Is Younique A scam?

For many years, MLM has had a bad reputation; so, What About Younique? Is it a Scam? A bad reputation on any industry can be difficult to shake off and can ruin for other companies that are legitimate.

This is the case with Multi level Marketing (MLM), so let’s find out What Younique is about, is it different from other Multilevel Marketing companies?

What Is Younique?

Younique is an MLM company founded by Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft in Utah, USA in September 2012.

Their mission is to uplift and empower women in building their self-esteem through the products while sharing the benefits of the products with other women.

The Younique Products

They deal with Beauty products that are more focused to women. The products’ distributors are referred to as Younique Presenters.

The company currently operates in US, UK (Younique UK) Canada (Younique Canada), New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Ireland. The company is still expanding.

I give credit to the company for the way they Market their products. Unlike most Multi-level Marketing Companies, they sell almost exclusively through social media and instead of face to face home parties, they have virtual parties.

They can still sell and hold face to face home parties if they wish to do so.

Relying more on selling and recruiting on social media instead of face to face, has made the company grow very fast.

In 2015, they were named as one of the fastest growing company in Utah, USA and within 5 years from when the company was founded, the sellers had increased to 230,000.

The presenters make money by selling the products at a retail price

They are also encouraged to recruit other people to become presenters thus building their downlines.

The Products includes:

  • Younique makeup and plus their accessories (Moisturizers, creams, masks, mascara, lipsticks, brushes eg Kabuki brush)
  • Perfumes

Those are just a few.

Just like most MLM companies, for the Younique presenters to maintain their status within the company, they are supposed to continuously buy products even when they don’t have people to sell to.

Is Younique A Scam?

The company has products that customers are happy to buy and this means that it is not a scam; neither is Younique a Pyramid Scheme.

But Can you make money with Younique?

The company’s growth is unquestionable but it will still be difficult to make reasonable amount of money that can replace your full time income unless you enjoy and have time in socializing and having parties; not just ordinary socializing and having parties but doing so with intention of doing business either to recruit or to sell the products.

The purpose of doing any business is to make money but if the business is not giving you the amount of money in comparison to the effort and money you put in, then what’s the point.

From Researching about the products, I can say that the products are good and I would buy them but I would not do it as a Business.

Most people go to social media to socialise and to be entertained; they don’t go there to look for business opportunities.

My Top Recommended Business

The business I would recommend is where you do it almost exclusively online. This way, the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will do the upper lifting for you.

People go to search engines to look for solutions for their problems which could be any problem eg

They could be looking to buy any items like

  • Supplements and Beauty products,
  • Entertainment (mobile phones, Televisions, pianos, guitars Music equipments)
  • Exercise equipments and accessories
  • Household (any item in a home including gardening).
  • Travel (eg lights)
  • Accommodation
  • Holiday packages

They could even be looking on how to do certain tasks in which case you would educate them on how to do the tasks and then recommend product(s) that they could use.

You could make money with any item online and you could do it with less hassle using Affiliate Marketing Model of Business:

This is the best way of making money without limitations.

The reason is simple:

  • You can promote products from as many companies as you wish
  • You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money.
  • You have 100% control on what you can promote.
  • You are not restricted to the number of products you can promote.

All what is required of you is to connect people with what they are looking for and the companies will pay you. The best thing is that you don’t have to buy the products or deliver them.

To attract the customers, what you will need is to write content about the products and the search engines will present the products to people searching for them.

Ones you write content, it will be there 24/7 on search engines.

We have a training that I would recommend from Wealthy Affiliate

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