The Best Paying Part Time Jobs For Retirees – Wish You Knew

Many retired people are talented and although they have reached their retirement age, they are still mentally very strong, alert and are willing to work.

The best they could do is to find a part-time job which is flexible, work when they want and from anywhere, as they would not want to be tied to one location.

By the time they retired, most likely they were already fed up with the daily routine.

Retired people can do well in most businesses as they have a lot of life experiences which will help them figure out how to perform most tasks and this will help them move forward quicker.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life”. Steve Jobs, co- founder, chairman and co OF APPLE.

When I was looking for a part-time job which I could do at my own schedule, I did a lot of research and after a whole year of searching, I came across a company dealing with Affiliate Marketing.

It ticked all my boxes as it offers all the flexibility anyone would wish for.

The company is called Wealthy Affiliate. I learnt that you could sign as a free member, to try out and see whether it was real and that is exactly what I did and I cannot look back.

The best thing about the company is that:

They have no age discrimination. Furthermore, you are as old as you feel. In fact, most old people do not feel old. It is other people who makes them feel old. The best is to ignore what other people think and carry on in whatever you want to do.

Sometimes I do not even know how to define the word “old”. You always saw your parents as old and if you have kids, they have always seen you as old.

You can be from any background

You do not need any experience

This company has trained me, given me all the resources I need as well as giving me a chance to earn money as I learn. I would not hesitate to introduce you.

Wealthy Affiliate global company;

1.  Has over 1.4 million entrepreneurs

2.  Spread in over 193 countries

3.  It is 100% legitimate

4.  Has 1800+ expert coaches

5.  Has been in business for 14 years

Affiliate Marketing is normally done Online and all what you need is a smart Phone or laptop and internet connection.

It being online gives you the flexibility of working at your own terms and from any location.

In Affiliate Marketing, you do not have to do any of the following:

  • Buy the product
  • Create a product
  • Customer service nor do you have to meet face to face with the customer. You might be one of those people who do not like ‘small talk’.

Small talk is not bad but not when you are doing it with intention and face to face for somebody to buy your products.

It can be time-consuming as well as stressful dealing with customers. Luckily enough, for this business you do not have to deal with their queries, deliveries or their payments

Not dealing with customers gives you:

1.  Time to concentrate with building your business.

2.  Saves you on the cost of running a business (Zero cost on products).

3.  Saves you on space as you do not have to store any products

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is designed in such a way that you as you get trained on how to start and operate an online business, you actually implement what you learn and this way allows you to Earn as you Learn.

The income you earn will be passive income.

The training is divided into 4 steps

Step # 1.  How To Choose a Niche

You will be learn the key points to consider when selecting the Niche you want to pursue. Some niches are more profitable than others. You might have heard of the phrase “The Riches are in the Niches”.

You want to select a niche which will be bringing you money now and many years to come. If you happen not to have a niche you are not very passionate about, Wealthy Affiliate will show you many Niche Products and you will definitely find a few you could freely select.

Step# 2.  How to Building your website

The company has technology which allows anybody without any prior experience to build their websites in a few minutes.

You are given a step by step video and written text tutorial on how to do it. If I did it, anybody can do. I was one of those people who were scared on anything related to the technical aspects of computers.

Step# 3.  How to Attract Customers to your Website

By this time, with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you have selected your Niche and Built a website.

The main goal is to attract visitors to your website some of whom will become customers.

This is the stage where you will be taught how to go about it.

There are about 3.9 billion potential customers browsing the internet every day. All what you need is to get a small fraction of these customers.

More than half the World’s population are buying online. People are using their mobile phones to purchase products on the go, whether it is when they are commuting or when they are having a break.

It’s not like those days when you could only wait to get home so as to use the home computers. Life has also become very busy for most people and finding time to out shopping is becoming difficult.

No wonder many high street shops are closing down

Stage #3 is where you can leverage the power of Affiliate Marketing where you sign up with Affiliate Programs dealing with niche products similar to yours.

The Affiliate company will give you a link which you can place on your website and when a customer clicks on that link, they will be redirected onto the other company’s website who will fulfil the customers’ requirements.

You will then be paid a commission. This way, you will be earning money from two streams of income, from your niche products as well as from Affiliate Commission.

Do not worry much about this part as you will be shown in the training. You will learn about different Affiliate programs and the amount of commission they offer.

Step# 4.  Earn Revenue!

This is what we all want and With time, you will see yourself earning money.

There are 2 types of membership within Wealthy Affiliate

Free Starter membership and Premium membership

Free Starter membership completely free. It allows you to get started so that you can find out whether what is of value to you.

These are some of the things you will get as a free member:

1.  One free Website for you to build on their platform.

2.  Free hosting of your website.

3.  Free themes for you to choose the ones you like.

4.  Research tool to help you uncover the keywords customers are using to search for products similar to yours. Using this tool will help your website in ranking in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This tool will be able to discover unique keywords which your competitors might not know about.

5. Free Training: This is absolutely free for starter members.

Click HERE to create your Free Starter Account. Nothing to lose.

Premium Membership

For premium members, the sky is the limit. You will get training on every topic you can think of in the online World.

Below are a few of the things you get

1.  You can build 10 websites with 24/7 Support.

2.  Keyword Research tool – unlimited Searches

3.  More themes than for starter members

4.  Weekly live webinars

5.  SiteFeedback- to let you know how your websites are performing.

6.  SSL Certificates.

7.  SiteProtect – to protect your websites hacking as well as against spam.

8.  SiteSpeed. Makes sure that your website loads fast on both desktop and on mobile phones. Have you ever searched for a product you really wanted and the page will not load? This is well taken of.

It can be very annoying to lose customers because they are unable to access your website

9.  Content Marketing training.

10.  social media

11.  Mentoring and Coaching. Having the support and guidance have been proven to be is very important.

How Much Does the Premium Membership Cost?

I would recommend to you to start as a free member and then upgrade within the first 7 days.

If you upgrade to premium membership within the 1st 7 days of your joining as a starter member, you pay Only $19 for the first month.

I am inside Wealthy Affiliate Waiting to give you 1 to 1 free support

CLICK HERE to get started as a free member

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