What Is Market America About?

This article answers some of your questions; What is Market America, is it a scam, can you earn money selling the products? Is it a Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?

The company was Founded in 1992 by a former Amway distributor James Howard Ridinger and Loren Ridinger in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Financially, it is doing well. In 2016, it had assets of $146.1 million and revenue of $791.1 million.

The company has grown globally. The company can be found in:

USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore.

Their distribution is still expanding to more countries.

The company does not manufacture any product or specialize in services. What it does is product brokering.

This way means that:

  • They have no cost in manufacturing
  • They can manage not to have a lot of stock.

In 2010, they acquired shop.com which is a shopping comparison site that allows them to have access to products from other stores like Apple, Nike, The Home Depot, Target, Nordstrom and many more.

The Market America Products includes:

  • Health and nutrition (for heart health, Bone and joints,
  • Weight management (Transition Lifestyle System [TLS]),
  • Cosmetics (cosmetics Motives by Loren Ridinger)
  • Skin care (age defying skincare, Skintelligence)
  • Personal care (Royal Spa, Fixx)
  • Baby and children care
  • Age management
  • Home and garden (pet health, Water filter systems
  • Internet Marketing for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Entertainment

Distributors are referred to as independent distributors or ‘’UnFranchise Business Owners’’

Although the price is the same if you went directly to those stores, the advantage of going through shop.com is that you can get cashback.

The only bad thing with this system is that anybody can get cashback after registering themselves to have a customer account. You don’t have to buy through a distributor to get the cashback.

How To Make Money With Market America

Distributors have 2 main ways of earning money

1. Retail

Retail is further divided into two sections:

A). Person to person where a distributor buys the products at a discounted price and sells to individuals at retail price.

The bad thing with this is that you have to invest your own money (upfront) in buying the products without the guarantee that your customers will buy from you.

This can eventually lead to accumulation of inventory which can be difficult to get rid of.

It can also be difficult to retain customers because ones they realise that they can also buy directly from shop.com, they might decide to stop buying from you.

B). Through your Own Online Retail Store

You can have an Online retail Store which they call “Partner Stores”. This allows you to have your own website where people can buy from.

To have a website, you are required to pay a subscription fee.

While having a website is beneficial, your website will almost be similar to other Unfranchise Business owners.

Merchants like operating business this way because they only pay a commission to the America Unfranchise business owners after a sale takes place. This is a huge benefit to the Merchant in the fact that they do not have to spend much on advertising.

2. Team building;

This is the other way on how a business owner earns money; It involves recruiting other people to do the same. This is where the confusion comes from whether Market America is an MLM.

They say that they are using the Unfranchise Model which is like a franchise but without all the high fees and risks that is involved in having a Franchise business.

Is Market America A Scam

From my Research findings, it is very clear that it is not a scam.

To me, it is like an Improved MLM. This is because unlike most MLMs, you have a very broad choice of products that covers almost everything. Market America Unfranchise is not that bad as it gives the business owner a variety of products.

The disadvantage of being a Market America distributor is that even if you have access to all those products, the business is not 100% yours and you still have to market them and most probably pay the advertising cost.

If you decide to Quit being a distributor, you end up not owning anything.

I would not suggest you to quit if you are making enough money; what I would suggest is starting your own Online Business that is completely yours.

Creating your own business that is your own asset that can never be taken away from you is the only way to secure a better and more promising future.

The business I would Suggest is Affiliate Marketing where there is no downline, no buying of products or dealing directly with customers.

You can promote anything you like internationally and from as many companies as you like.

If that sounds like is something you would like to try, then I have an Online training for you.

Getting Started is free; this is so that you can find out whether it’s something you would like to do.

Before I got into it, I used to be an MLM distributor but things were not working the way I thought they would.

Selling products to customers, attending meetings and having a downline/team is something that was very involving; so, I had to look for something else. That is the best thing with those people who are business minded; they never give up.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all” – Dale Carnegie

They keep on Looking and that’s exactly what I did.

Starting learning free comes with 10 lessons and by the end of those lessons, you will be having a website that is also free.

The lessons are step by step with video tutorials as well as written text.

Help is available any time you need it 24/7.

If you like it; Only if you like it, you will be able to upgrade to premium membership by paying $19 for the first month. Premium membership gives you access Unlimited training 24/7 PLUS you get full support in your business which includes

  • where to find the products of your choice and of any Niche and how to Market them for Free.
  • You get all the Resources, tools and Mentorship

The company offering the training is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the World Leader in Affiliate marketing with more than 1800 coaches who are ready to coach you 24/7.

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  • This training does not require you to have any experience as everything is step by step and you can learn at your own Pace.

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