What is The Best business to Start From Home: 100% Online

The best business to start from home is a business which can fit into your other commitments and a business you can do online.

We are at a time when the economy is very uncertain, where businesses are evolving very rapidly and trying to keep up with technological changes and this is resulting to job insecurities.

The more the businesses uses technology, the fewer people they need. For example;

  • most supermarkets are having self checkout facilities and most people are also shopping online.
  • Many companies are updating their computer Software so that they can minimise the people they pay for example by automating those repetitive tasks which can be automated.

Most people are in jobs they do not like and they live pay cheque to pay cheque and it is almost impossible to save. They work just to pay their bills. It is important to look for a way of improving your situation and your future instead of accepting it. Running home based business is the best thing you can do for yourself and you can start it online on your spare time. There is nothing as bad as knowing that there is something you could do to avoid being broke and you did not take the opportunity.

Internet connection has made it easier to Start online business from scratch and be able to connect with customers all over the World. You are also able to do it without spending a fortune.

Internet gives you the ability to leverage technology in order to create freedom and revenue for yourself as it helps in accelerating the growth of your internet home business to a level which you could never achieve if you did not use the internet.

Some people think that having a work from home business means you staying small and limiting the growth opportunities but not anymore. Some big companies were started from a garage; For example Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage. Apple was also started from a garage. Those companies have now become very big.

Tips For Starting Online Business.

The following are a few tips for starting an online business

1. Planning

The most important point is Planning how to operate your business. Focus on the usefulness of your products to customers. This will help in finding strategies for growth and profitability. Spend time promoting your products to your potential customers by letting them know how your products will help meet their needs.

2. Uniqueness.

In order to compete, you need to show your potential customers why your products are unique. Find out the marketing techniques they are using so that you can surpass them, for example by tweaking your promotional methods.

3. Welcome Change

As you develop your business, other ideas of operating it might come a long, you might all of a sudden have many competitors or there might be changes to the consumer demands.

If you need to improve the way you market, do not hesitate to do so otherwise your business might stagnate. Take advantage of any support you might come across particularly if it is adding value into your business

4. Mental Strength.

Sometimes it might be very difficult to reach your deadlines as nobody is motivating you and nobody is telling you what to do and when to do it. You should therefore have mental strength and will power to accomplish your tasks. You need to adjust your mindset to empower you rather than discourage you.

Advantages of a Home Based Business.

➡ Flexibility and freedom: Having the ability to create your own schedule and the ability to operate your business from anywhere in the World as far as you have a good internet connection.

➡ Cheaper as you are not renting an office space: This also allows you to test out your business ideas without spending a lot of money. Most businesses fail because of the costs involved even before they start the businesses like renting an office space and other fixed costs which you pay upfront.

➡Low overheads: Start small with an idea to expand. The more you expand, the more you learn about the technology you could leverage to make it easier

➡ No commuting meaning that you have more time to concentrate on the revenue making activities.

➡ Tax benefits for home based business. There are tax incentives for home based businesses; for example, You can get back some of the money you have spent on bills like the phone bills, electricity, petrol or transportation cost if you happen to go to seminars or meet clients.

Disadvantages of Home Business.

  • Time Management. Working from home is very different so you have to be very committed to how much time you will be spending on your business
  • Distractions. It might be difficult to separate your work from your family life. You have to look for ways of minimising distractions and interruptions; for example by your family members, the temptations of watching TV.
  • Responsibility: unlike in an employment where duties are shared, being self-employed means that you are responsible for every aspect of your business whether it is the physical part or the financial part.
  • Social Isolation: Working from home can be lonely particularly if you used to work with many people.

How Can Your Home Based Business Make a Professional Impression that will Attract Customers?

First impression matters a lot. Most people think that if you have a working from home business, it is small and therefore will not be able to deliver the results they need. Fortunately there are a number of things you can do so that your potential customers can trust you.

The following are things you can do to have a professional home business:

✅ Make sure you have a website so that potential customers can easily find you. Plan to have customers globally. Global expansion will help your business if there is local economic down time in your country.

✅ Establish a social media presence. Proper use of social media can also help give the right impression.

✅ Rent a conference room for a day when you need one. For example when you want to hold conferences. Having an online home business should not limit the expansion of your business. If your business is 100% online, it is very rare you meet a client face to face. If clients need you, they normally communicate via phone, Skype or email.

✅ Have a business dedicated phone line. You do not want a potential client to ring and then it is answered by a family member who shouts for your name across the room.

✅ Take every opportunity which allows you to improve the professionalism of your business so as to build a long-lasting trust.


According to me, Affiliate Marketing is the best business to start from home. This is a business which can fit into your other commitments and it is less involving as

  • You do not have to handle or store the product
  • You do not handle any delivery of the products
  • You do not handle customer service, neither do you have to handle the customers’ credit cards or any other of their payment methods.
  • You do not need to have any prior experience. All what you need is eager to learn and implement what you learn.
  • You do not need to rent an office space

Your job is only to promote the products and if a customer purchases, you are paid a commission. Everything is done online meaning that you can do it from anywhere in the World as far as you have an Internet connection. You can carry your business wherever you go. All what you need is a laptop or a good mobile phone.

Please note that this is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business and it does not involve home meetings.

If you have already started another type of business, you can still leverage the power of affiliate marketing by incorporating affiliate marketing into your business.

If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing and how it can help you, whether you have another business or not, l would be more than happy to refer you to a company who is helping me and you can also get help for free. You can then decide whether it is the right company for you. If this is what you would want Click HERE.  Its Free and no Payment is required. All what you will be asked is your details so that you can start getting help immediately.

The following are some of the things you will get:

  1. Your Website. Create and manage your websites within one of the best website platforms in the World. You will also learn how to optimise your website for Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Without an optimised website, it is difficult for customers to find you.
  2. Live Events. Access live online classes and use the knowledge to grow your Business. Get Education directly from industry experts from all over the World.
  3. Make use of Keyword and Research Platform to help you to research on the Keywords you need to use so as to be able to compete with other companies with similar products. This Platform also helps you in finding competing domain names, uncover other niche products with little or no competition as well as brainstorming ideas.
  4. Access Live Chat and instant coaching from me and other successful internet entrepreneurs including the co founders of the company.
  5. 24/7 Help Centre. This is a Global company operating 24 hours a day every day throughout the year and this makes sure that you get help any time you need it. Ask any question whether it is website support or how to do some of your business tasks
  6. Personalised Notification. This to let you Know when someone has contacted you, responded to your questions as well as other important alerts
  7. Access to thousands of Resources including free images you could use for your business.
  8. Access Affiliate program. You can still maintaining your business if you already have one.

If You would like to have all of the above and more, CLICK HERE. It is Free and it could change your life.

Have you ever felt that you have a great idea for a business which can have a positive impact to your life as well as to the World and you do not know exactly how to get your idea online? Taking advantage of a helping hand will help relief you of the burden of trying to figure it out alone.

If you want to connect with me, do not hesitate to click here and l will be more than happy to welcome you to the online entrepreneurship.


Thank you for reading. I Hope I have been of help to you.



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