What’s An Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Affiliate Marketing Training Course Is a series of lessons that teaches you how to do affiliate Marketing.

The process involves a series of steps where one step leads to the next and the next. Its like joining the dots that are on a line.

Omit one dot and the line will not be straight meaning that the foundation of your business will not be strong enough.

The best Affiliate Marketing providers are those companies that teaches you the whole process on how to do it. Keep off from those companies that will teach you bits of the process leaving you to go searching all over the internet to fill up the gaps.

Luckily, you don’t have to go searching for I know of a company that has an affiliate marketing training course that teaches you the whole process; a company that will teach you the most effective order to follow for the success of your Affiliate Marketing Business.

The Process is also applicable to any Online Business of Any Niche. I would therefore wish to introduce you to a company that l respect.

The company has been in existence for about 15 years, it’s a global company and has helped more than 1.4 million entrepreneurs build thriving Businesses.

The Company is Called Wealthy Affiliate.

The course is divided into two Section

  • The 1st one is called Online Entrepreneur Certification

It has 5 Courses and each course has 10 lessons bringing the total number of Lessons to 50

  • The 2nd group is called Bootcamp Training. It has 7 Courses with 10 lessons per course bringing the total number of lessons to 70

**The two groups combined gives you 120 lessons.

When you sign up as a member, you will be advised to start on Online Certification. I will therefore give you a rough idea of the Course.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 

Level one is laying a firm foundation on any Online Business. This Certification course walks you through the steps of creating a Successful Online Business of any Niche.

By the end of level one, you will have learnt:

1. How to create your own website

2. How to choose domain name

3. How to find your niche

4. How to write content for your website

5. How search engine optimization on your website helps the customers to easily find your products. You might have the best-looking website but if customers cannot find it, then you will not make sales

I will give you some links to the first few lessons taught. Because you are not yet a member, you might not be able to see everything but at least you will have a clue of what you will learn ones you are inside of Wealthy Affiliate Platform;

Lesson 1

Getting Rolling


On this lesson, you will be Welcomed by one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate who will walk you through the platform

Lesson 2

Understanding How to Make Money Online


Here it will be explained to you how you will make money on the internet

Lesson 3

Choosing A Niche.


You will be taught how to choose your Niche in a simplified way

Lesson 4

Building Your Own Niche Website.

Most people are scared of building their websites. They think you need to have experience in doing it. I was one of those people.

With Wealthy Affiliate, building your Website does not have to be Scary any more. You will be taught how to buid it even if you have never built any and within less than one hour, your website will be built.

You can even try it out by clicking here. You will not be charged any penny.

Lesson 5

Setting Up Your Own Website

On this lesson, you will learn how to log into your website and you will be shown how to activate all the functions you need. You are going to see how easy it is. I did not believe it until I did it.

Lesson 6

Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines

Here you will Learn about Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is another topic that scares most people. You do not have to know anything about the topic. Everything is shown to you step by step and there is even a video for you to follow. you can pause the video at any time.

You want your website to be displayed on Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo and Bing

Lesson 7

Creating Your Initial Website Content

For people to find your products, you need to write content explaining why people should buy from you. There is a good and a bad way of writing content. You will learn how to write winning content that will out compete entrepreneurs who have similar products to yours.

Lesson 8

Creating Custom Menus On Your Website

You will learn how to make it easy for customers to Navigate while they are on your website.

Lesson 9

Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content

The way you use Keywords matters a lot. Here you will learn how to do Keyword Research to find out the best keyword phrases for any product in any Niche

Lesson 10

Lesson 10 is the End of Level one of Online Entrepreneur Certification training; 4 more levels to do each with 10 lessons (40 lessons).

By now, you have your website up and running and you can be found on Search Engines like Google. Lesson 10 explains to you why you should pursue the next levels.

I will give you the titles of the next 4 Levels. At this time, I will not touch the affiliate bootcamp as you might have information Overload.

The affiliate marketing bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate has a total of 70 Lessons and you wouldn’t want to miss.

Ones you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Membership, you will be able to see all the lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate is very Unique. You are getting Access to two sets of trainings to make sure you succeed in your Online Business.

CLICK HERE to get Started.

I am already inside of Wealthy Affiliate and I will be more than happy to Welcome You. You will also be Welcomed by one of the Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Imagine how much you will have achieved in going through 10 lessons and imagine how much you will have achieved by going through the whole training.

Here are the other main topics of Online Entrepreneur Certification (each level has 10 lessons)

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 2

–  Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website including how to set up Domain Specific Email Account for your Website

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 3

Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 4

Mastering Social Engagement. This also includes how to use Social media to increase more revenue from your website.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 5

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

CLICK HERE to get Started

Wish you all the Success in learning, Implementing what you Learn and Reaping the Benefits.

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