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Are you looking for Part Time Work Home Opportunities?

With so much Unemployment and many businesses closing down, it is wise to look for a part-time job which can fit around your other commitments.

These days, nobody is secure in their jobs and you can lose that job that pays your bills any time.

I started looking for a part-time job when l got fed up with my monthly payslip. It was the same every month whether I worked hard or not. It was hardly enough to pay my bills.

I realised that l was leading a life with no future and if l remained earning the same, l would never have a better lifestyle.

The prices of everything were rising but my pay had sort of stagnated and if l got any pay rise, it was not noticeable.

“The only way to make wealth is to get rid of your salary. In a salary, by definition, you are creating wealth for others, and you are creating a chain and handcuffs for yourself.”- James Altucher, Hedge fund manager, entrepreneur and best-selling Author.

I then searched tirelessly for part-time jobs which could fit around my full-time job. I found one which l thought was suitable only to realise that it was very stressful. It involved buying the products, packaging, looking for customers, delivering the products and then following up and answering all their queries. I had no time for that.

I continued to search and that is when l came across an opportunity where I did not have to buy the products, deliver or follow up on the customers.

The good thing with this company is that it allows people to start on a free membership to try it, so as to find out whether it suited them.

I signed in and I was blown away. It can eventually allow you to have a full – time income and far more beyond.

The business is in Affiliate Marketing and the company is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a company who teaches how to make money online in 100% legitimate ways. It also shows you how to make money as you learn. It is unlike most other companies who tell you to learn everything first before implementing what you learn.

By learning and implementing at the same time, you are likely not to forget what you are learning. The training is transferable to any online business dealing with any niche or any online services.

It does not Promise you Get-Rich-Quick solutions nor does it tell you that you can make money with doing very little.

Wealthy Affiliate is for:

1.  Anyone who wants a side job or are looking to quit their jobs

2.  Stay at Home moms wanting to earn money so as contribute towards the bringing up of their kids and as well as to have a bit of freedom on how to spend money

3.  Stay at home Dads

4.  Anyone who wants to retire early (most of us would love that. Who wants to have the same routine for most of your life?

5. Local business owners wanting to have a better online presence, a secure hosting and technical support for their websites.

6.  Anyone who wants to be their own bosses

7.  People who have lost their jobs

8.  People who are unable to work due to long term illnesses or disabilities

9.  People who not want to depend on financial help from others

10.  Bloggers who would like to start making money from their blogs. Why would you not want to make money. You are already blogging anyway. You will be shown how to convert your blogs in such a way that you can have passive income for that unforeseen time.

11.  Those people who wants to Work from anywhere. It’s a business with no boundaries. If you decide to move countries, or enjoy the World traveling, no problem, your business will not suffer as it is online and you will receive the same support

12.  Internet Marketers who are managing Clients websites and would like secure hosting and support.

13.  Anyone looking for a bright future

How Wealthy Affiliate Works.

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 types of Memberships

a. A completely Free membership for you to try it out

b. Premium membership for those who wants financial Freedom. This is a Paid membership where you get everything you need for a profitable business. This includes

  • any knowledge you need to support your business; for example, all the” how to” and which” questions, like ‘how do I make tables on my website, how do I draw graphs, which theme is best for my website’). Ask anything 24/7, and you will get an answer, mostly within 2 minutes
  • All the Resources and tools for your business

The Payment is as Follows;

I recommend you to start as a Free member then while you are inside Wealthy affiliate upgrade to premium which is $19 for the first month (only if you upgrade within your first 7 days), then either $49 per month or $234 for 6 months or $359 for one year (this is less than $1 per day).

The longer the membership term, the more the saving; For example, if you go 6 monthly you save $60 and of you pay yearly you save $229. You can upgrade to the next level of payment any time and what you had paid earlier will be taken into account so that you do not lose any money. For example, if you are paying $49 per month, you can upgrade to 6 monthly or yearly payment. The same applies to 6 monthly.

Wealthy Affiliate has divided the training into 4 stages:

Stage #1. Choosing an Interest

This could be anything you like. If you do not have an interest you are passionate about, you will be shown thousands of niche products or niche services where you can choose from. You will not be tied to what you select as you can change it any time or even add more niches

stage #2. Building your website.

You do not need any technical knowledge as you will be given a step by step video tutorial (as well as in written text) on how to do it. You will even get 2 free websites and 2 free domains.

Try building your free website by Clicking HERE. No payment will be asked for.

Stage #3. Attracting Visitors.

You will be shown the strategies on how to attract valuable customers to your website. One of the strategies among others is the keywords you use in the description of your products or services.

Stage 4. Earning Revenue.

This is the bit everybody likes. You will be shown how to promote your own products as well as affiliate products like the products from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and many more without even having to buy the products, ship them or deal with customers.

Normally, your online income starts coming in slowly and as you improve, your income starts to grow. Some people are earning more than $10,000 recurring per month.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

It seems complicated but do not worry as Wealthy Affiliate has a training on how to become an affiliate

It starts by searching for the Merchants who have affiliate program and then joining by signing up

The Merchant then gives you a link which is unique to you.

You promote the Merchant’s products by placing that link in your website or you could build a whole website dedicated to that Merchant.

When a customer clicks on the link, they are redirected to the Merchants website and when they buy, you get paid a commission based on the retail price of the product. The Merchant handles all the delivery and any customer related issues.

Different Merchants have their set percentage of the commission, some paying more than others. Some companies like Amazon will even pay you when the customer buys any unrelated product.

You might have bought something through an affiliate marketer but you did not know. If you have bought something from Amazon, most likely you bought through an Affiliate Marketer’s link. The same applies to flights.

If you prefer to build different websites for different merchants, there is no problem because Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build and host 25 free websites and 25 custom websites and the support is the same whether you have one website or 50 websites (this is only when you are a PREMIUM member).

Do You Need Any Qualification To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

You do not need to have any Qualification. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know and the Learning is done in parallel to your business. It is in Step by Step format and you can revisit the training as many times as you want.

Get Started for Free Today By Clicking HERE.

You will get all what is on offer plus my 1 – on 1 Support

All my tips on how to make real money online faster.

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