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Not sure whether to join Color Street or not; this Color Street Review will reveal what Color Street is about, whether it is a pyramid scheme, a scam or legit, So, keep reading.

Applying nail polish totally enhances a woman’s look. Although considered as just a minor part of a makeover, women include their nails when grooming themselves from top to bottom.

From stylish bright colors to subtle nude shades, they love adding color to their nails trusting that it somehow heightens up their appeal.

As one of the most established nail coloring brands, Color Street offers a range of colors and nail art designs that every woman would absolutely adore. Known to be a creative beauty brand that offers countless possibilities, we have put together a vibrant and comprehensive Color Street review.

What Is Color Street / What Is Color Street About?

Color Street is an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company founded by Fa Park and its Headquarters are based in USA.

One of the best ways which require very little effort that can help take your look to the next level is through a manicure worthy of a salon.

Color Street recognizes that painting within the edges of your nails can be quite tricky which is why they’ve come up with a solution that serious nail polish lovers could glue themselves to.

With a plethora of varying nail stickers, their products are made of real nail polish that has been dried down, providing an easy and mess-free manicure that needs no dry time.

Here are a few reasons why some people like using nail strips from Color Street:

Eliminates Tricky Dress Codes

I don’t know about you, but I can never get a firm grasp of what smart casual really is. Get rid of the complexity of dressing up properly by accentuating your nails with the appropriate design or color to enhance your look.

Cancels Down Time During Dry Time

Gone are the days when the best reason to paint your nails is the few minutes of pause afterward. Honestly, it is obligatory and would be such a waste not to.

In today’s fast-paced day-to-day life, who can afford to sit idly as the world passes by? Color Street provides the convenience of selecting, stripping, and sticking on the go.

Upgrades Any Outfit

No matter how under dressed you may be in showing up for a party, beautifully colored nails can help improve your outfit. And in brandishing a different color each time, you are encouraged to wear a wider selection of garb instead of such lifeless and repetitive clothing.


Ever had elegantly painted nails ruined in a matter of minutes? Or have your nails looking like a dalmatian with its plethora of spots as a result of incessant uncontrollable chipping?

Color Street nail stickers last longer than traditional nail polish. Dry time is almost non-existent while chipping may only happen if you immerse your hands in such tedious tasks.

Color Street is also a prominent multi-level marketing company that does not only offer unique nail art but also allows its users to become business partners.

Their stickers aim to fit your exact nail shape and make it seem like you have just stepped out of the salon with colorful, freshly done nails. By simply peeling, sticking, and filing away the excess, users enjoy salon-quality manicure without even applying a drop of paint on them.

The Color Street Products

Color Street simply sells nail polish strips for nail art. Upon purchase, you get a package that includes the wraps that you cut into size and apply to your nails. Once applied, the color street nail strips are meant to last about 10 days and after that time, you may be ready for a different look.

Having a good command of the Color Street product can be quite beneficial as it takes time to learn how to use them efficiently.

Color Street box sets include a variety of fun patterns that include French, glitter, and holiday-themed, making these nail stickers suitable for any occasion. Although nail polish can be purchased in many different places, the wraps are both attractive and one-of-a-kind, getting more people interested in the brand’s nail art.

How To Become A Color Street Stylist / Consultant

Gaining success as a fashion stylist necessitates hard physical work and an expansive network. Most would depend on clients who give them good recommendations to gain other patrons.

As a multi-level marketing company, not only do they provide its users with gorgeous nails, but it also allows them to earn money from the company through reselling items or by recruiting people into the company to be hired as consultants, otherwise known as stylists.

To go further in the ranks, you will need more qualified legs, people who are also willing to put in some work into their businesses.

Much like in most businesses, to grow big, you need to find more personnel who are willing to work under you who are capable of promoting Color Street products.

The Color Street Compensation Plan

The nail stickers that they offer have several essential benefits. From zero dry time to advanced nail designs, its users have shown the utmost satisfaction with the product.

Moreover, their marketing plan also has a very generous compensation plan for their workers, in which it is set in 3 different phases, the Marketing, Leadership, and Executive phases.

During the stylists’ first 95 days, they earn jumpstart rewards, a move that motivates them to buy and sell more products. Base retail commissions are paid weekly while enhanced commissions are given monthly with the amount depending on the company’s overall sales for the month.

With regard to the income, the guarantee of earning from this opportunity depends on the stylist’s skill set and effort.

Earning commissions require nothing but time and hard work as the more people you have in your team, the higher your earnings will be. Stylists are also asked to accumulate a certain amount over a certain period for them to qualify for a higher ranking.

A stylist, as they are called, is the base level spot one would acquire if he decides to join the company.

To remain active and earn commission, a stylist needs to consistently sell products worth $300 in one month in a period of 6 months.

Color Street Pros And Cons

Nail stickers enhance a woman’s overall get up. They offer a handful of options including ones with great detail that even the average do-it-yourself nail polish buff can achieve exquisite nail treatment on their own. Apart from its simplicity and ease of use, here are a few of Color Street’s pros and cons.


  • Wide selection.
  • Lasts longer than regular nail polish. Color Street nails are meant to last for 10 days
  • No drying time.


  • Takes a little getting used to.
  • Costs more than the average nail polish.
  • Color street nail polish strips if not taken care of dry out once the box is opened.

Having your nail polish done by a professional gives you only about 2 days of good-looking polish. Color Street’s nail stickers provide you with fully accessorized nails that remain chip-free longer, look better, and are applied much easier.

is color street a pyramid scheme

No, it is not a pyramid Scheme, nor is Color Street a Scam. it is a legitimate company

Color Street is a fun way to spruce up your fingers as well as your toes in colors and designs you dream of. From striking colors to animal or flower prints, this fashion accessory allows women to flaunt their creativity through their nails BUT:

Can You Really Make Money With Color Street?

I can say that it is one of the best MLMs but according to statistics, there more people losing money in their MLM companies than the ones gaining.

You might be good at Color Street but it might be very difficult to make a full-time income. To make a full-time income, you need a lot of people in your team.

If you want a business that involves fewer commitments than Color street, I would recommend doing an Online Business where you do not spend on any Product, no parties involved, no recruiting or dealing directly with Customers.

This is a business that suits:

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  • People who are bringing up kids who have limited time
  • People who are almost retiring or have retired and would like to make some extra money.

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