money and some people telling you that you can make money quickly; immediately, in a week or within one month.

Yes, there are chances that you can make money within such a short time but this money will not be long-lasting and cannot give you a full-time income.

Wealthy Affiliate does not teach you how to get rich quickly. What you are taught is how to build a long – lasting business that you can rely on forever in the form of Passive income.

You will be building a business that can give you more money than you could ever get in a job.

By the end of Level one, you will:

✅ be having your own profit ready website,

Wealthy Affiliate is expert in website building and this is very good for you. They have simplified the whole building of websites in such a way that anyone can build a fully functional website.

You are made to think that building a website is hard but not anymore. Within a few minutes, you will be having your own website.

✅ have selected your niche having been shown how to do it. In case, you do not have your own niche, you will also be shown thousands of different niches you could choose from.

Hint: There is no wrong Niche. There are billions of people searching the internet for almost any product you can think of.

That said, ideally, you should choose a niche you are passionate about or you have interest in. This way, it will be fun building it.

✅ written content on your website

You will be shown how to write content about your products in such a way that you outrank other businesses that have similar niches to yours.

✅ You will have known how to Login into Your Website Back Office. You will have a choice of logging in through two different ways

a, using the Wealthy Affiliate login details or b, directly into your website.

The best thing with this is that if your business grows very big in such a way that you want to bring in someone else to help you manage it, they can sign in directly into the website back office without them going through Wealthy Affiliate platform

✅ Have Understood Process of Making long-lasting income: the whole process is explained in both written text and Video.

The other Levels (2 to 5) are premium Levels.

Putting into consideration how much you will have accomplished in Level One and within such a short time, imagine how much you will accomplish by the time you finish the other levels with each having 10 lessons.

Here are brief details of what the other levels teach:

  • How Affiliate Marketing Works and where to get free products of your niche
  • How to get Massive number of people to your website and how to convert some of them into buying customers; remember, there are billions of people searching the internet and all what you need is to know what to do so that some can buy from you.

The best thing with an online business is that people do not buy from you because they know you. They buy because your products are the best among others and you will be taught on how to go about it.

  • Email Marketing
  • Video and YouTube Marketing using your own videos or other people’s videos
  • How to use Social media the Right way
  • They also offer weekly Webinars that are also recorded for those who are not able to watch Live.

2. Affiliate Bootcamp Training

This also has 5 phases and are almost similar to the Online Entrepreneur Certification but focuses more on promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Phase one has 10 lessons and is completely free.

Phases 2 to 5 are paid membership levels. The best thing is that ones you become a paying member you can automatically access both the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Bootcamp at no extra cost

Paying Members have Access to Unlimited training and 24/7 support in building their businesses and they pay Only $19 for the first month (they are given a 59% discount).

If Wealthy Affiliate Sounds good to you,

CLICK HERE to get Started

“Earn While You Learn. It’s the New Normal.

Convention tells us that we need to go to school for 4 years just to get a degree and often times end up with a sub par career. That is the old normal. At Wealthy Affiliate you are not just getting access to the most powerful training platform in the world, you are building a real and tangible business where you can start earning”.-

You might be having business Idea(s) or products you want to tell the World about. Turn those ideas into Profits. “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”. Napoleon Hill

If you do not currently have an idea or product in mind, you can choose from almost one million products that will be shown to you. Your Success is our success.

CLICK HERE to get Started

Interact with over 1.4 million Entrepreneurs who are part of Wealthy Affiliate who are spread in 193 COUNTRIES

The company provides a good atmosphere that makes it easier for you to succeed in any online business.

All what is needed from you is follow the step-by-step training and implement what you learn simultaneously.

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