Is Zija International A Scam – Revealed

Can you make money with Zija International or are you going to get Scammed? This article reveals what Zija International is about and whether it’s worth joining.

Zija International is a multi-level marketing company, founded in 2005 in Utah USA, by Kenneth Brailsford.

The company is currently operating in more than 50 countries that include United Kingdom. Sweden, the Netherlands and many more.

The Zija International products includes weight management products, skin care, nutritional and essential oil products.

Their flagship products are made from moringa oleifera tree often known as the Drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the horseradish tree, benzolive tree or the ben oil tree.

Is Zija International A Scam

A lot of people like and buy the products; therefore, the company is not a scam, neither is Zija International a Pyramid Scheme.

However, in January 2020 Isagenix international, a global health and wellness company announced its acquisition of Zija international.

Is Zija International Business worth Joining

It is not easy to make money with Multi level marketing and Zija International is not an exception. The products are worth buying but having done MLM Business for several years, I would not advise you to do it as a Business unless you are very interested in MLM.

It is very involving and you hardly make money. In most cases, you lose; A Study that was done on 350 MLMs showed that 99% of those who join MLM lose money.

You have to be very good at MLM to be the 1% who will make money.

If you want something totally different where:

✅Everything is done Online without being limited to what you can promote, then I have a business for you, a business where you can earn a 6-figure income as a one person’s business without recruiting.

✅A business which is 100% from home as everything is done Online.

✅The business is by using the Modern way of doing business that allows you to do business with fewer hassles, less time and less spending.

This is by using Affiliate Marketing model of selling products that you do not own. Affiliate marketing is growing very fast; it’s a multi billion industry and many brands rely on Affiliate Marketers.

As you might have noticed, the World has shifted to doing almost everything online. Not small shifts but massive shifts. Most people are shopping online for almost any product.

✅You as an entrepreneur has a big role in this shift by providing people with what they are looking for; and the best thing with affiliate marketing is that all the products are available for you without buying them or delivering them to the customer.

✅All what you need is to learn how to connect these products to the customers and ones they are connected, the owner of the products will do the rest (delivering and all other customer fulfillment tasks).

The GOOD NEWS is: I have a free training that you can start without paying anything.

This training from Wealthy Affiliate
will show you step by step on how to do it.

..and the first 10 lessons will be free; no credit card details needed.

If you like the training, then you will be asked for a small payment of $19 for the 1st month. This gives you access to premium membership where you will have Unlimited Training and Unlimited help in starting and running your own business of any niche.

Premium membership also gives you the ability to build 10 websites and host all of them in their hosting platform.

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Demand for affiliate marketers of all niches is very high. The owners of the products need help in taking the message to the people. There are affiliate products for literally every product you can think of:

Computers and electronics, home equipments, travel, camping, clothing, jewellery, craft, gardening, pets, different types of accessories.

There are also many beauty, health and wellness products that you can market without spending anything on them and do it all at the comfort of your home.

So why suffer promoting products where you are limited to what you can promote? In affiliate marketing, you have thousands of products you can promote and get paid when someone buys.

✅You can market as many products as you can handle and from as many companies as you wish.

✅You are not even tied to one niche. Wealthy Affiliate premium membership gives you the ability to build and host 10 websites within their platform.

Having the flexibility of having more than one website but paying the same amount gives you the flexibility of trying more than one niche.

That said, we always advise people to start with one niche, one website, master it before embarking on a 2nd website as we do not want you to burn out even before you start making money.

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Please note that since the training is online, you will be asked to provide an email address so that the training link can be emailed to you.

You will also be asked to create your own profile and this gives you access to your own area in the platform where you can communicate as well as ask questions.

The training platform is designed in such a way that you can ask questions 24/7 and get answers almost immediately, so please do not allow yourself to get stuck.

The company operates in transparency. They have YOU in their best interest and they want you to far exceed your expectations.

No Experience needed, just follow the step by step training and within time, you will realise how capable you are. I believe in this quote by Richard Branson.

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say “YES”, then learn how to do it later” – Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Groups Ltd.

There has never been a better time to be online. The Online business World is growing at a pace we have never seen.

Building a business online used to be very complex but this training will do the heavy lifting for you.

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