PGI Global Review: Best Bitcoin MLM or Not?

Looking for an MLM company where you don’t have to recruit?

In this PGI Global review, you are going to learn how you can earn passive income every day through the power of trading with Bitcoin.

AND to make it even better, PGI Global will do the trading for you every day 24/7 and will even show you how to buy Bitcoins.

You are going to double your investment in 200 days or less. Yes; this is correct, in 200 days or less, you will have doubled your money.

PGI Global is very unique; In addition to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related products, the company also have a Referral program which is not mandatory for you to be part of.

Now, let’s learn more about PGI Global.

What Is PGI Global /What Is Praetorian Group International?

PGI Global, also called the Praetorian Group International is a unique company that is changing the world and maybe the only MLM company (crypto MLM company) that is combining Bitcoin trading with Health and Wellness Products.

It was founded by RV Palafox who was born in Philippines and brought up in USA. He has a wide knowledge of Cryptocurrency having previously been involved in Crypo Currency Industry for over 10 years.

At the time of writing this article, PGI Global covers the following continents: South America, Europe, Africa and Asia with Corporate offices based in United Kingdom (UK), Estonia, Philippines (manila), SINGAPORE.

PGI Global is very transparent in the way they operate their businesses and have operating licenses of each country they trade in.

PGI Products And Services.

The PGI Global products are increasing in number all the time and currently they include:

1, Bitcoin Trading.


3, Blockchain Education.

4, Forex Trading

5, MasterCard Debit cards.

6, Health and Wellness.

7, Health Gadgets

Here is a description of each product:

A, Bitcoin: Do you know that Bitcoin were just launched in 2009? It is unbelievable how quickly they have gained popularity; Currently, they are the number one Cryptocurrency in the World.

Trading with Bitcoins is only done by a few individuals but not anymore; PGI Global has taken a different direction where they want to include every one in creating wealth in an easier way.

There is no magic in trading with Bitcoins; PGI will guide you on how you can access the Bitcoin in a transparent Manner.

They have a Trading Platform where you can invest with Bitcoin and your Return On Investment (ROI) will grow every day with between 0.5% to 3% depending on the market.

B, Forex Trading: In addition to Bitcoin, they are in the process of Trading with other Cryptocurrencies on the Open Market.

C, Crypto ATM: They manufacture and distribute Bitcoin ATMs, Crypto Terminals and crypto table terminal

D, Blockchain Education: This is organised by well-established Entrepreneurs; Steve Wozniac who is a co-founder of Apple and Vitalic Buterin co-founder of Ethereum.

If you join PGI Global, you will also be able to access this very important Education.

E, Debit cards: They have Master debit cards which you can use in buying products and services.

Bitcoins are now widely used by many companies and here are a few of the companies:

JP Morgan, Bloomberg, Paul Tutor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Jeffries, Microsoft, Cheapair, Shopify, Namecheap, BMW and many more.

F, Health and Wellness: The Health and Wellness products include:

  • Xsanchi which is a Traditional Chinese Medicine which the Chinese refer to as a Miracle plant or a three seven plant. It’s scientific name is Panax Notoginseng.
  • Praetorian coffee with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals.
  • Praetorian Blend Powergreen with Probiotics.
  • Praetorian glutathione, praetorian spirulina, and praetorian vitamin C.

Under Health and wellness also comes the Health Gadgets.

How Much Does It Cost To Join PGI Global?

Joining PGI is free but for you to earn money, you need to buy a package.

There are at least 9 packages you can choose from:

The price of the packages are in such a way that they take care of everyone’s budget. It starts from just $100.

The Bitcoins are traded everyday 24/7 and for each package you buy, whether it is of $100 or higher, you will be earning a trading bonus of from 0.5% to 3% everyday without missing any day whether the day is a holiday day or not.

Silver Packages; You can choose to pay for any of the following: $100, $400 or $600 worth of Bitcoins.

Gold Packages: Any of the following: $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Platinum Packages: Any of the following: $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000 worth of Bitcoin.

At the moment, the daily Bonus payment is 1% and slightly over.

According to PGI, you will have doubled your investment in 200 days or less.

On top of earning through Bitcoin Trading, PGI has a referral program which is not Mandatory to join.

You might want just to be a Bitcoin trader without joining the Referral program and that’s fine. Having to decide what you want makes PGI to be very unique.

Incase you decide to join the referral program, in addition to Return on investment (ROI) as indicated above, you will also earn a recruiting commission on top of your ROI.

So, the PGI Global Compensation plan will be as below:

A, Daily Return On Investment (ROI): Return on Investment is earned everyday without any recruiting.

B, Recruiting Commissions. Which is also subdivided into Direct referral bonus, Binary Bonus and Boost Up Bonuses, The Percentage of commission you earn depends on your highest package.

So let’s start with Direct Referral Bonus:

Silver packages; You are in the Sapphire tier and you earn 6% Direct Referral Bonus.

Gold Packages, you are in the Ruby tier and you earn 8%.

Platinum Packages: you are in the Emerald tier earn and you earn 10%.

Binary Bonus

Silver Package, Gold and Platinum receive 8 % binary Bonus.

Boost Up Bonus

This is when you Sponsor two people one on the Right and one of the Left and both of them join within 30 days from when your account was activated and they join with a package equal to or higher than yours.

In this case, you earn an extra 2% on Bonuses.

How you get Paid By PGI Global.

Withdraws are every Monday to Friday 12am to 12PM Pacific time. This converts to different times depending on the country you live in.

You can withdraw a minimum of $100 per week and a maximum of 50% of your highest package.

You can decide to withdraw every week or every month, the choice is yours.

Every money withdrawal from your PGI Global Account to your Bitcoin Account has a charge of 8%.

One Other Very important thing:

Once you reach 200% trading bonus; that is; made double your investment which happens within 200 days, you must withdraw all your money and buy a renewal Package of your choice.

You must buy the renewal package within 30 days from when you withdrew. This will allow you to continue earning on your Direct Referral and Binary Bonuses.

However, if you were only a trader, then, there is nothing to lose.

I think withdrawing all your money is very good as you wouldn’t want your money to be tied up. You can then decide whether you want to buy a renewal package. Furthermore, you will have doubled your money.

Other Incentives

PGI has very many Incentives

  • Praetorian Guard Jade is when you have two members one on the left and one on the right each of them have achieved $5K ($10K group sales). You get a Montblanc pen.
  • Praetorian Guard Aquamarine: This is when you have two Praetorian Guard Jade one on the left and one on the right with $20K Group sales. You get the latest IPhone or Samsung.
  • Praetorian Guard Opal: This is when you have two Praetorian Guard Aquamarine one on the left and one on the right with $50K Group sales. You get a MACBOOK AIR.
  • Praetorian Guard Tanzanite: 2 Praetorian Guard Opal one on the left and one on the right worth $100K group sales. You get a 5-day Asian Cruise.
  • Praetorian Guard Ruby: when you have two Praetorian Guard Tanzanite one on the left and one on the right with a group sales of $300K. You are rewarded with a Honda Civic worth upto $30K worth of Bitcoin.
  • Praetorian Guard Emerald: 2 Praetorian Guard Ruby one on the left and one on the right with a group sales of $600K. you get a Mercedes Benz C Class which is up to $60K worth of BTC
  • Praetorian Guard Diamond: • 2 Praetorian Guard Emerald one on the left and one on the right with a group sales of $1.5 million. You get a Range Rover HSE worth up to $150K of Bitcoin.
  • Praetorian Guard Blue Diamond: 2 Praetorian Guard Diamond one on the left and one on the Right with a group sales of $3 Million. You get a Lamborchini Huracan which is up to $300K of Bitcoin

Praetorian Guard Black Diamond: 2 Praetorian Guard Blue Diamond one on the left and one on the Right with a group sales of $6 Million. You get a Ferrari 488 and a luxury Apartment that is up to $600K worth of Bitcoin.

Praetorian Guard Crown Diamond: 2 Praetorian Guard Black Diamond with a group sales of $12 Million. You get a Rolls Royce and a Manson worth up to $1.2 million worth of Bitcoin.

Pros and Cons of praetorian Group International


1. No recruiting needed unless you want to.

2. No selling any product unless you want to

3. Wide variety of Kits to choose from depending on your Budget.

4. For you to earn weekly Bonuses and commissions, all what is required from you is to buy a trading package that is within your budget plus the $19 software fee.

5. Loads of trainings. I have never come across a company like PGI Global that is loaded with Trainings. No wonder it is growing in such a high rate.

I have previously been involved with many businesses including MLM but I have never come across a company that is so transparent like PGI Global where you see how your investment is growing every day.

Step By Step On How to Join PGI Global.

Whether you just want to trade with Bitcoin or to do both the trading and the promoting any of their products, the first thing you need to do is to get registered (it is Free to get registered).

Click HERE to get registered.

Ones you click you will get a registration form that will show you the name of the person who is referring you to PGI Global. Sometimes the username might be different from the sponsor’s name and that’s okay; for example my username is different from my real name.

The form will ask you the following details:

Username, create password, confirm password, first name, last name, birth date, email address, Country, address, Make sure you use a real email address and remember the password you have created.

Also, apart from the username, make sure you use your real names and address so that there is no problem when it comes to PGI paying you your bonuses.

Ones you fill in the form, click submit. You will then get a confirmation email asking you to verify your email; and that’s it.
Ones you are on the PGI Dashboard, you will see all the packages you can choose from and a warning that you should not click on any package unless you have the intention to buy.

The next thing you need to do is to buy Bitcoin. There are several platforms you can use one of them being Coinbase that you can download as an app.

I would suggest you to contact me so that I can walk you through the process of buying any of the packages.

Contact me on


  • Getting registered with PGI Global, also called Praetorian Group International is completely Free.
  • No Recruiting or selling ANY product unless you want to.
  • Access Blockchain Education that everyone would want to have (regardless of your joining Package).
  • You will enjoy Being part of a Cryptocurrency Company.

✔️No Prior experience in Trading with Bitcoin needed. The company will do the trading for you.

Click HERE to get registered.

Don’t miss out on this rare Opportunity where you can make money without having to sell ANY product or RECRUIT anyone (unless you want to).

Please bookmark or save the link of this article as you might need it at a later date. I can also show you how to write articles on any niche even if you are a complete beginner.

To your Success.

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