The ACN Review

Are you looking for what ACN is about and whether ACN is a scam, a pyramid scheme or a legit company where you can make money promoting their products?

This ACN review will give you enough information that will help you decide whether ACN is a company you would like to be associated with as a distributor or/and as a customer.

What Is ACN About?

ACN is a direct selling company, founded in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz.

They are members of direct selling association and their main Headquarters in Concord, North Carolina, USA.

ACN stands for American Communications Network and as the name suggests, they offer telecommunications, energy and essential services for residential homes and businesses.

The company is currently spread to many countries for example:

Europe with Headquarters being in Amsterdam, Australia (ACN Australia), South Korea, Canada (ACN Canada) and Mexico (just to mention a few countries)

The ACN products includes:

  • Mobile phone services
  • Energy services (electricity, gas for residential and small businesses)
  • TV
  • Security services.

As you can see, the ACN Services are essential services every home and office uses but not necessarily from ACN. There are many other companies that have similar products and it all depends on the company the customers prefer depending on the value they are receiving.

As you continue reading this article, you will find out whether you can make money as the ACN independent business owner (IBO).

How To Make Money With ACN

The ACN compensation plan is similar to most MLM companies. There are mainly 2 ways of earning money.

  • Through acquiring of customers. You get paid every time your customers pay their bill
  • Through recruiting others to do the same. Every time your referral pays a bill, you earn a commission. Just like most MLM companies, you also earn a commission from people recruited by your referrals.

Legal Cases and Complaints

ACN has had some legal cases and complaints.

  • Between 2000 and 2001, there were about 135 informal complaints from the consumers to the Bureau of consumer services where ACN distributors were accused of switching consumers’ services without consumers authorizing them.
  • There was also some complaints about the consumers being overcharged.

In 2010, they settled a Cease and Desist order as a result of being accused as being run like a pyramid Scheme.

However, it was found that these cases of trading like a pyramid scheme were rare as they practiced by very few distributors; It was therefore agreed that the distributors would get additional training.

Is American Communications Network A Scam

As previously mentioned, ACN deals with essential services where they earn money as a result of distributing their services to customers.

The company is not a scam neither is ACN a pyramid scheme but just like many MLM companies, your earnings are dependent on:

  • The number of people you are able to recruit as distributors (without them quitting) and
  • The number of customers you have.

The bigger your downline, the more you will earn. To maintain a downline is not easy and its also not easy to have repeat customers. This means that you have to continuously be recruiting and searching for new customers.

The thing I like about ACN is its income disclosure statement that gives a warning that not all ACN independent representatives make a profit and no one can be guaranteed success as an ACN independent representative.

That disclosure is very clear that you might not make money.

Statistically, very few people (about 1%) make money using MLM Model. The problem is not the distributors; the problem is likely due to the way compensation plan is structured.

Ask yourself why you want to be an entrepreneur/business owner and which business models you have tried and not succeeded.

Not succeeding does not mean that you are a failure; the business might not be good fit for you.

People have different reasons why they start a business; for example

  • Maybe you want freedom to do what you like, or
  • Maybe you are looking to a change in career or
  • Maybe you are looking for extra income to add onto what you have
  • Or you might be like me who was looking for a full-time income so that I can quit my job.

Whatever the reason, ask yourself: Is ACN leading you to solving your problems? is it leading you to the path of success?

If Yes, then continue. There is no need to change. If your answer is NO, then maybe you should look for another business.

That is exactly what I did. When I was an MLM distributor, I used to believe in the sales pitches and testimonials distributors made just to realise that the testimonials were meant to motivate and encourage prospects to join.

While it’s good to be motivated and encouraged, if the business is not giving you money, then you are not helping yourself by sticking with it.

The dropout rate of the people you recruit is also very high.

I am now doing Affiliate Marketing and its Awesome. You do not rely on others to make money so as to earn a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is structured in such a way that there are no downlines and yet you can sell as many products and services as you wish and from as many combinations of niches as you like.

The beauty is that you do not spend any money on the products and you do not do any customer fulfillment.

If you are in a job, this might be the best business for you as a low-cost side hustle that can eventually give you over 6 figure income.

Don’t get me wrong; its not a quick rich business. You have to put in some effort but eventually, it can give you passive income so that you can quit that job or retire early.

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When I started learning and getting support in creating and running my own business using this training, I had no clue on how to do it but my mind was telling me to try it out as it was free to get started.

This quote helped me in getting started

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Affiliate Marketing is the best asset you can create that will give you long-lasting income; So, do not lose this chance of trying it out.

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