Is Young Living Essential Oils A Scam?

Would you like to know what Young Living is about, whether Young Living Is a Scam and whether you can make money recommending their products?

What Is Young Living About?

Young Living is an MLM company based in Utah, USA. It was founded in 1993 and by 2018, it had spread in 133 countries.

It is currently among the top 10 essential oil companies.

Essential oils have existed for many years and have been widely used for Aromatherapy. According to the literature that can be found, it is likely that the true birthplace for Essential oils was in the Ancient Egypt where they used them for religious purposes, cosmetics as well as for medicinal purposes.

There are several types of essential oils depending on their smell and their health benefits; examples are Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, Ylang-Ylang, Tea Tree, Rose, Jasmine etc

There is a lot of information about Young Living Oils But:

what is young living essential oils about and what is the uniqueness?

For the Essential oils to retain their natural flavor and smell, they need to be extracted in a good way. The best way of extracting Essential oils are through distillation.

Not many companies are able to fully control the whole process. Young Living stands at an advantage because they control the whole process from growing the plants, to manufacturing and distribution.

Apart from owning their own farms, they have partnered with some farmers who have to grow the plants according to the Young Living’s Standards.

Other Young Living Products includes; lip balms/gloss, tooth pastes, facial wash

How Does A Distributor Earn Money?

The young living distributor earns money by:

  • selling directly to customers
  • through recruiting other people to become distributors
  • through their downline.

Some of the distributors make more money through the sales made by people they have recruited meaning that the more you recruit, the higher the commission. This makes the distributors want to recruit more.

In order to qualify for a commission, the company have a minimum amount of money a distributor is supposed to spend per month.

Is Young Living A Scam?

Young Living has had some Issues in the past:

A)  In 2014 Us Food and Drug administration warned them against marketing their products as possible cure or treatment for several diseases like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, Ebola, heart disease just to mention a few.

B)  In 2018, Young Living had to pay doTERRA’s legal fees after they lost a case where they had filed a case saying that doTERRA had stolen some of the Young Living’s Trade secrets.

C)  In 2000, Young Living Farms were fined for safety violations after Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division investigated an explosion of a distiller.

However, on the MLM Business side, although it’s very difficult to make significant amount of money considering the time and money you put in, I would personally say that Young Living is not a Scam.

According to public income statement, in 2016, 94% of active distributors made less than a dollar. 

What is the Alternative to Young Living?

Young Living Essential Oils and the other products they manufacture might be appealing to you but can you make money and if you are already a distributor, are you making money?

The main reason why most people start a business is to make money.

If you are not making money, l think you should re-think, find out whether it’s your fault or the business model.

For MLM, there is nothing much you can do; you have to follow the process, sell, recruit, sell, recruit.

It might sound easy as it did to me before l got started until l realised the time and money involved in that process was far too much.

For most MLMs, you have to go out looking for prospects and customers.

You have to buy samples in order to demonstrate to your target customers and prospects.

This is business where you are actually not your own boss.

You are told to remember your “WHY” but ask yourself whether Young Living is going to give you whatever you are looking for.

For me, l had a very Big “WHY” but after a few years in MLM, l realised that it was not taking me anywhere.

I had to re-think. The problem with MLM is that you are bought into it and it takes time to quit.

I gathered the Strength, looked for another business model and l have never looked back.

The business is Affiliate Marketing, it’s an Awesome business.

It’s Not an MLM and you are a complete boss, not relying on anybody to make money so as to make money as it happens with MLM where your earnings depend on how active your down line is.

  • You do not spend on any product, delivery and neither do you deal face to face with customers.
  • You can promote any product you can think of without spending on them.
  • You can Market products from any Niche or a combination of Niches. Here are a few examples in no particular order:

1)  Fitness, Weight Loss and Health Supplements

2)  Pets

3)  Beauty Lotions, make-ups,

4)  Gadgets and Technology like phones, computers

5)  Music instruments

6)  Home equipments and accessories

7)  Clothing

8)  Jewelry

9)  Out door equipments (gardening tools, camping accessories etc)

10)  Holidays (including flights, accommodations, Holiday Packages).

As you can see, you have no shortage of products to promote. You can earn money promoting any product you like.

The Only thing that will prevent you from promoting and earning is the lack of knowledge of how to do it.

I would therefore recommend you to take a course like I did.

✅The course is very well-prepared

✅You Learn how to do it and build your business simultaneously giving you the ability to earn as you Learn.

✅You are shown from where to get the products to how to promote them without spending money on advertisements.

✅Getting Started is Free and you Only pay if you Like it.

As a free member, you have the ability to build one free website and access 10 free lessons.

The free membership allows you to find out whether the course is for you.

✅ After the 10 lessons, you will be having a functionable website that can be found on Search Engines.

✅ **Everything is Step by step and you do not need any experience.

If I Did It, You Can Do It.

You’re the Director Of Your Future; If you can see a better Future as a Young Living distributor, I would say continue.

If you cannot see the future you are looking for, be honest to yourself and look for other types of businesses you can focus your mind on.

To me, that was Affiliate Marketing and the training is offered by Wealthy Affiliate

✅No start up cost; all what you need is access to the Internet as everything is done Online.

  • No more leaving your house unless you want to.
  • No More face to Face
  • No more calling people to find out whether they would like to join or to buy your products.
  • Zero cost on Products

Whatever product you want to promote, we’ve got you covered.

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See you inside where I will continue helping you. You will also be met by the two co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate who will also be mentoring you. They very approachable and very honest in the way they teach.

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