Online Business Opportunities – Passive Income

Have you been searching for an online business opportunity that can give you passive income?

As human beings, we have the intelligence within us which can give us the ability to create success, prosperity, happiness and freedom we deserve.

But the problem is, most people get stuck at the starting point, not because they are not intelligent but because of lack guidance.

Are you ready to discover the online business opportunity which will give you passive income? Then, Keep on reading.

First of all, l will give you the difference between passive income and active income and then l will tell you why you should be creating passive income.

Active Income.

This is Earned income which you are paid as a direct result of your labor. You earn it either hourly, daily or monthly.

Wages and Salaries are the most common sources of active income. Your earnings have a limit and if you do not work, you do not get paid.

Passive Income

This is a Cashflow Income which you earn with minimal effort to maintain its continuity. It continues to come even after you die.

To earn passive income, you have to put in a lot of time, perseverance and effort and this puts off most people.

No wonder there are very few people in the world who have been able to create a good amount of passive income which can allow them to retire early and lead a comfortable life.

Most people like earning money the easy way and that is why they miss some very good passive income generating opportunities.

Having an open mind when searching for a good money generating opportunity can be of help as it can come to you when you least expect and it does not always present itself in the manner you expect it.

“Most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –Thomas Edison

Passive income could be from:

  • properties which you have already bought and you are Renting them out. These are bringing you continuous income.
  • Affiliate marketing.

This is the best online business for creating passive income which can give you a lot of money, But only if you know how to do it in the right way.

It involves promoting other companies’ products without owning them, buying them or doing any of the customer fulfillment like customer service, deliveries and payments.

Affiliate Marketing has been in existence for many years but not many people know how to make use of it.

It sounds difficult but when you learn how to do it, you can easily generate multiple sources of passive income.

Affiliate Marketing is my main source of income. You can learn more about affiliate marketing through a company like wealthy Affiliate which l am a part of. Here is their link

Why Passive Income is Better Than Active Income

It gives you:

1. Financial Freedom

To tell you the truth, getting financial freedom is not easy. It requires a lot of effort and self-motivation but as long as you do not give up, you will eventually experience the benefits.

2. Time Freedom

Who does not like having time to do whatever they want?

At the beginning, you will hardly have time to do other things apart from those things which are a ‘must,’ but do not worry as you can do all those things after you have made it.

3. Good legacy to leave behind

Passive income is the best thing you can leave behind for your loved ones. They will remember you forever and this might also motivate them to work even harder in whatever they will be doing

In addiion to the above, Passive income also gives you the opportunity to:

a). Create Personal Assets

Your passive income business will start very slowly and with time, it will grow into a massive asset which will give you money continuously.

So give yourself enough time. It is like planting seeds where you do not expect reap immediately.

b). Invest On Yourself

Instead of investing your time on building someone else dreams, you should invest on yourself. Do not get me wrong.

At the beginning, you need to work for someone else but set up a side business to work at, on your spare time.

It will take long to have the financial freedom but you are heading towards the right direction.

Eventually, when significant amount of money starts coming in, you can choose to quit your job and be completely self-employed. 

c). Learn New Skills

As a business owner the more successful you become, the more business skills you will acquire.

As you build your business, you will be faced by obstacles and as you unblock the obstacles, you gain more experience.

The secret to success is to stay positive and focus on what you want to achieve. Staying positive is what led me to where I am today, otherwise I would have given up.

When I started my online business, I hardly had any skills but I was ready to learn.

d). Use Your Talents or Passion

We all have natural talents which we were born with but unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to use them in an employed job. Most people are in jobs which they are not passionate about.

That is why you should not be employed for ever as your talents and passion which should be giving you passive income will go to waste.

“I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life” – Dean Koontz

For most people, knowing where to start in order to create passive income is the biggest problem. It is an obstacle which is faced by many people.

I was one of those people who were fed up with my job because l knew that it was not leading me to financial freedom.

The salary was just taking care of my bills. While searching, I came across a legitimate company which teaches beginners to experts on how to create passive income

I am so confident with the company and that is why l would like to introduce you so that you can also create passive income.

I know that there are very many hard-working individuals out there who are interested in creating multiple streams of passive income and they do not even know where to start; as well as how to do it in the Right way.

The company is called wealthy Affiliate (

The company teaches you everything you need to know on how to create passive income with whatever niche product you are interested in.

If you do not have any product you are very passionate about, you will be shown products you could choose from.

You will learn step by step right from the beginning:

1. How to build a solid foundation for your business.

2. How to find your niche product (both physical and digital) which will always be marketable

3. How to be a real business owner by having your own brandable website. You do not need to have any experience in building a website and you will not need to hire anyone to build your website

4. How to market your products without spending any money as well as when spending money (if you wish to).

The company emphasis more on organic traffic and to get organic traffic, you need to have built a solid foundation from the beginning. You will be taught step by step how to do it.

The best thing with this company is that you can start learning and implementing what you learn without paying any money.

CLICK HERE to start learning and implementing what you learn. No credit card needed.

As a free starter you will even be able to build one free profit ready websites with one free domains.

Incase you like what you see inside of wealthy Affiliate, and you are willing to build a profitable business, you can upgrade to a premium member where you learn everything you need to build a business which earns you passive income 24 hours.

The cost will Only be $19 for the first month (if you upgrade to premium member within your 1st 7 days of your free membership).

As a Premium member, you will also get:

1. Support System Like No Other; 24 hours, 365 days

The most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium offers you unlimited support. We are a 24/7/365 community that truly cares and will be there for you all day, every day.

2. Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes. Each and every week we offer Live Class training from industry experts.

3. Over 300 Hours of Expert Education on absolutely every topic you can think of.

Every live class is published as a “replay” and as a Premium member, you are going to get access to All the past live classes.

If you want to redefine your business and scale to entirely new levels, this is worth 100x the cost of the membership alone.

4. Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons). Affiliate Bootcamp is going to take you from a potential newbie in the “money making” niche, and turn you into a flourishing and successful entrepreneur.

Everything is revealed; no secret is left unattended, no golden nugget left out.

Affiliates that have taken this course are thriving. You also can succeed. They are not more special than you.

5. Incredible Catalogue of Industry Training. There are 1,000’s of training modules covering pretty much everything you could imagine in terms of running an online business.

There are new training modules being created everyday through our “community training” program.

6. There are Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms).

We have the most diverse subset of training in the world. There are MANY ways in which you can build a business and monetize it online:

From e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, adsense, Facebook ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, and many more. All of these topics are going to be covered within the classrooms.

7. The Most Powerful Websites in the World.

Every successful online business starts with a solid foundation, a website. Wealthy Affiliate has some of the most useful and integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security included within your platform.

Features that are not offered anywhere else in the world. The website platform is ridiculously easy to use, yet very advanced.

8. Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate provides a hosting experience you can feel safe running your businesses on.

We take care of the technology, security, and monitoring so you can focus on more important things, like growing your business!

9. Content Creation Platform

Content is one of the most important aspects to any online business. Within Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you are going to be more than equipped for efficiency, accuracy, content quality as well as content design.

SiteContent offers a writing environment where you can create, manage, organize, and publish your content within ONE amazing platform.

10. The Best Keyword and Research Tool

This Keyword tool will help you:

A. Uncover BILLIONS of the best Competing Keywords in Seconds.

Every successful online business starts from a good understanding of keywords.

The research platform offered to you within the Premium membership gives you unparalleled access to billions of keywords in a matter of seconds. A gold mine of traffic is seconds away

B. Niche Revelation and Discovery. There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ready for you to pick and use for your business.

Being able to discover niches in intelligent new ways is something that our keyword research tool prides itself on.

From the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds.

C. Uncover Valuable Domains. Every search within the research tool will reveal which domains are available for the given keyword.

This the quickest and most powerful way to come up with valuable domain assets that could be used in your business, or you could resell them at a later time.

There are people out there who build websites, develops them and resell them.

As a premium member, you can build and host up to 50 websites (25 with free domains and 25 with custom domains) at no extra cost.

D. Mentoring by me as well as from the Founders.

There is no other company in the world that gives you direct access to the owners, in particular in a company that has over a MILLION members.

Wealthy Affiliate is different. Immediately you become a member, you are made to feel welcome not only by the owners of the company but by other members.

With over 1.2M aspiring and successful Internet Entrepreneurs, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the largest affiliate marketing community platform in the world.

CLICK HERE to be part of Wealthy Affiliate. Learn, implement what you learn and become a successful Entrepreneur.

We believe in you; we will give you all the support you need to succeed

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