The Jeunesse Global Reviews

Looking to make money with Jeunesse Global? Let’s find what Jeunesse Global is about and answering questions like “is Jeunesse Global a scam”, a pyramid or legit.

What Is Jeunesse Global About?

It is a direct selling company founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis; the headquarters are in Florida, USA.

The Jeunesse Global Products

They have over 40 products and the company says that their products are supposed to keep you feeling and looking young.

Before I go further, I would like to bring to your attention that this article also includes MonaVie product reviews.

MonaVie is an MLM company that went into foreclosure in 2015 due to several controversies.

Some of the controversies related to health claims, its business plan resembling a pyramid scheme and defaulting to pay a loan of $182 million.

It was later on bought by Jeunesse Global.

The Jeunesse products can be divided into 3 categories Beauty, wellness and weight management with Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S) falling into all the 3 categories.


A few of Jeunesse Beauty products include:

  • Instantly Ageless: micro cream that can help in reducing the visible signs that you get as you age.
  • Luminesce: meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles resulting in restoring radiance to the skin.

The company says that the Luminesce products uses poly peptide technology and that they are Dermatologist-developed. Apparently, luminesce line of products form the Jeunesse flagship product

  • Naara: This is a skin care product that can be taken orally. It provides 5,000 mg TruMarine Collagen that is supposed to replace the natural loss of collagen that we all lose as we age.
  • RVL: Jeunesse global RVL is a hair care product that is said to have botanicals like flax seed oil, fenugreek and jojoba oil

WELLNESS Products: These are mainly Supplements


  • AM & PM Essentials: these are supplements that are taken in the morning and before midnight. They are supposed to improve the body’s health both inside and outside.
  • Jeunesse Reserve: main ingredient is resveratrol is said to have botanical blend of antioxidants that is meant to help internal system.
  • Finiti: supplements in the form of capsules. Key ingredients are purslane extracts, palm fruits, fucoidan (combu).
  • Revita Blu:
    botanical blend of sea buckthorn berry, blue green algae and aloe Vera
  • MX2O: a supplement that contains black organic fulvic and humic acids


  • Zen Bodi: these are weight management products. Includes Zen28 that is a 28-day plan
  • MonaVie products: Also referred to as “The Jeunesse Monavie products”. These are under the Jeunesse weight loss products. They include The MonaVie Active: blend of 19 fruits plus plant-based glucosamine. The combination is supposed to help you maintain your movement.

The fruits are Acai berry, Apples, Pomegranate, Pineapple, passion fruit, Pear, Banana, White Grapes, Kiwi, Acerola, Cranberry, grape, Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Bilberry, Prune, Elderberry and Wolfberry.

Can You Make Money From Jeunesse?

To be upfront with you, it’s good for you to know that
you can hardly make money in Jeunesse working alone.

If you want to make money in Jeunesse Global, you have to be a good team builder.

There are 3 main ways of earning money at Jeunesse Global

A) Through retail. You buy products at a discount and then sell them at retail

B) Through recruiting. The amount you get depends on type of kit they buy. It can be as little as $25.

C) Team commission. The more products your team sells, the more each team member gets.

They have other ways of making money but they are all mainly based on team building.

The more active your team is, the higher you rank and the more you earn.

As you can see, if you do not recruit, you cannot have your own team meaning that you will never earn team commissions or go up the rank.

Jeunesse Global lawsuits and claims

Jeunesse has previously been accused of operating as a pyramid scheme, false medical claims and income claims.

I am unable to comment on these allegations as I have not done enough research on them.

If you decide to join as a distributor, you might want to research more.

Is Jeunesse Global A Scam

Even though the company had some accusations, personally, I can say that the company is not a scam; neither is Jeunesse Global a Pyramid Scheme.

I am not a Jeunesse distributor, nor am I associated with them in any way but my findings show that they have good products.

But the Question is: can you make money with Jeunesse?

It’s difficult to make money with Jeunesse. The failure rate of Multi Level Marketing companies (whether its two levels or more) is very high and according to statistics, over 90% of Distributors do not make money.

To make money in most MLMs, you have to be good at recruiting and whoever you recruit has to be very active at selling and recruiting.

This is not as easy as it sounds. I was an MLM product distributor and I can honestly tell you that it is not easy.

Even if you are good at selling, you will still not make enough money. In most cases you lose.

You have to look for the customers where in most cases, you have to meet up with them so that they can try out the products. This is both money and time-consuming (sometimes you have to meet in a coffee shop).

Even if the customers came to your house or you went to theirs, it is still inconvenient particularly if you are sharing the house with other people.

It’s also difficult to retain the people you recruit. Most distributors drop out after a few months, others within days.

What is the Alternative to Jeunesse?

For me, my main goal is to make money, so when l found that I was struggling to make money with MLM, I went searching for another business model.

I came across Affiliate Marketing and to me, it is the best business you can do. (it’s like a “hands free” business)

It’s a business where you do not need any downline or spend on products and yet you can make a full-time income and most of it can be passive.

The only thing you need is a training which you can get through Wealthy Affiliate

The training is prepared in such a way that you can make money as you learn.

At the beginning, I did not believe that I could make Passive income until suddenly, the money started coming in and it has never stopped.

What’s cool is that it’s not only me who is making money, other people are doing the same (even though just like me), they had no prior experience or any particular skill.

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