Trivita Review

Is Trivita Business Opportunity right for you. This review reveals to you what Trivita is about and whether it’s a scam so that you can stay away from it.

What Is Trivita About

Trivita, also called Trivita inc is an MLM company founded in 1999 by Michael R. Ellison in Arizona, USA.

The Trivita products are geared towards helping people live a good life physically, emotionally and spiritually. They have a wide range of products that are health, nutrition and weight loss related. This article will cover their top products.

  • Trivita Nopalea:

What is Trivita Nopalea. It is a drink made from a fruit called Nopal cactus fruit (prickly pear). It is also called nopal cactus juice or Trivita nopalea cactus juice and it is the Trivita’s flagship product.

It is said to be a super fruit containing bioflavonoids that neutralize the body’s toxins making it easier for the body cells to work effectively.

The Trivita Website indicates that their juice stands out from other super fruits because it is made from the purest opuntia ficus indica cactus found in Sonoran Desert.

  • Trivita B12 (Alfred Libby’s slow dissolve B12)
  • Trivita Omega 3 Prime
  • Vital C
  • Trivita Myohealth; essential amino acid complex line that is supposed to support muscle strength

This product line has:

1. Myohealth essential amino acid complex lemonade powder

2. Myohealth lemonade capsules

3. Myohealth essential amino acid complex berry crush powder

How To Earn With Trivita

Unlike many MLM companies, you do not earn on recruiting. You earn commission depending on the sales made by you and your team. The thing is, you still have to recruit because without recruiting, you cannot have a team.

The disadvantage of this method is that in order to qualify for commission, there is a minimum spend that increases as you go up the rank.

This mandatory requirement spending before you earn commission can indirectly force the distributors to buy more products than they would normally need.

This means that for you to make money with Trivita, you have to be good at retailing the products and your team have also to be good at it.

Trivita complaints

Trivita Nopalea Lawsuit. Sued due to medical heath claims that Nopalea is a wonder product, a solution to inflammation, chronic pain problems and other diseases.

They also said that it is a product that can solve your inflammation related problems without needing a prescription.

Trivita agreed to pay $3.5 million as an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) settlement

Is Trivita a Scam

It is not a scam or a pyramid scheme But can you really make money with Trivita?

You might not be able to make a full-time income with Trivita. If you do not have many customers, you will not be able to buy the minimum amount required for you to earn commission from your team.

In reality, you might lose money trying to buy products for your use just to qualify for commission.

Some of these products might end up being dead stock that can be difficult to sell.

Alternative to Trivita.

It’s best to do a business that is not related to MLM. MLM is not bad; the only thing is that your success relies too much on the performance of other people.

I was an MLM distributor and l know the feelings when team-mates drop out. The products were good but the business side was not good.

In MLM you can never predict how much you will earn month after month because it depended on team performance.

On the other hand, the dropout rate of MLM distributors is very high; the more your team members drop out, the more your earnings drop down.

The best business would be a business where there are no mandatory requirements and a business that you can fully control without relying on other people.

There are many online businesses where you can earn money promoting any product you like and products from any Niche.

I have an Online business training that you could do that shows you:

  • Where to find any product of any Niche. Do you know there are more than 1,000,000 niches?
  • How to market the products. There are over 500,000,000 products you could choose from.
  • Where and how to find customers that are looking for your products (access to over 4 Billion people; you only need a small fraction of these people).

The company is called Wealthy Affiliate

The company focuses on teaching you how to create a successful and long – term online business(es).

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As a free member, you can also get help via live chat.

If you like the training, you will have the ability to upgrade to premium member where you get Unlimited Training and Unlimited Support 24/7.

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I am a good example of people who followed the normal Education path. I realised that what you earn in an employee will never give you Financial and time freedom unless you are earning a lot.

Most people are working beyond their retirement age because they cannot afford to retire.

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