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Are you looking for information on what Modere is about, whether it is a legitimate company or a scam to stay away from? Don’t miss out on this information.

What Is Modere About?

Modere is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company with headquarters in Utah, USA. It was formerly known as Neways International and before we go far with Modere, I will give you a bit of information about Neways.

Neways was an MLM company founded in 1987 by Thomas and D. Mower. It used to be called “Images and Attitude” and re branded to Neways in 1992.

Neways was launched as Modere beginning with USA in February 2014 followed by launching it to all its other 28 international markets at that time.

A few of the countries are USA, Modere Canada, Modere Australia, Europe, New Zealand

The Modere products

The products cater of health and beauty with a bit of household and can be divided into the following:

Health And Wellness: These include

• Modere Weight Loss; examples Modere Lean body system, Modere trim, Modere m3 weight loss.

• Targeted health products (products targeting eye health, immunity, liver)

• Anti- aging

• vitamin supplements

Personal care includes: skin, hair, body, mouth and MODERE Cellproof skin care line of products.

Modere Collagen: includes modere Logiq, Tria, Trim, pets/equine, Modere Cellpoof, modere liquid biocell that is said to contain hyaluronic acid and collagen that promotes anti-aging.

Household (laundry and general house cleaning products).

The Modere Compensation Plan

A Modere distributor is referred to as a Modere Social Marketer.

There are various ways on How Modere Distributors Make money.

I will only give you a few that are important at the beginning of your business with Modere. Without accomplishing these ways, it is unlikely you will make any full-time income.

Retail commissions

Monthly Selling Reward cash bonus; for you to earn the monthly selling reward, you have to maintain a certain sales volume.

This is something you need to find out before you even join Modere.

Breakout Bonus: This is based on recruitment. For every purchase the people you recruit make within their 1st 30 days with Modere, you and your upline earn some bonuses.

Residual Unilevel Commissions (volume based on both recruitment and/or retail)

Is Modere A Scam?

Modere is not a scam and it is also not a pyramid scheme.

It is a legitimate company but that said do not think you can make money easily using their compensation way.

It is a team building business and if you are not good at team building, then it might be difficult to make money.

Most earnings are earned through volume generated by your team meaning that you need to recruit and the people you recruit should also be active on both retailing and recruiting.

Alternative to Modere

If you are making or think you can make money from Modere, I would advise you to continue with the company as I do not have anything against the company.

If you would like to try another business that does not involve team building, then keep on reading.

The business involves promoting products of any niche leveraging Affiliate Marketing programs:

• without buying the products (zero cost on products).

• Without needing any team

• Without meeting with customers or doing any customer service

Examples of non MLM niches you could promote and get paid without spending on the products and without any team member are:

Travel niches (Airline tickets, accommodation)

Home Niches (paint, wall paper, decorating tools, tiles, furniture, bathroom accessories, Gardening tools, kitchen equipments and accessories).

Financial: (mortgages, Insurance, Dept settlement Investing)

Health and Wellness that are not MLM: Weight loss, skin care, Supplements, Essential oils

Sports (promote equipments, accessories and sports related clothing like for football, basketball, athletics, swimming, golf etc)

Music: (musical instruments)

Photography (promote things that go with photography like cameras),

Baby Products: this is also a very good niche. There are so many baby products you could promote and it’s a rapidly growing market.

Many parents spend a lot of money on their babies up to when they are about 3 years old. This is mainly due to the fact that they outgrow their clothing, toys, beds etc very quickly.

Do you know that over 300,000 babies born per day in the World? This also means that there are many baby products being sold every day.

Pets Niches: there are very many pets in the World; for example, there are millions of cats and dogs in the World; other pets include guinea pigs, parrots, snakes.

Have you ever been to a pet store? It is likely you could promote most of those products without buying them or owning the store.

The above is just a few of the niches you could start promoting without spending any money. Almost any product you can think of has an affiliate program.

The only thing you need so as to be able to promote the products is to learn how to do it. Luckily, I have a training you could start where you will be shown everythig.

The training is structured in such a way that you learn and get help in building your business with a niche of your choice simultaneously.

Learning and building your business at the same time means that there is a high likelihood for you to earn as you learn.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not a get-rich-quick way of earning money; but it’s the best way of creating long term income and most of it being passive.

You need to put in a lot of effort particularly for the 1st three months. It’s like building a house where you start by building a strong foundation.

The training is Step by Step using Videos, written text as well as webinars.

If this sounds good to you, I would recommend this training offered by Wealthy Affiliate

They are the World leader in teaching Affiliate Marketing.

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The training will cover every topic needed to run any online based business of any niche.

You can do it from anywhere as far as you have internet connection.

No Technical Skills Needed.

You can do it on your own schedule and at your own pace.

I used to be an MLM distributor and when I realised that MLM was not for me, I started searching for other ways, came across the Wealthy Affiliate training and I have never looked back.

Everything you learn is actionable on a real business.

They will even give you support on your business (24/7 training and 24/7 support for your business)

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