Total Life Changes Reviews

Total Life Changes claim that they have life changing products; so, let’s find What Total Life Changes is about and whether it’s a legitimate company to join.

What Is Total Life Changes About?

Total Life Changes is an MLM company that was founded in 1999 by Jack Fallon. It is also referred to as TLC Total Life Changes.

It is currently Spread in over 92 countries; US, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, etc

Just like most MLMs, it specialises in a wide range of Health and Wellness products. Below are some of the products:

Total Life Changes Products for weight loss

  • Iaso Tea. Total life changes iaso tea is meant to be natural which assists by controlling the appetite. It is also their flagship product.
  • Delgada coffee mixed with Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Reishi) mushroom.
  • ProZ for detox: has prebiotic and probiotic.
  • Resolution Drops. Said to work better when following Resolution Meal Plan.
  • SlimPaste toothpaste meant to promote healthy appetite.

Energy and Fitness.

  • NRG; supposed to support healthy immune system helping in staying alert.
  • Slim AM and Slim PM
  • MatriX shake
  • Life Drops (has vitamins, natural green tea-leaf and pomegranate extracts)

Hair and skin care

Women’s health

  • BlossoMÉ

Relaxation and Relief

  • Essential Oils: Peppermint, Gladiator oils, Lavender, Tea tree, Lemon Zest, Frankincense

How To Make Money From Total Life Changes (also referred to as the Total Life Changes Compensation Plan).

There are 5 main ways of earning with total life changes

  1.   Retail Customer Profits. You buy at a discounted price and sell at retail
  2.   Fast-Start Bonus paid as commission from your first order.
  3.   Binary Pay: commissions from people you have personally referred/recruited plus from the purchases of the people they have referred/recruited.

These commissions are paid weekly.

4.   Matching Bonus: This is a commitment weekly payment to reward you of helping others to succeed.

5.   Lifestyle Bonus: this is a monthly payment that you earn to help you uplift your lifestyle. You only get it after you have met all other qualifications.

To qualify for commission, there is a minimum purchase requirement.

The above earning methods clearly shows that for you to earn all the commissions (apart from what you earn through your personal retail and your first order, you have to recruit to earn all the other commissions.

TLC Complaints and Lawsuits

Environmental Research Center found 2 products from TLC to be containing lead a chemical that is carcinogenic.

Is Total Life Changes A Scam

It is not a scam but the problem is; can you really make money through their compensation plan.

According to my personal experience as an EX MLM distributor the answer that if you are able to recruit a lot other people to do the same and for them not to drop out, then you can.

It is Unlikely you will make a full-time income through retailing.

There are others ways of making money where there is no limitation on the range of niches you could promote.

The best way of making money is through Affiliate Marketing because:

  • Zero cost on Products.

You don’t have to pay anything so as to promote the products. It is free to join and promote the products without spending any penny on them.

  • Endless number of companies

You are not tied to one company. Promote endless number of products from different companies and of as many niches as you like.

  • No recruiting.

Your income does not depend on a team or anybody else.

  • Passive income. Work hard at the beginning and your hard work pays you for many years.
  • Infinite Earning Potential. After learning how to do it, your earning potential has no limit.

In contrast to MLM where I was not making enough money even to pay my bills, I have already experienced a lot of success in Affiliate Marketing.

The good thing with affiliate marketing is that the skills you gain can be applied to promote any type of online business including Total Life Changes for those who want to focus on building their business online.

If you want to make money leveraging affiliate Marketing like l am, I would like to recommend you the training that transformed me from a complete newbie to the person l am today.

The training is step by step with video demonstration of how to do every step of any online business and of any niche.

The good thing is that you can start learning for free and pay Only $19 for the 1st month only if you like it.

If you don’t like, no problem as you will not have paid anything although you will have gained a lot.

How good is that. Its like going to a restaurant and eating a meal for free or going to a free cinema.

This is how good the company owners are. They are very transparent and they understand the feelings of most people particularly where they have to pay in advance for something that they not even sure that they will like.

That was one of the reasons that made me choose their training platform.

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Once you sign up, you will be asked for your email and to create your profile.

You will then receive via email a training link. The first training is called Online Entrepreneur Certification and is composed of 10 lessons.

Online Entrepreneur Certification has a total of 50 lessons.

There is also Affiliate Bootcamp training that has 70 lessons.

There are also webinars and other trainings that are created almost every day.

All these trainings and 24/7 guidance and support makes sure that you are not going to fail.

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The World is changing rapidly and most people are starting or are in businesses where the likelihood of success is very unclear.

Maybe you are in a job where the future is very unclear

Or maybe you are trying to find the next thing that can give you a better life financially

If you are looking of a way of earning full time income, then affiliate marketing is the best way and this training will equip you with wealth of knowledge you can hardly find in any other training.

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This is a Golden Opportunity that gives you the ability to Break away from uncertainty.

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