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Are you looking for information on Stampin’Up. This Stampin’ Up Review discusses the profits that might be made with their products.

If you like to work with a variety of craft materials to produce gifts that everyone in your family will enjoy, this article will show you how. You’ll also learn about the pros and cons of selling their products.

So, let’s dive in.

What’s Stampin’ Up

Stampin’ Up is an American direct selling company founded in 1988 and deal with craft related products such as paper and rubber stamps.

All of their products are made available through the Stampin’ Up demonstrators, who show others how the products can be used to make cards and other crafts.

The Stampin’ Up demonstrator is usually anyone who is passionate about using paper crafts to bring joy to others. They spend a lot of their time traveling and showing others how the products can be used.

Several also have blogs where they display their own work and the pieces created by people who they teach.

All demonstrators are independent contractors. Since they work independently, they can work at the pace that suits their other commitments.

This makes this type of side hustle ideal for women and men who are raising their children.

Some Stampin’ Up demonstrators are hobbyists who show others how to use the products because they want to pass on their skills to others.

For example, they may teach young people in their community how to create gifts by using paper. Their main motivation is to increase the love of the craft but they also enjoy extra earnings.

Stampin’ Up Products

They have a lot of products that make crafting more fun. You can find a lot of items to inspire you and even things that you may not have considered.

While Stampin’ Up is based in Utah, you can get their products anywhere in the United States. You can also get the products overseas, in countries such as Austria and France.

All Stampin’ Up demonstrators receive products at a discount. Many Stampin’ Up Reviews reveal that this is a major incentive for many demonstrators.

With their supplies, you will find it easy to make gift cards, paper boxes and other paper crafts. Get gorgeous shimmery effects, make flowers with silicone craft paper and create line cheerful drawings with multipurpose glue.

The Stampin’ Up Products include:

  • Greeting card paper for handmade cards
  • Decorative stamps
  • Double sided tape
  • Glitter glue
  • Craft punches
  • Embossing folders
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Ribbons
  • Adhesive strips

How To Become A Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

It is easy to become a stampin’ up independent demonstrator. You’ll need to contact someone who is already a demonstrator and sign up through them.

If you are planning to make money from this, it is critical for you to select the right demonstrator. They should be someone who has experience in earning and can mentor you in that way.

The demonstrator you sign up with should be able to introduce you to other demonstrators, so that you can also learn from them. Some offers team meetings regularly and also stay in touch on Facebook Live.

For your information, to join Stampin’ Up, and become a demonstrator, you will need to buy a customized starter kit that costs $99. This has products worth $125.

Some demonstrators are hobbyists who enjoy making crafts. They spend most of their time working on their projects and may not always buy products often.

Other demonstrators are avid business people. They may want to earn money to supplement their regular income.

A single dad or mom can use their earnings from Stampin’ Up to help fund their children’s college tuition. They regularly hold classes and parties to demonstrate the products in an exciting format.

In some Stampin’ Up Reviews, l have seen some of these demonstrators sharing the positive impact that this side hustle has had on their finances.

How To Make Money From Stampin’ Up

Making money with Stampin’ Up can be possible, if you have a good business strategy and time. You will need to plan events where people can attend and learn how to make cards.

Several demonstrators charge those who attend their parties or card-making classes. This allows them to earn from that as well as from any supplies that are used in the classes.

Stampin’ Up also offers you a Compensation Plan. This rewards you in several ways, including through:

1. Title benefits

2. Instant income

3. Volume rebates

You’ll get points when you sell goods of a specific value within a certain time frame. This time is counted from the moment that you first sign up.

This program encourages you to sell products consistently and keep on stepping up. For example, if you achieve your first few goals, you’ll achieve the bronze level.

You will move up based on constant sales and by having more new demonstrators sign up with you. You will have to keep meeting those requirements (if you want to keep your title and keep earning bonuses).

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible
  • Ideal for creative individuals


  • You must invest your own money
  • Difficult to make full time income particularly if you do not have a large and active team under you.
  • The products are not consumables meaning that it’s difficult to get repeat customers (how often do people buy cards?)
  • Those distributors who are not genuinely passionate about craft can easily drop out. Ideally you should also be creative.
  • The amount you earn depends on the performance of your team.
  • One of the ways of making money with Stampin’ Up is to host parties. Having the parties makes sense but there is also a cost involved.

You as the distributor has to buy products that will be used for demonstration. If you end up not recruiting or selling those products, you end up losing money.


This opportunity is for people who already enjoy using craft supplies to create beautiful gifts. If you are a creative woman or man who is looking for a way to earn additional income on the side, this can be a valid option for you to consider.

But if you are not passionate about crafts, I would recommend a business that does not require you to buy products, hold parties, attend meetings or have any downline.

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  • No buying products
  • No holding parties
  • No sales skills
  • Work from anywhere. All what you need is access to the internet.

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