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Do you like cooking? If so, you might be wanting to Join Pampered Chef; But can you make money selling kitchen tools? This Pampered Chef Reviews reveals it all.

So, let’s get started

What’s Pampered Chef?

It is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company founded by Doris Christopher in 1980. Headquarters are based in Addison, Illinois, USA. It operates in USA, Germany, Canada and Austria

The Pampered Chef products are mainly kitchenware and includes cookware, bakeware, stoneware, cookbooks as well as Kitchen accessories like citrus peeler, pan scraper, forged steak knife and spatulas. Most of their Products are made from recycled materials and are non-GMO and mostly gluten free.

The company started as a party plan offering quality kitchen tools directly to consumers. The parties can be:

  • Virtual where you share the benefits of the products through social media like Facebook.
  • Home party: you invite people to your home and use some of the products in real life thus providing a good cooking experience while having fun at the same time. The home party does not necessarily have to be in a consultant’s home. A friend or a relative can host it on your behalf but you are still the organizer.If any of the attendees in your virtual or home party like any of the products, they would buy or become consultants.

Can You Make Money Selling Their Products?

You might have used their products and you might be thinking of promoting them so that you can make some money but before you do it, let’s find out how to start and whether it’s worth your time and money.

How To Be A Pampered Chef Consultant

To become a Consultant and start promoting the products, you have to buy a starter kit.

There 3 types of kits to choose from. (the higher the price, the more the products:

  • Starter kit: $99. This includes about $400 worth of products
  • Deluxe kit: $159. This includes about $700 worth of products
  • Ultimate kit: $269 This includes about $1100 worth of products

After buying the starter kits, you can start promoting and experiencing their benefits straight away.

The pampered chef’s compensation plan allows you to make money in two main ways:

  • Retail sales; you can earn from 20 to 27% commission on retail sales
  • Team building: This involves recruiting others to retail as well as to recruit others. You can earn an extra 3% on commissions from what your team sells. The more active the people you have recruited, the more you earn.

Pros of Pampered Chef

1.  Durable products

If you like cooking, then most likely you have bought cooking utensils that disappointed you as they did not maintain their quality for a long.

Although the Pampered Chef’s Products are more expensive than similar products in the retail stores, if your budget allows, it makes sense to buy their products as they maintain their quality for a long time.

2.  Good discounts:

Price: they have both expensive tools and cheaper ones. This gives you a choice depending on the person you are selling to.

3.  Easy to understand compensation plan

Their compensation plan is easier to understand unlike compensation plans of most MLM companies.

4.  Website:

You are given the option to have your own website with your own domain name.

5 *.  Long Guarantee period

This can be a Pros as well as a Con. Some of their products are guaranteed for life. While this is good for the users, it can be a disadvantage to business owners as it minimizes the number of times people buy from you.


1.  Making a full-time income with Pampered Chef is difficult

Selling only to your friends and family will not be enough to give you full time income. Ones they buy, it can take them several months before they buy anything else from you and some might even never buy again.

2.  Building a team is not easy.

You will need to expand your customer base beyond friends and family with a hope that some will become consultants. This can be difficult to some people.

3. T o get started you have to spend upfront.

a) In most cases, you are not going to sell everything on your starter kit.

This is because you are supposed to use some of those products for demonstration purposes as well as to experience their benefit and to compare with what you used to use before.

b) The option to have your own website is good but it can also be a disadvantage when expenses are taken into account; it is free for the 1st 90 days and then $120 per year after the 90 days.

All these expenses add up (the starter kit, the website, the expenses that comes with hosting of the parties etc).

4.  Can be very tiring:

Hosting and arranging parties can be very tiring.

The first party might be easy as you would be inviting mainly your friends and family.

Ideally the other parties should include other people. This means you have to continuously be looking for new people to invite.

This can be very exhausting and sometimes the ones you have invited might not even buy from you. This can end up to be expensive on your part.

5.  Monthly Targets

In order to maintain your distributorship privileges, you have to fulfill the company’s target of $150 in personal sales every month. This gives you only $30 in gross commission which is very low compared to what you have spent (this is the current figure at the time of writing this article).

That said, if you have a large and active team, then you would make some profit. The disadvantage of the monthly targets is that you might be tempted to buy products that you might never be able to sell.

If you continue buying products month after month, you might see yourself losing money instead of gaining.

Is Pampered Chef A Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam?

Just like most MLMs, Pampered Chef has its own problem but this does not make it to be a pyramid Scheme, neither is Pampered Chef a scam.

It is a legitimate Company; although the majority of consultants lose money, a few make money and among the few who make money, only a small percentage make a full-time income.

Lawsuits and complaints

There have been a few false income claims from their consultants but this does not make the company to be an illegal company.

Should you join Pampered Chef?

The main aim of this review is to give you information about the company and then decide for yourself whether promoting the products will be of benefit to you.

Furthermore, the main reason for the majority of people starting any type of business is to make money. Some people make money from Pampered Chef but the Majority don’t. Who knows; you might be among the few who make money.

My conclusion

For you to make money as a Pampered Chef Consultant, ideally you should recruit so that you can earn commission from your downline.

This can be difficult to some distributors and this might be one of the contributing factors for the high dropout rate for most MLMs distributors

If you are like me who was tired of MLM and you are looking for something different, then it’s good for you to know that there are other types of businesses that:

  • there is no recruiting.
  • There is no hosting parties
  • there is no purchasing products; that is Zero product cost and yet you can have access to thousands of products of any niche you can think of.

I wasted several years doing MLM where there is a limitation of the number of products l could promote and being called a business owner where l had very little control over how to do the business.

Lucky enough, you don’t have to waste your time looking for alternatives to Pampered Chef or having a limitation to the number of niches you can promote.

I have paved the way for you and it’s free to get started. Yes; completely free for you to get started.

If you find that it’s not of benefit to you, no questions asked, and furthermore, you will not have paid anything.

If you like it, you will have the ability to upgrade your business and to help you do it, we are going to give you 59% discount for the 1st month. You are going to pay only $19 for your first month.

This gives you the Premium status where you can build a long term online business leveraging other companies’ products (that is using free products). You will be shown step by step how to do it.

If I succeeded, I don’t see why you cannot succeed too.

And the other benefit is:

The only thing you need to get Started is a mobile phone or a computer and access to the internet.

Click Here To Get Started.

The business is 100% online meaning that you will be asked for your email address and to create your profile.

I wish I had come across this business before joined MLM; but its never late.

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You don’t even have to have any skills. You will get 24/7 support and Mentoring.

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