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BREAKING THE SUCCESS CODE of Working from Home for myself while still holding a full time Job:

I work on my business whenever I get the chance, but I really have very little time and when I do, I have very little energy.

So, how do I keep my business booming?

Basically, finding the “who” instead of the “how” means finding someone or a company who is expert in the things you don’t know how to do instead of taking the time to learn those things yourself as it would take forever.

This way you will be able to learn the “how to” very quickly.

So, my “Who” is an amazing global company who gives you step by step guidance on everything you need in an online business.

There are so many ambitious people out there and l am one of them. Most of them must have tried many businesses but failed; not because they are not talented but because they have no one to point them to the right direction.

They have no one to help them unblock the path of success without holding back some information. I was one of those people until l found a company that believes in transparency in regards to sharing of information.

At this point I had realised that l had problems which were keeping me away from success but I did not know how to solve them. These quotes from Tony Robbins helped me to keep searching for a help.

“Every problem is a gift–without problems we would not grow.” – Tony Robbins

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

This company is called Wealthy Affiliate and their Website is

The company has Revealed to me all the answers to my problems as well as helping me Unblock my path to success. Before that, I knew very little about how to start and operate an online business.

Now l can say in confidence that l am able to build profit generating business as well as building a website with high ranking content. {Please note that this is not a Multi – level Marketing Business (MLM)]

With this company, you will get guidance in starting and operating your own business using your own niche product or services or you can promote the company’s Affiliate products after which you are paid a commission.

You can also do both if that’s what you prefer and whatever route you decide to take, you will have access to all the tools and resources you need.

If you do not have a niche product, you will also get help in coming up with a profitable niche.

You might not be familiar with Affiliate marketing but in short, affiliate marketing is marketing other people’s products without buying them, storing them, delivering/shipping them or dealing with customers queries or their credit cards. How good is that? 

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to be a free member where you can start learning for free. You will not even be asked for your credit card.

To enroll as a Free Starter CLICK Here.

This way, you can start learning and implementing what you will be learning after which you can decide whether it is fit to you.

If you are serious about any of the following:

  • Starting an Internet Business.

Starting an internet business is not as difficult as most people think; but here is the truth, there is so much contradicting information on the internet.

We will give you complete guidance on realistic ways of generating long term and sustainable income.

  • Quitting your job in 2019.

With so much job insecurities in almost every industry, many companies closing down, others downsizing and others merging, it is good to think of what if you lost that job which pays your bills?

Most likely you know someone who has lost their jobs or a retail shop in your local town which have closed down.

  • Being your own boss.

You want to determine when to work and when not to. Nothing can limit your opportunities more than allowing a boss to tell you what to do and how much you will earn.

Wouldn’t it be better if you where the BOSS! You will never find a better boss than yourself. We will help you to identify the right business for you so that you can determine your future

  • Retiring Early: 

Is your retirement at Risk? Those days are gone where your retirement payment could support you. Imagine waiting for your retirement only to find that you can hardly survive. Do not wait for that time. Stop telling yourself that it is too late; whatever stage of life you are at, ‘’You are Never too Old to Set Another Goal or Dream’’ c. s Lewis

  • Not working under someone else terms. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”― Steve Jobs
  • Generating a passive income:  

Let us be honest. We all would like to earn money for life without doing anything; but, you will have to put in one of two things; time, money or both.

We normally emphasis on putting in more time rather than money particularly at the beginning until you start generating money. You will be taught how to go about it.

This is also a good opportunity if you already have a business; and you are looking for a good foundation on which to expand.

If you have been dreaming of working from home and was wishing it would happen, do not worry as we will make your dream to be true. We will also simplify the process while still accelerating the value and profitability of your work from home business

You will be accessing the following which you can use for any business and in any field and any niche.

  1. Website, domains and hosting all in one place.

I have a secret that VERY FEW people know about and I want to let you in on.

The most effective way to build a business online is not through funnel building or through Facebook ads. The best way to build a business is by having a good responsive website which can make money for you without advertising. Without establishing this foundation right at the beginning, you are going to be doomed for failure.

We will help you to build the most powerful website you can think of. Website Speed is one of our main focal points with an average loading speed of 1.3 seconds.

Human beings have attention span of a few seconds and if your website does not load quickly, customers will abandon their search from your website. This is sad; they are gone. This is why we make sure that your website speed is better than other hosting companies.

Unlike Most other hosting platforms, we double host your websites so that if one of your websites go down due to unforeseen circumstances, we have a ”mirror” of your website that we can swap in immediately.

How good is that? This way, you are assured that your business is always awake.

We will give you a step by step Tutorial (Video, Webinar and written text) on how to build a fully functional profit generating website.

Maybe someone has told you that you need to hire someone to build a website for you. Not anymore.

Within minutes, you can build your own free profit generating website using a free domain. Later on, if you decide to buy a domain, you will be shown how to transfer your free domain to your paid domain.

Most companies will ask you for upfront payment even before you are sure whether you want to be associated with them; But Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that they do not ask for any upfront fee. They allow you to learn and use their resources until you are able to make up your mind whether it is of fit to you.

Click Here to build your Free Website with a Free Domain

2. Content writing platform with a wide range of templates you can choose from. The best content about your products will always win, so having a good platform is very important.

You will be taught how to write good content about your niche products; content that will grab your target customers’ attention, hook them into your content, giving yourself the chance for them to buy your products or services.

With all the emerging trends in technology you can easily be left behind if you do not stay up to date.

3. Keyword Research tool

This will help you come up on the best keywords to use in your content.

You might be having a good website but if you do not have the tool which helps you find out the keywords customers are using to research on your type of products, you might be losing a lot of money.

This tool is included when you sign up for a Free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate.

The Free starter account also allows you to try out the tools to find out whether they are fit for you.

4. 24 hours personal Support. This is a global company and personal support is always available.

Help is always available regardless of the time. Any help whether it is website related or a task you want to perform and you are not so sure how to go about it. Average response time is 1 Minute.

5. Online training. Our training works. From the moment you join, you are going to have access to step by step training program.

Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an advanced online marketer, we focus on teaching you how to create a long term successful business.

Our training gets better and better every day: It’s step by step and you can ask questions, it’s for all entry levels and is transferable to any type of business, It’s easily actionable, It’s current and its regularly updated.

The World is changing very rapidly and so is the online Marketing Techniques. Our Education gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors and keeps you ahead in terms of what works today and what will work tomorrow.

A few of the training includes:

Understanding how to make Money Online.

You will learn different ways of how you can make money online legitimately.

Choosing a Niche.

This is very important. You will learn the key points to look for so as to identify a profitable niche. This will be simplified for you.

For example; we can give you thousands of niche products where you can choose what you like,

or you might have identified a gap in the market for a particular niche,

or you might be having a certain skill which you would want to develop into a product, or service which you can package as your own. In this case, we will help on how to go about it.

How to turn your passion, interest or any idea into a lucrative business.

The best online business is a business which can operate 24 hours even without your presence and this should ideally be in your mind right at the beginning. This means you need to start by building a solid foundation.

It’s like building a house where if the foundation is not strong enough, in future, it will most likely start to crack. This applies to both big and small businesses. I am sure you have seen even large businesses closing down.

Getting your website Ready for Search engines.

This includes Search Engine Optimisation and how to make sure your website ranks high on Search Engines.

Understanding the role of keywords in your content.

You will learn how to find out the keywords your target customers are using on Search Engines. This is the only way you can out compete.

How to create and use Videos as a Huge source of traffic to your website, as well as for your social media sites.

If you do not like the idea of creating your own videos, you will have access to already made videos you can use at no extra cost.


Selling your products or services online.

How to use Social media for your products in the correct way.

Understanding Affiliate Programs and networks.

Leveraging product Reviews.

 You can earn a lot by just reviewing other companies’ products and services. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do it in the right way.

Getting paid for Adds on your website.

This is another way of earning money which will be Revealed to you.

How to get your content ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If your content is not displayed on the 1st few pages of search engines, it will be very difficult for your products or services to be found by your target customers.

How to make graphs, tables and all sorts of images for your website and social media sites.

To get my Personal Support in your Business Straight away CLICK HERE

You will also be joining a community of entrepreneurs who like supporting one another

Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing company

✅has been in business for 13


✅spread to 193 COUNTRIES

✅currently has 1,400,000+ MEMBERS


The company also has

✅1,800+ EXPERT online COACHES

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy affiliate is for anyone who wants to learn as well as get support in building a solid online business. You could be a complete newbie or you could be an experienced marketer.

You could be an Architect, surveyor, Hr, osteopath, personal trainer, nutritionist, stay at home parents, IT worker/specialist, musician, accountant etc.

You could also be a local business owner who wants to build a website and you are looking for a reliable hosting and support.

The 2 co-founders Kyle and Carson are very active in the company and when you sign up, they will send you a welcome message and will also be mentored by them. The other person who will Mentor you is Magistudios also Called Jay. He is our Live video Training Coach which are also recorded and you can view them at your own convenient time.

To be mentored by me, Kyle, Carson and Magistudios CLICK HERE. No Risk and no payment required.

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