The Best Money Making Business.

Would you like to know the best money making business that does not require any qualifications, experience or a lot of money?

Finding out the best business to start is very time-consuming. Most of the times, it is trial and error

most businesses will require:

  • A lot of money even before you get started.
  • Storage space
  • Business location (renting office space).
  • Commuting
  • Giving up whatever else you are doing.
  • Some Experience and most likely, the skill or familiarity of a similar business.

There is no business that does not require all the above except Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is an online money making business
that when done well, can help you earn money on the internet which can be recurring.

It might also be the only online money making business that you can operate and generate a lot of revenue without even needing any overhead; and a business that you can start quickly as you do not need a lot of preparations that comes with starting most businesses.

In short, we can say that it is the only Legitimate fast money making business BUT; It’s not a get Quick Rich Business that will make you money overnight.

Any business that claims that you will Get Rich overnight will not give you long term income and most of them are not legitimate.

In Affiliate Marketing, you can generate very high income but you have to work hard and give it time to grow. You should be willing to give the business at least 3 months before you to start making any money. The first 3 months is the time you are laying a strong foundation.

The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that it won’t interfere much with your other commitments and it can also be added onto other businesses and with time, it might give you more money than your original businesses.

How Is Affiliate Marketing Done?

Affiliate Marketing is not as difficult as most people think; You can build a business out of any product; could be products around your passion, your hobby or anything you like. Here is a brief description of:

how affiliate marketing is Done:

Let’s say that you want to build a business around your passion.

The first question is: What are you passionate about?

For example, if you are passionate about sports, this is the process:

Sports is very broad, you need to be specific; What type of sports are you passionate about?

The next thing is to list as many products as you can that are related to that type of sports.

-Then narrow down to at least 3 products and find out whether there is demand for them.

-Next stage is to find out whether people will be willing to pay for them.

Now you have found your best product, the next thing is to build a website around your product.

To build a website you will be needing a domain name and this is where some people get stuck at.

There are 3 ways on which you can base on choosing a domain name:

1. Domain Name Based on your topic:

-This is the best as it is more specific. It instantly tells people what your website is all about and helps them decide quickly whether the website is for them.

-It grabs people’s attention instantly. This is a good thing putting in mind that we are in a fast moving World where the average attention span of a human being is very short; around 8 seconds before their mind moves to somewhere else most likely not to visit your website any other time.

-So your Domain name should be attention grabbing.

-It also gives the Search Engines some Specific information about your products resulting in Google showing your products to more people.

-The other good thing is that if your website becomes very popular, you might later on want to sell it. In this case it will be easier to sell it.

The only disadvantage is that if you want to change direction to a complete new direction like from sports related products or services to a very UNRELATED direction for example to Interior decorating or Jewellery products, it will almost be impossible.

You can, but it will be difficult for you to find new customers as the search engines might not show those unrelated products.

2. Domain Based On Your Name

You can easily change direction using your name but it takes more time for you to generate traffic to your website.

The domain name might also be difficult to get as there might be many people who have similar names.

3. Domain name Where You Make It Up

Just like Domain name based on your name, you can easily change direction but it takes more time for you to generate traffic to your website

The choice depends on you but whatever choice you go for, try to make the domain name:

Memorable; that is easy to remember

.com unless you cannot find it. Why .com?

  • It is the most popular and
  • most people will assume that your website finishes with .com.
  • Search Engines will favour .com more than others

Now you have built your website using your domain name.

-The next thing is to write content and find Affiliate Products without buying them.

This is where a Training Offered by Wealthy Affiliate comes Handy.

The Wealthy Affiliate course shows you:

1. Exactly how to narrow down your products using a keyword tool that will make the process to be very quick.

2. The process of buying a domain name

3. How to build a website(s) {you can even build 2 free websites using 2 free domains using their platform}.

4. Where to find free products to sell

Literally everything you need in a business will be provided; All the know hows, the tools, the resources, 24/7 support and mentoring.

Why should you Trust Wealthy Affiliate?

We Live in a Digital World where if you build your business the Right way Right from the Beginning, you will reap rewards that can pay you long term Income. Wealthy Affiliate believes in teaching you how to generate passive income. That’s one of the reasons

Why more than 1.4 million entrepreneurs have decided to build their businesses on their platform

It is a global company SPREAD in 194 COUNTRIES and the number is still going up.

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There is also a high possibility that you will start earning money online as you learn. Wealthy Affiliate’s Training is prepared in such a way that you act on every lesson as you learn.

Imagine having an online Business that is generating income as you learn. This is What Modern way of learning is all about. All those days when you had to finish a course before you can earn any penny are gone.

Start learning through videos, written text and webinars

Ask questions as you go along and with 8000+ COACHES, you are assured of getting answers within minutes, sometimes almost instantly.

Become part of a community who are also getting help in their businesses

Access any topic you like related to how to make money on the internet examples;

how to make videos, email marketing, YouTube; social media; how to create quality content; everything to help in your business is within the Platform.

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The first 7 days are Free after that you have the option to Upgrade to Premium Membership.

It get’s even better: Premium Membership is discounted for your first month to $19 instead of the regular $49 if you upgrade within your first 7 days of your free membership; Don’t Miss out on this discount.

Wish you all the success.

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