There are so many MLMs and it can be confusing to know which is legit. This Monat MLM Review tells you what Monat is about and whether it’s a scam to keep away.

Every Multi level Marketing will tell you how good they are and how you can have both Financial and time Freedom working a few hours per week.

By the time you finish reading this Monat Reviews, you will be well-educated to decide for yourself whether it is worth joining or buying their products

What Is Monat?

Monat is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company that has existed since 2014 and is currently spread to many other countries like UK, Canada (Monat Canada), Ireland and Poland.

Its headquarters are in Florida, USA. Monat also called the Monat Global is Subsidiary of the Alcora Corporation.

The Monat Products are mainly hair care, skin care and pet hygiene products.

How To Make Money With Monat (also called The Monat Compensation Plan.

There are several ways of earning from Monat but they can be summarised into two ways:

1. Retail

2. Through recruiting. You earn a certain percentage from the products the people you have recruited have purchased.

Their compensation plan shows that the more you recruit and maintaining your downline without them dropping out, the more you can earn and the more you can go up the ladder of earning more commissions.

Why is the drop out rate of MLM distributors so high?

Statistics shows that almost 50% of MLM distributors drop out within one year.

Most people join thinking that they will make money within a short time only to experience what it takes.

In most cases, you lose money as you have to buy a starter kit which rarely makes you money considering what you have to give away to your target customers for them to try out, the phone calls and the cost when meeting your customers and prospects.

I was an MLM distributor and just like most other people, I thought I would make money. I persevered for several years but at the end, I had to give up. Don’t get me wrong. The products were good to personally consume but the business side was not.

Is Monat A Scam?

It is not a scam, nor is Monat a pyramid scheme but you might want to know about Monat Lawsuits, Monat Class Action lawsuit and many complaints to US food and Drug administration and Better Business Bureau. I will give you just a few:

  • Complaints: customer reported of balding, scalp sores, hair damage
  • Some Products were found in their manufacturing sites to be stored in bad conditions where they could easily be contaminated.
  • Taking advantage of the unemployment during the coronavirus.

My Final Opinion of Monat MLM

Although the review found that Monat is a legal company, you should be careful. Not being a scam does not mean that you are going to make money.

The main issue with Monat is not different from most other MLMs. It is very difficult to make money without recruiting; you are therefore making money from the people you recruit meaning that you have to be good at recruiting.

The other thing is that in most MLMs, you cannot earn commission from your downline unless you meet some certain criteria/conditions. This makes it a business where you are not a Real Business Owner (as you are told) as you have very little control on how to run it.

There are other businesses you could do where you have control on how to do them.

One of those ways is by leveraging Affiliate Marketing. This is the Modern way of doing business where entrepreneurs are earning money selling other companies products without:

  • The hassles of spending on products
  • Meeting or calling the customers and without doing any of the customers fulfillment like delivery or dealing with their queries after they have bought any product.

Why Affiliate Marketing stands out from any other business is that you do not have to buy any products and there is no recruiting.

✅The demand for affiliates is very high. All what you need is to take a training where there is high possibility of earning as you train.

If Affiliate Marketing sounds good to you, I would recommend you take the training I took after I left MLM.

✅The training is actionable and it is meant for you to earn as you Learn.

The first few lessons are free so that you can decide for yourself whether it is right for you.

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By the time you finish the free lessons you will have:

a) Your Own Free website that you will have built through both video and written text tutorial. No experience needed as it is step by step demonstration.

b) Chosen a niche of your choice or a niche (s) from over 500,000 niches that you will have access to.

c) Learnt how to get target customers to your website and what to do so that they can purchase the products

Remember, you will be taught how to build a global business and with over 3.5 BILLION people using the Internet, all what you need is learn what to do to convert a few those people into buying customers.

With all the wealth of knowledge you will achieve on the training platform, the guidance, the mentoring and 24/7 support, the chances of success are very high. If I succeeded you Can also succeed.

If you find value in the free lessons, you will have the ability to upgrade to premium member by paying ONLY $19 for the first Month.

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What to expect after clicking to access the training

You will be asked for your email address so that the training link can be emailed to you.

You will be asked to complete your Profile which includes your goals. The training platform will help you achieve your goals. You can always change them as you go along the training.

The profile includes your image. If you do not have an image or a photo you could use, you will be provided with photos you could choose from.

Wish you all the best.

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