The Ambit Energy Reviews

Are you looking for information on what Ambit Energy is about and whether you can make money? Read this Ambit Energy Review that answers most of your questions.

If you are looking for a side hustle to supplement your income, there are several paths you can take. One of these is starting a business. Depending on whether you do well, you can quit your job and start working for yourself full time.

One of the choices would be working for Ambit Energy but it’s good to find more about Ambit Energy so that you are able to decide whether it is the right path for you.

With Ambit Energy, you can work as an Ambit Energy independent consultant and also recruit other consultants and add to your earnings.

Ambit offers its sales network commission percentages and bonuses. The business also allows you to work from home, and working with Ambit and their essential energy product is a low-stress job that you can do from your home.

What Is Ambit Energy About?

Ambit Energy is a direct sales company providing natural gas and electricity services in the United States. The company was established by Chris Chambless and Jere Thompson Jr. in 2006, and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas USA

The company has a robust sales network that enables individuals looking for a side hustle to make money and supplement what they get from their regular jobs.

With the rising costs of living not only in the US but around the world, a more affordable option is a bonus. Customers can get a high-quality product at low prices, and consultants have the added benefits of extra income.

Ambit Products and Services

Ambit Energy offers the following services.

  • Solar Services

This product is offered through an Ambit affiliate called Sunrun. Ambit consultants find interested customers, and then a Sunrun representative does the installation. They provide customers with batteries and solar panels for their homes.

Using solar energy for your homes ensures that you save up on utility costs. Although you have to pay for the solar panels, batteries and installation, you will not need to pay for electricity every month after installation. Besides, solar energy is good for the environment, and unlike fossil fuels, you will hardly run out of sunshine. Solar energy systems do not need heavy maintenance, and that’s more money saved.

  • Gas Services

Every home needs gas for a variety of purposes, and Ambit Energy has got you covered. While other suppliers charge large amounts of money for it, Ambit customers get lower, pocket-friendly prices. You can save money by referring your family, friends and people in your neighborhood.

  • Electricity Services

There are a variety of electricity companies in the US today, and every consumer is looking for a cheaper supplier. Ambit offers lower prices on their products.

In some Ambit Energy Reviews, customers say they had up to a 50% reduction in their electric bill when they switched to Ambit Energy.

Lower prices help reduce stress because you are not worried about being able to pay the bill at the end of the month.

  • Green-e Plans

Ambit Energy also offers green plans for people building a new home. A green-e plan is just as essential as using recycled materials such as recycled glass when building your home. These plans come with Renewable Energy Certificates, which are tradable energy products that are proof that 1MWH of energy was produced from a renewable energy source.

How To Be An Ambit Consultant

The first step to becoming an Ambit Consultant is by sending your information to the company. They will have a company representative talk to you who will explain the various benefits of becoming an Ambit consultant and how to make money from home. The business model is similar to franchising, and you will need to pay a small enrollment fee and the costs of setting up a consultant’s website for you. That totals to $100.

Since you do not need to buy inventory, you can convince people to start using Ambit, and you will make your investment back. The company offers training for its consultants, and you earn a commission when your customers begin using Ambit for their energy needs. It is essential to note that if you convince people to become consultants, you will make even more money

Ambit Compensation plan

There are several ways to earn money as an Ambit Energy consultant. You can make money from Immediate Income, Leadership Income and Residual Income. Immediate Income is paid out when consultants gather customers and help others gather customers. They are paid based on the number of customers they have and the number of consultants they have assisted.

Leadership Income is based on your ranking in the company hierarchy. The more energized customer points, the higher you are. Residual Income is the commission you receive for maintaining your energized customers.

Pro and Cons of Becoming An Ambit Consultant


  • Low Start-up Costs

New consultants only need to pay 100 dollars to join the company. Secondly, you do not have to pay a renewal fee. With your first 3 or 4 customers, you will make back your start-up capital.

  • No Inventory

You will not have to buy any products to sell. You only need to convince people to use Ambit Energy, and you get paid.

  • No Billing or Collecting

You will not have to bill your customers or go to their homes to collect their payments. Ambit Energy bills them and then pays your commission.

  • Essential Product

Energy is an essential product that every house needs, and therefore, everyone is a prospective customer.


  • Consultants need to be able to bring in more people to sell Ambit products as well as bringing in more customers.

Is Ambit Energy A Scam?

No, it is a legitimate company But:

Can You Make Money From Ambit Energy?

There are people who are good at Ambit Energy and they are able to make Money. However, the majority are not able to make enough money to live on.

The products are very good to use and the cost is low. The problem with Ambit Energy is that they have a limited number of products.

If you are making good money with Ambit Energy, I would recommend you to keep doing it but if not then, I would recommend a business that is Online based that does not involve recruiting and a business that has many products that you can promote.

The only business that falls into that category is Affiliate Marketing.

To do Affiliate Marketing, you only need to follow a few steps.

These steps are the same regardless on the niche you are promoting and the best with this is that you can use the same steps to promote as many niches and as many products as you wish.

The business is suitable for:

1. People who have No time for face-to-face contact with customers

2. People who do not like the responsibility of handling products. In this business you do not buy the products.

3. People who do not have time to deal directly with customers

4. People who have No time to attend meetings.

In this business, everything is done online meaning that you do not need to leave your house. You can actually do it from anywhere as far as you have internet.

No Wonder entrepreneurs from about 194 countries are doing it. Making Passive income is the only way you can be assured of having a better future, and having the flexibility of promoting as many products as you wish without buying them makes it possible.

The products can also be from different niches.

Click Here to get Started on your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

You will be taught all the steps and how to find the products. You will also be taught how to market them with more emphasis to doing it without spending any money.

How good is that? You will also get 24 hours, 365 days support regardless of the country you are in.

Getting Started is Free and you will even be able to build a free website. In addition to that, you will be able to access to 10 FREE Business lessons.

If I as an EX MLM distributor has succeeded, you can also Succeed.

No experience is needed.

What are you doing right now? If you are able to access the internet, you could start from wherever you are.

Click Here to get started.

As soon as you create your login details, you will be able to learn the steps; and It’s free to get Started. If you don’t like it, no problem but there is a high possibility that you will like it.

Why am I telling you this?

Before I landed onto Affiliate Marketing, I had tried many businesses including MLM but I found that to make money in those businesses, you needed a lot of time.

For me, I was in a full time job and a family to take care of; meaning that those businesses could not fit my tight Schedule.

I had no time for face to face customers, to deliver products or to attend meetings. I still knew that a job could never give me a better future. Most people are working past their retirement age not because they enjoy their work but because they cannot afford to retire

I did not want to retire poor; so, I continued looking for a better business that fits busy people like me. I eventually found Affiliate Marketing and I have never looked back.

The Business you will be starting is completely yours, your own Asset that no one can take away from you. You have 100% control on what you want to promote.

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