What Is Thirty One Gifts About?

Discover What Thirty One Gifts is about, whether it’s a scam, or a legit company to join and make money selling their products. Who Wouldn’t want to make money?

What’s Thirty One Gifts?

Also, referred to as “Thirty One Gifts LLC”, it is a direct selling company founded by Cindy Monroe in 2003. Its headquarters are based in New Albany, USA.

Their main products are centered around bags.

  • Hand bags
  • Totes
  • Jewellery
  • Travel bags (duffle Bags)
  • Storage bags
  • Home Decor, pillows

They also sell jewellery.

You might think that something like bags cannot give a company money but in the case of Thirty one gifts, they had made about $380 million dollars in 2019.

Although there are other companies selling similar products, they stand out from their competitors because they can Personalize some of their products.

The company is making money but:

Can A Distributor/consultant Make Money With Thirty One Gifts?

According to Thirty one gifts compensation plan, there are two ways of making money:

1. From Product Sales

This is through the company’s catalogues or your website. The retail commission is 25%.

Retailing is suitable for those people who just want to make a small amount of money.

It is not easy to make a full-time income from Thirty One Gifts using this method unless you have a lot of customers. This also applies to most MLMs

2. Building A Team.

The more you recruit, the larger your team/downline will become and the more money you will make (depending on whether they are active in the Thirty One business or not).

Cons Of Selling Thirty One Gifts

1. They are not consumables. This can limit the number of repeat customer and the frequency at which the repeat customers purchase from you.

Let’s be honest, how often do you buy bags?

If you as the distributor want to maintain your earnings, you have to be continuously be on the lookout for more customers and more people to recruit.

Whatever you do, there is a very high likelihood that some of your downline will drop out and the more they drop out, the more your income will go down.

2. Their main target is women.

The company Started as a religious based business with the mission of empowering women. The name originated from the bible: Proverbs 31 that speaks about the quality of women’s work both inside and outside the home.

Although it currently caters for both men and women, religious and non-religious, most of the distributors and customers are women.

3. Getting people to recruit is not easy

Immediately you join, you are advised to try to sell and recruit your friends and family.

Although this sounds very good, it becomes messy when your friends or families join as you would be competing for the same group of people and can sometimes end up in broken relationships

4. Maintaining a rank is not easy

There are certain requirements needed to maintain a rank as well as to move up the rank.

One of the requirements is in connection with your own personal purchases. This might make the distributors to purchase products that they do not necessarily need and can lead them to having debt on their credit cards

Pros Of Thirty One Gifts

Their products are unique and different from most MLMs.

*Most MLMs offer very similar products mostly focusing on health and wellness eg supplements and weight management products.

Although you might find similar products elsewhere and even cheaper, you would not be able to customize.

Is Thirty One Gifts A Pyramid Scheme?

The company is not a pyramid scheme, nor is it a scam. It is a legit company.

It started as a faith-based company but now it is widely used by both religious and non-religious people; furthermore, what they sell has nothing to do with religion.

Is It Worthy To Become Thirty One Consultant?

The answer is:

It depends on the amount of money you are looking to make. According to Statistics, very few people make money in MLM model of Business.

Thirty one products are very good and I can see myself buying them but for the business side, I am not sure.

  • You have to be good at recruiting as this is where the big money is.
  • You also have to be good at motivating your downline to retail and recruit.
  • If any of your downline drops out, your earnings also drop down.

I used to be an MLM distributor and although it was not Thirty one gifts, the compensation plan and the way you make money are very similar.

I had to retail the products as well as recruit. You are made to think that it is easy but the reality is, it’s not.

For me, I was looking to make a full-time income so that I could quit my job and after persevering for a few years, I realised that my dream of quitting my job might never happen if l continued with MLM.

I am currently doing a business where

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